Top 10 Self-Defense Weapons for Beginners

The ability to protect yourself and your family is one of the most important skills that you must have to survive be it when SHTF or any everyday life situation. Let’s face the facts. The world is a dangerous place, and the only way to make sure you’re always safe is to be able to protect yourself without having to rely on local authorities or anyone for the matter.

Now, when you don’t know much about self-defense and weapons in general, it’s not the perfect idea to go out and get any gun you can buy. To own a gun is a responsibility that you must be equipped with to make sure you don’t put anyone around you in danger. This means that you have to know how to use a gun.

This is the greatest obstacle for any beginner. To find the right weapon that your skill level will be able to use and effectively protect yourself and your loved ones. This is why you must absolutely know what weapons are perfect for beginners.

For example, an automatic weapon is too difficult to control and use under a real dangerous situation for someone who knows little. This is why, for the most part, its best to stay away from firearms. Still, there are exceptions to this rule and that is one of the things we’re going to explore in this top 10 self-defense weapons for a beginner.

For now, imagine that you hear a noise in the middle of the night. What do you do? The first thing you’re going to think about is how you’re going to defend not only yourself but the rest of your family. This is the moment you’re going to look for something to protect yourself.

If you don’t have any weapon with you, that’s going to be a problem. Obviously, you’re going to think about getting your phone and calling the police. You should totally do that, but what you do while the police don’t arrive? That’s why you must have a self-defense weapon.

Now that you know why you should have one, it’s time to decide which one is best suited for you. Depending on your personality, physical prowess, and taste you should be able to determine what the best option is.

Remember that having a weapon to protect yourself will make you safer and not the opposite. As long as you know how to use it, you’ll be fine. Since the weapons on our top 10 are, in its vast majority, are not firearms, the time that should take for you to learn how to use them is fairly quickly.

Still, from a gun to a stick, you should do your best to make sure that you control the weapon, so it isn’t taken away from you during a fight or you simply don’t hit anything.

To go straight to the point, below are the top 10 self-defense weapons for beginners. Click this link for self protection gear I personally recommend.

1. Revolvers

Revolvers are the easiest gun for a beginner to learn how to use it. They are reliable and do not take long for you to grasp every aspect necessary to be able to use them correctly.

Obviously, as a beginner’s weapon, there are its disadvantages such as the fact that they’re not automatic and that you take a while to reload them. Still, they’re fairly easy to learn how to aim and use.

The maintenance is another upside of this weapon, requiring nearly none. The reason that is also a great weapon for a beginner is that they’re cheap and perfect for domestic protection.

This is by a long shot the best self-defense firearm. The revolver ranges from .22 millimeter all the way to the 500 Magnum. Here you get a weapon that was made for self-defense since you need nearly zero training to learn how to fire it.

You can choose from a single action revolver that can be manually cocked. This one is better for close shots and if you’re fast. Or you can get a double action one that is more suited for self-defense since you get a little heavy and long trigger pull. The double action is bigger but more reliable for self-defense.

Anyway, the number one reason to get a revolver as a beginner is that apart from the fact that it is easier to learn how to use it, it’s also that it’s more dependable. This gun, when well maintained, doesn’t let you down. It works perfectly for years. All you have to do is clean it, which is quite simple, and make sure that is stored correctly.

Even though this weapon is easy to learn how to use it, you should get some lessons if you’ve never used one before. This ensures that you keep everyone safe and not put them in danger.

2. Knives

Knives are great for self-defense because the variety for you to choose is huge. The secret with knives is that you have to be in complete control of them while in a self-defense situation. When you achieve mastery of such a weapon, it’s like an extension of your arm.

You have so many options to choose from that you may feel a little overwhelmed. The best that you can do is pick something that you feel comfortable with. Another tip is that you can pick a knife that is discrete.

The point is that it shouldn’t feel heavy or too big for you. This is important because, as mentioned earlier, you must have full control of your weapon. The statement is true no matter the weapon you’re using but especially with knives. It’s too easy to make the wrong move and end up disarmed.

If you envision the knife as an extension of your body, you can practice some movements emulating punches, horizontal, and vertical moves. It’s important to remember that knives can be lethal, so you must be aware of your intentions when going for a hit.

You can go for tactical knives more military style or spy knives like lipstick knives and penknives. These are more discrete and are easy to carry inside a purse. Pick more resistant materials for the blade like steel and quality plastic for the handle. These sorts of detail may seem irrelevant right now, but they’re quite important when selecting your self-defense weapon of choice.

Since learning how to use a knife for self-defense isn’t the most difficult thing you’re going to learn, it’s still important to assimilate basic movements. Always remember that if you don’t control the weapon, it controls you.

So, choose the style of knife you want, be careful while selecting the material of the blade and the handle, and get familiar with self-defense movements that are important for you to learn.

3. Axes

An ax is a little more difficult to learn how to use than a knife. Obviously, it wouldn’t be on the list if it wasn’t easy for a beginner to learn it. Still, it’s slightly harder than the knife because it’s heavier and bigger.

If you believe that you don’t have to put much thought into picking the best ax, you’re not far from wrong, but it’s a good idea to take your time to learn something about it.

For example, like the katana sword, the ax leaves you exposed and vulnerable if you don’t handle it correctly. Still, it’s a good choice because it’s easy to use it. Just remember that when you attack your opponent and miss it, you leave you back unprotected and exposed if you go “all in” while holding the ax with two hands.

The advantages of an ax are that it’s a powerful weapon for self-defense and other uses. For example, you can get through nearly anything with an ax, so it’s always recommended to have one around the house.

You just have to be careful since one single hit of an ax can be lethal. This is why it’s important to take your time to get familiar with whatever weapon of choice yours is. You want to be fully aware of what you’re doing when you’re in a stressful situation.

Since axes are in their vast majority heavy weapons, they’re more recommended for people with a strong physique. The secret is to find the right spot to hold the weapon and keep the balance to ensure that you’re in control at all times.

Another great thing about axes is that they need very little maintenance. All you have to do is to make sure that it’s always sharp, which you won’t have to do all the time.

4. Baseball Bat

This is a classical home invasion weapon for those who don’t have guns. The baseball bat has its place in the self-defense department because it’s easy to use and to get one. Obviously, even though it is simple, you have to know how to use it. You don’t want to be the guy who hits only the air.

With the baseball bat, you get a variety of materials. The best one for self-defense is the one made of steel. They are reliable because they’ll rarely break and can cause the right amount of damage.

A good tip here is to use both hands to hold it with the bat being placed in front of your body. This helps you not waste time to get ready to use the weapon in a dangerous situation.

This is one of the weapons on the list that the impact of the hit will be determined by your strength. So, it’s important that you learn to use your weight to make the hits stronger. A great strategy is to use momentum and aim on the legs.

As you’re going to realize, any weapon can be lethal. It all depends on how you use it. In the case of the baseball bat, you would have to lose control to make it lethal. This means that it’s hard to perform a lethal action by accident, which makes it even better for beginners.

Just remember that since it’s still a baseball bat, you have to be careful in cases of home invasion. Always keep the bat in front of the body and try to get close enough to your target to be able to hit it.

You can pick a wood made or even hard plastic, but the best choice is the steel ones. This is one of the most affordable, easy to find, and easy to use weapons for beginners.

5. Stun Gun

The stun gun is a great self-defense weapon. It’s one of the first choices, especially for women. It’s easy to carry, to use, and it is effective. Stun guns are devices that work by disabling muscle control through a high-voltage shock. This weapon has two metal prongs that, when touching the aggressor’s skin, transfer the shock.

The main disadvantage of the stun gun is that you have to be really close to the aggressor since you need to touch them with the weapon. Still, it’s a great choice because of how easy it is to use it and because it’s effective. If you use it on someone, they’ll be paralyzed for a while.

In regards to how lethal it is, the stun gun isn’t considered lethal. Of course, there are rare exceptions to this. If you shock someone while they’re wet it can be lethal depending on the circumstances. Also, depending on every person’s physiology, the shock might cause a heart attack.

9 times out of 10, the stun gun will only cause temporary paralyzes. The great thing about this weapon is that there’s nothing else to learn besides activating it and touching the target. There’s nothing else to master here. It’s that easy to learn.

You can carry it in a purse or inside your jacket. The secret is to always have it in an easy-to-reach place so you can grab it fast. Another tip is to always aim for the neck, especially because this area is rarely covered with clothes. So, you can get direct contact with the aggressor’s skin.

About your options, you’ll find many. First, you’ll see that there are different voltages that you can choose from. Then, you can go with more traditional designs or the ones that are disguisable. Like the stun guns that emulate flashlights.

6. Taser

A taser works similarly to the stun gun, but it’s more versatile. Here, you have a weapon that allows you to hit the target 15 feet away from it. You don’t have to touch the aggressor or get extremely close to them. The taser shoots two probe metal darts that are connected to a wire that hits the target and releases a high-voltage shock.

The effectiveness of the taser is that it disrupts muscle control of the aggressor without the need of you having to be close to them. This can be a real advantage during an altercation, especially in dangerous situations.

The only downside of the taser when in comparison with the stun gun is that you have a learning curve. Even though it’s easy to learn, you have to learn how to aim and hit the target. Still, this weapon is great for beginners because it’s really that easy to master it.

The skills required to properly use the taser are the same as a firearm in the sense of aiming for the target. The advantage here is that it is non-lethal and that you can learn how to use it faster. You can really learn how to use it within an hour or so.

Another great thing about the taser is how portable it is. You can carry it within your jacket pocket or a purse. It’s easy to use and great for both women and men. The investment is a little bigger when in comparison with a pepper spray or some other options on the list.

Since the maintenance, the use, and the price are all easy and good, the taser is one of the best self-defense weapons for a beginner. It’s good even for more advanced users. The secret is to pick the one that works best for you.

7. Shotgun

The shotgun is like a classic when it comes to self-defense weapons. It is reliable and effective. Still, there are some problems with it such as the time that it takes to reload it. This gun is widely used in farms and by people who live in isolated areas.

Besides the time that it takes to reload, the shotgun doesn’t take too long to learn the basics of how to use it. You only need to learn how to reload and aim it.

Your options are not great when it comes to the shotgun, but it isn’t necessary anyway. Here you can vary a little with the size of the gun and the style. Whatever you choose, it won’t affect the efficiency of this weapon.

The weapon is not as good as a semiautomatic or automatic one, but for a beginner, it works perfectly. The only problem is that you have to do regular maintenance to make sure it doesn’t get rusty or simply doesn’t work when you need it.

Another great thing about the shotgun is that this sort of weapon, obviously, doesn’t require physical strength to determine its power like the baseball bat or ax. As long as you can carry its weight, you’ll be good to go.

Now, you have to remember that this is a lethal weapon and as such it not only requires a different kind of care but also some thought before using it. Of course, this depends on what kind of self-defense situation you find yourself in. This is why it’s a great idea to have more than one type of self-defense weapon. For example, you can opt both for a shotgun and a taser. Whatever your choice is, it’s good to keep in mind that you should go for the weapons that fit your profile and not just what looks cooler.

8. Pepper Spray

Even though pepper sprays are widely known as a woman’s self-defense weapon, this very efficient weapon can work for everyone. The great thing about it is that there’s no learning curve necessary to learn it. You can pretty much start using it immediately.

The pepper spray is non-lethal but still super effective. You can hit targets from up to 10 feet away. The best thing is that just because it is non-lethal it doesn’t mean that it’s harmless. You not only will cause a lot of pain that will stop the aggressor dead in their track, but it also makes them temporarily blind, giving you enough time to do something about the situation.

Those sprays are cheap, easy to use, efficient, and non-lethal. That’s why it’s a great choice for beginners that want a self-defense weapon for multiple occasions. You can get a few bottles of pepper spray to have at your disposable at all times. Besides, it’s super discrete to carry it.

Again, the pepper spray is easy to use, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to know the basics. First of all, you have to aim for the eyes. Second of all, it’s a good idea to test it before you actually have to use it. Just to make sure that you know how it works. Do it in an open space since the pepper can make your eyes and throat burn.

Your options here will be more in regards to brands. You can also choose different styles of containers but that it’s not at all relevant to the effectiveness of the spray. Just pick a reliable manufacturer and that’s all you need.

The pepper spray works in various situations, but it’s more suited for urban problems. It’s not as common to utilize it in home invasions situations for the matter.

9. Stun Baton

If you would love to get a crossover between the stun gun and a baseball bat, the stun baton is the one for you. You can use it as a stun gun in the sense of giving someone an electric shock. You can also use it to hit someone while you swing it.

Depending on the stun baton that you get, it can have a flashlight feature that temporarily blinds your aggressor. The features will be dependent on the model, but all of them will be able to stun and hit someone pretty hard.

The other great thing is that this weapon is easy to learn how to use it. It’s also way more efficient than a normal baseball bat. If you consider the versatility, it can be even better than a stun gun.

Here you can choose models with special additional features, or just the traditional ones. Either way, you get a solid self-defense weapon to protect your home.

The secret with all the weapons that involve electrical shock is to aim for the parts of the body where the skin is uncovered. This way your attack will be more efficient.

Opposite to the stun gun and the pepper spray, the stun baton fits better during home invasion situations instead of urban ones. You can, but it’s a little complicated to carry one of those batons around. Still, you have to remember that if you want to use it inside of your house as a baseball bat, you can’t be afraid of hitting things and even breaking them. If that’s your case, a taser may be a better option. The point is to always know your style before making a choice.

If you live anywhere in America, chances are that you have already held a baseball bat in your hands so the stun baton won’t be that different. You just have to learn about the voltage to make sure that you always know what you’re doing.

10. Real Brass Knuckles

The real brass knuckles are a classic of personal defense. Even though they end up being associated with street fights, you can make great use of them for your self-defense purposes. This weapon potentializes the power of your punch making it extra strong.

Obviously, you have to know how to punch if you’re going to use one of those. There is a right way to reduce your chances of hurting your knuckles and hands. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to use them and also get hurt as the target of your punches.

Most of the models of real brass knuckles are made of common metals, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t hard and durable.

The variety here isn’t great as with other weapons, but you get an interesting variation on the colors.

Since the most important thing with a self-defense weapon is its efficiency to protect you, that isn’t as relevant.

This weapon is cheap, easy to use, and reliable for hand-to-hand combats. It doesn’t require any learning curve as long as you already know how to punch.

It isn’t the best option if this is the only weapon you’re going to get, or if your goals are home security. Still, it can be an interesting and reliable choice to have in your selection. A lot of people even collect real brass knuckles.

Again, they are great for beginners because they are easy to use and cheap, but it shouldn’t be your only option. Especially for home security situations. In this case, have the real brass knuckles alongside another weapon of choice. You can pick one that has a far range such as the revolver or the taser. For those interested in finding highly recommended self protection gear, click here.

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