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Which Are the Best Socks for Army Boots?

When it comes down to your personal comfort, your socks are just as important as your boots, more so if you are in the military. Always make sure that your feet stay happy and healthy with a pair of quality military socks that closely match your military boots. You can’t deny wanting that pair of socks that acts as a layer of protection between your boots and feet.

If you purchase such type of socks, they will significantly reduce the risk of getting blisters by absorbing oil, dirt not forgetting sweat from your feet so that you can keep clean and dry. Also, quality socks are made of breathable, moisture like fabrics from merino wool and other synthetic fibers. These fibers will not only work to keep your feet naturally antimicrobial but also keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Then, why not look for such socks if you are sure you will spend long periods on your boots?

 What Are the Benefits of Quality Socks?

Usually, all the socks perform the same basic functions. The major difference is that quality which the specific socks will offer. In most cases, high-quality socks perform better than those cheap counterparts. Here are some of the numerous benefits of purchasing quality socks:

  •  Protect your feet from your boot. This helps in minimizing the risk of being infected with foot diseases.
  •  Insulate you against heat loss in cold weather.
  •  They cut down on friction which again reduces the risk of scraps and chaffing.

You will never enjoy the benefits of these socks without purchasing any of the following socks for your military boots.

  1. Thorlos thick Padded combat Boot Socks (Check here for latest Amazon pricing)

If you are have ever been in the military, for sure, you can’t deny loving these socks. These socks have got more than enough desirable characteristics of the best socks. They are unique than other socks since they attach well and never fall over after being used for a long time.

The calf hem is entitled to secure the top of your socks to your calf. Today, many peoples buy these socks for their durability, resilience and most importantly better feeling feet. Additionally, they have been engineered for enhancing mobility and maximum protection that the buyer desires. This will clinically reduce blisters, pain, and moisture. Moreover, at no time will the socks deny you protection against abrasion and boot pressure.

  1. Under Armour Heat gear boot socks (Check here for latest Amazon pricing)

Whether you are going for long distance hikes, working in a construction site or else in the military, never worry when the day is extremely hot, these socks will solve it all. The under armor moisture release vents are responsible for filtering moisture out of your socks thereby making you feel warm and cool.

Additionally, they have been manufactured with advanced armor block technology that completely neutralizes the microbes responsible for causing a bad smell. This means with these socks; odor will be unheard of. Moreover, they not only keep your feet cool but also have compression zone that will keep your feet all day going.


  • Never slide inside the combat boots.
  • It is made of nylon or at times polyester.
  • Has mesh vents which facilitate removal of moisture, therefore, keeping your feet cool and dry.
  • Arch enforcements designed to improve circulation of blood in your foot.
  • Inbuilt cushioning for shock absorption and protection.
  1. Fox River Adult Military Stryker Wik Dry Mid-Calf Boot Socks (Check here for latest Amazon pricing)

It another highly recommended pair of socks to wear with your military boots. Its high composition of Acrylic makes it more durable and thick. If you ever came across it for sure, you can admit that it offers the perfect protection. Besides the socks being tear resistance, the heel padding is also known to provide desirable comfort.

It is quite an ideal choice if you want to hike in cold areas. Otherwise, if you have a busy but a sunny day, your feet will be cool as usual. However, if you really want something that completely covers your entire calf, it might be the wrong choice for you.

  1. Fox River Socks: Fatigue fighter socks (Check here for latest Amazon pricing)

These are an outstanding choice for military operators, especially land troops who spend the majority of their day in combat boots. Whether you are in combat, doing drill or parade, truly these socks will keep you in a fighting mood. From a look, they may appear like ordinary combat socks however they have been engineered by use of high-performance fabrics and technology. This maximizes the level of comfort at the same time eliminating fatigue. In addition to that, they have a gentle compression inside to increase the blood flow to your feet, ankles, and shins. Plus the Spandex compression zones will add an extra measure of support by keeping your pair of socks in place all along the day.


  • Presence of spandex compression will give you comfort all day.
  • Longer product life which is as a result of reinforced toe and heel.
  • Moisture is eliminated by vented panels.
  • No slippage throughout your shift.
  • Extra feet protection from your heel.
  1. 281ZMillitary mid-calf Socks- Tactical Trekking hiking (Check here for latest Amazon pricing)

Having been made in Ukraine, the combat-tested the design of these socks repeatedly proved its effectiveness in tough conditions. The bands on foot will provide an extremely tight foot hence preventing the socks from slipping.

Moreover, it can also provide a slight compression effect to enhance blood flow. The main aim of the designer was to have socks that could be used with summer military boots, mountaineering boots, hiking boots, working footwear and other types of professional footwear.


  • They have some scent eliminator that permanently defends the socks from odor. The natural and artificial technology ensures that you will never experience this with your socks.
  • It is designed in a way that it removes any build up moisture which then reduces the chances of getting blisters.

    Final Thoughts

Being on your feet all day in rough terrain requires a durable and comfortable sock inside your boots. The material your socks are made can have a great impact on how they perform in keeping your feet dry and odor free. And from the above information, for sure these are the best socks for your military boots.