Best Prepper Gear

Putting your EDC collection together should be a fun and enlightening experience. With so many options it can seem a little daunting but it is worth the effort. There’s always something new and exciting coming out to consider. So… how do you make sure you have the right equipment?

It is vital to decide what you need in the kit based on what you plan to use it for. Make a short list of the reasons why you need to have an EDC kit, then seek out awesome creative equipment that fulfills your needs. Though EDCs, in general, are all the same concept, people living in Siberia and those in the Sahara do have different needs.

While you probably won’t need every cool and unique item you find for your EDC, having the best collection, full of amazing gadgets, can be very satisfying. With all the choices we face, there are some simple rules you can follow to help you narrow it down.

 How Useful is It?

Everything has a use, but ask yourself if the item you are considering is too specialized. Is it useful for a single scenario, or are you likely to use this regularly? Great simple examples of multi-use tools are things like duct tape and paracord. Perhaps equally important and more overlooked is the pen. There are countless times when something as basic and sensible as a pen that doesn’t fail can make a huge difference.

The Fisher 400B Space Bullet Space Pen (Check it out on Amazon) is a great addition to any EDC kit. It will write in anywhere. Whether it is extreme temperatures, underwater or just at odd angles, this pen will deliver. Hopefully, you will never find yourself in the frozen vacuum of space. If you do, this pen will still let you jot down your final thoughts for future generations

Does It Solve A Problem I Am Likely To Encounter?

In any sort of urgent situation, the last thing you want is to be scrambling for something so basic you should already have it. The moment you need something is the worst time to discover you didn’t pack one. Your brand new amazing space pen that writes upside down in Antarctica and sideways in Death Valley is not useful if you have nothing but sand or ice to write on.

 Rite In The Rain All Weather Top Spiral Notebooks (Check it out on Amazon) are a cool way to solve that problem. They fit most pockets and are recyclable. The waterproof paper will protect your important notes, hand-drawn maps, or whatever else you might need to jot down.

 Can I Take It With Me Anywhere?

Portability is key. If you can’t move the things you need to the place you need them, they are nothing but expensive and amusing scenery. If something is too heavy, or awkward to take with you comfortably, you probably don’t need it. There is almost always something that can do the same job, look better and fit in the space you have. Get creative.

Minimalist companies offer portable multitool cards that fit in a wallet. With a few folds or a quick snap, you have arrowheads, knives, screwdrivers, and other tools. These Multipurpose Credit Card Tools from Levergear (Check it out on Amazon) allow you to save space while still carrying what you need.

If you’re looking for a really good wallet to put those multitool cards in then you should check out the Levis Mens Slimfold With Extra Capacity and RFID Protection(Check it out on Amazon).

While this next piece of gear won’t fit in your wallet, a good portable tool like the Fivejoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool (Check it out on Amazon) is something to seriously consider keeping on hand. There are plenty of versions of the folding shovel, some with more features than a swiss army knife, but adding weight just to get ten features you don’t need is rarely worth the trouble

 Will I Be Able To Grab It When I Need It?

So long as you don’t lose your wallet, getting to your credit card tools should be easy enough. What are you going to do with the other things you need to carry? Putting them in a regular bag with a pocket or two is never your best plan. Small things get lost, or worse. Larger items make it hard to see what you have. It is essential to have an organized EDC.

The Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer (Check it out on Amazon)can help you carry more than a few useful items and make it easy to find what you’re looking for fast. When it seems like everything is falling apart around you it is easier to keep your cool if you know exactly where the things you need are stored.


What If Things Get Really Bad?

These are the items you hope to never need but without which you could not live in a worst-case scenario. Forget about case-specific imaginings. Creativity is good but you can take it too far. You only need those silver stakes if the werewolf-vampire hybrids from space take over the world. They may be a good solution for one overly specific thing but they also violate rules 1 and 3. Keep it basic. To start with, you need water and light in any situation you plan on living through.

There are plenty of choices for water purification. The Life Straw (Check it out on Amazon) will work in a pinch for a few uses but what if your water supply is contaminated long term? Katadyn makes a lightweight portable solution that lasts. The Steripen needs batteries, but it will outlast most competitors by a few thousand uses. It also has a light indicator that tells you when the water wasn’t fully purified.

What if the power goes off and doesn’t come back on? The Streamlight Duel Fuel Tactical Light (Check it out on Amazon) can handle that. It works equally well when you don’t want to stub a toe on the way to get a drink of water at night

Sometimes Less Is More

Avoid the three O’s. Don’t OVERTHINK. Don’t OVERPACK. Don’t be OVERLY SPECIFIC.

Always Do A Final Check

Before you commit to buy any gear make sure you check it against these basic guidelines. Always do your research on the product. Look at the seller’s reputation as well as the product reviews. Regularly go through your EDC to make sure that everything is working properly. The craziest, most amazing gadget in the world isn’t worth having if it breaks the first time you use it. The gadget that saves a life when you need it is the coolest thing you will ever put in your EDC.