Best Shelter Items

Families, adventurers, hikers and survivalists among other persons can need a backpacking tent in their activities. Camping requirements and gears may be expensive during this season as you will need to buy new items like boots or buy new ones for first-timers. For a camper to save some good cash, one will have to acquire a tent that is not more than 100 dollars.

People That Need a Backpacking Tent

If you are planning to do some backpacking and camping, especially one which you walk to the campsite, you will need a backpacking tent. You could be camping alone or as a group, all carrying your tents on your back. In whichever case, it is crucial to identify the best backpacking tent to save money and at the same time get value for it.

Best Affordable Backpacking Tents

1. Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Person Tent (Check Here for Current Pricing on Amazon)

This tent is an Amazon bestseller with numerous positive reviews and it fast when the item is in stock. It is for sure a fantastic item handy for an individual with a budget of less than $100. It is light with firmly fitted edges to protect you by keeping you dry and away from outside things. It is also suitable for dry weather since it has ventilation on its sides.

  1. Luxe Tempo 3.3 Lb 1 Person Backpacking Tent (Check Here for Current Pricing on Amazon)

Luxe Tempo is such a luxurious tent with a screen on its outside part to protect the user from bugs and other harmful elements. It also has a fly that provides privacy and at the same time offering protection from snow or rain by providing a runoff for the water thus keeping you dry. A fascinating aspect is the “footprint” that enables you to access the whole tent in case you want to change your campsite. It is light since it weighs about 3.8 lbs.

  1. Eureka Solitaire Tent (Check Here for Current Pricing on Amazon)

Eureka is also an excellent tent for a solo camper as it comes in handy after a long tiresome day of activities. Eureka Solitaire is quite affordable and simple to set up, but what attracts customers more is its light weight of about two and a half pounds. If you were to consider the weight you carry on your back especially when tire, two and a half pounds can save you the hassle.

  1. Geertop 1 Person 3-4 Season Lightweight Backpacking Tent (Check Here for Current Pricing on Amazon)

The Geertop weighs 3.3 lbs, just like the Alps and the Luxe, but a feature that makes it unique from the two is the two-door entrance. It has an easy setup that doesn’t waste much time, and you can also open both sides to allow you to enter into the tent from any of the sides. Moreover, its design gives you many options for placing your tent. The Geertop is not so sure to completely protect you during winter, though it is said to possess double seams that keep the inside entirely dry.

  1. World Famous Sports 1 Person Bivy Tent With Rain Fly (Check Here for Current Pricing on Amazon)

This tent appears to be the cheapest single individual backpacking tent in the market. The World Famous has a rain fly on the top to allow runoff for water, and a roof mesh in the inside. Though the rain fly protects only head and shoulder, it is such a unique feature. This feature is worth your money, but the tent does not have a place to hang your lamp. The World Famous is sure to serve you if you are working on a small budget and it also has a light weight of about 2 lbs.

Final Thoughts

Before you decide to go for camping or head out to a trail, first of all, ask yourself why you need a tent band what are the features that will serve you well. For a good number of campers, weight can help them decide what type of tent they will pick, most likely one that isn’t cumbersome to carry around. For others, the ease of access to the inside is a bonus for them, while others would want a luxurious and comfier one with features like a storage area and a lamp-hanging ramp. All the tents explained above have these features except the World Famous which has the lowest price due to its limit of features. Whichever tent you decide to get, you are sure to have the best deal with less than $100.