Are Double Pane Windows Harder To Break? Users Chime In With A Surprising Revelation

Safety and security are major priorities that any homeowner must consider, and one way to ensure that your home is safe is by having burglar-proof windows. Double pane windows are preferred by some people over single pane windows, and you might be wondering whether they are a stronger option.

Are Double Pane Windows Harder To Break? Double pane windows are harder to break than single pane windows because they are thicker, providing a higher level of resistance to objects that hit them.

The Guardian wrote a query comparing the strength of double pane and single pan windows. It was revealed that the air between the two glass sheets in a double pane window acts as a shock absorber, making a double pane window hard to break when hit in the middle.

What Does Double Pane Window Mean?

A double pane window is a window comprised of two sheets of glass, and it is also called a double-glazed window or an insulating glass unit (IGU). A double pane window typically contains a desiccant that helps in absorbing moisture and keeping the window from fogging up.

The space between the sheets of glass in a double-pane window is usually between 6mm – 12mm and filled with a stable and non-reactive gas like argon, krypton, or xenon, each of which enhances the window’s resistance to the transfer of energy.

This gap is called a spacer and is sometimes referred to as the warm edge. It is usually made with fiber or metal as these are considered sturdier. The spacer can also be made with structural foam since the level to which it reflects heat is low.

Although gas-filled double pane windows are more expensive than air-filled ones, the gas is denser than air, making your home much more enjoyable. Because the gap between the panes serves as a heat barrier, energy usage in buildings is minimized, meaning the insulating properties of a building will be increased.

Double pan windows were introduced in 1952 and since then, there have been a lot of changes to make them a lot better. A combination of tighter seals, specialized window coatings, and sturdier frame designs have significantly improved the energy efficiency of double-pane windows.

If you are considering installing double pane windows in your home, you should take your time scanning through options before making a final choice. Double pane windows are available in several designs, materials, and concepts. Since every building is unique, your window selection may vary as well.

Many manufacturers offer a wide range of materials from which to choose, including vinyl, aluminum, and wood, to mention a few. Each of these materials also comes in a variety of styles. If you are considering replacing your single-pane window, you should install double-pane windows instead, especially if you cannot afford triple-pane windows.

Can Burglars Break Double-Pane Windows?

Yes, burglars can break double-pane windows, even though they are harder to break than single-pane windows. While breaking double-pane windows is difficult with bare hands, burglars can get it done if they have the right tools.

You should note that not all double-pane windows are the same. Different windows are made from varying types of glass, and the form of glass impacts how strong a window is. Some popular glass options for windows are security glass, self-cleaning glass, obscure glass, and laminated glass.

Double-pane windows with security glass, are much more secure than other options when it comes to repelling burglars. However, do not forget that so many double-glazed windows do not have security glass panes.

Without extra safety measures, double-pane windows are still more reliable than single-pane windows. The double layer makes them more difficult to break and puts two barriers between you and prospective burglars. The gas between both sheets of glass also functions as a shock absorber.

Beading is a strip of aluminum, plastic, or wood usually applied to the corner of the glass pane while installing, based on the window style. Beading is handy for holding the glass in place in modern double-pane windows.

It is advantageous when window beading is placed within the house. As a result, burglars will find it extremely difficult to remove the pane of glass from outside your home. Moreover, modern double pane windows are strong and can endure being struck by a brick or stone.

Breaking a double-glazed window without making noise is also extremely hard. Therefore, it is more probable that burglars will focus on less expensive single-pane windows rather than enhanced double-pane windows.

However, there is no denying that perpetrators will find a means of breaking through a double-pane window if there are no other reasonable alternatives.

Are Double Pane Windows Bullet Proof?

No, double-pane windows are not bullet-proof. While double pane windows are more resilient than their single pane counterparts, they can still be shattered by bullets or other high-force impacts.

It is easy for people to wonder whether a double pane window might be able to stop a bullet since it is thicker and more sturdy than a single pane window. Unfortunately, a double pane window is a lot more fragile than bulletproof glass and will get penetrated easily by a bullet.

The standout feature of bulletproof glass is that it is composed of multiple panes of fused glass. Bulletproof home windows are also fortified with glass-like boards made from acrylic, polycarbonate, or a mix of both.

Bulletproof glass is specially constructed into ballistic windows that fulfill UL 752 bullet-resistant specifications. UL 752 standards refer to the rating of materials that are resistant to bullets, and the level to which they are effective.

The UL 752 ratings range from level 1 to level 8. Level 1 substances can block 9mm bullets from handguns, and level 8 substances can block .308 ammunition from an AK-47.

While acrylic is lighter than glass and can obtain a UL 752 Level 2 rating for 1.25 inches thickness, polycarbonate is even lighter in weight and more efficient at absorbing impact. The thermoplastic polymers are strong enough to earn a UL 752 Level 3 rating for a 1.25-inch polycarbonate sheet.

When a bullet strikes a bullet-resistant glass, the energy is dispersed sideways through the panes. The energy is easily absorbed since it is split between several panes of glass and plastic and spread over a wide area.

The bullet decelerates to a point where there is not enough force to penetrate or to cause much harm if it pierces through. The glass panes might break, but the plastic layers keep them from shattering completely.

Security window films, on the other hand, are safety glass that could be used instead of bulletproof glass. This option, however, will not provide an equal degree of security as bulletproof glass.

How Long Do Double Pane Windows Last?

A double-pane window lasts around 10 to 20 years, after which the seal around the panes starts to leak, and the inert gas escapes. Many double-pane window owners face the problem of their windows becoming difficult to open and close after ten years.

The deterioration and aging of window panes can result in a reduction or complete loss of notable gas concentration and, as a result, an increase in the demand for heating energy in buildings. These have exposed numerous double pane windows sealed with aluminum spacers or super insulators to extreme damage caused by climate change and increased temperature.

Four main factors impact the lifespan of your double-pane windows:

  • Frequency of use/ positioning: maintenance and positioning influence the lifespan of double-pane windows. Windows facing south and exposed to direct sunlight for several hours are particularly vulnerable.
  • Installation efficiency: windows might be hard to maneuver after a while due to poor placement. The strain on the frame also reduces the window lifespan.
  • Local Climate: harsh weather can cause windows to decline rapidly. Irrespective of the newness of a window, storm or hail damage can necessitate an upgrade. If you live in a neighborhood where these climate conditions exist, the efficiency and longevity of your windows might be affected.
  • Window materials: There are numerous window frame materials that you can choose from, including wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. These offer a broad range of preferred features, costs, and colors.

Even though you might not have any control over the climate system, you can still select the materials for your window. Ensure you avoid cheap materials as they will not offer the same level of security as costlier windows.

How Do You Break a Double Pane Window?

You can break a double-pane window by tapping the lower edge of the glass heavily with a sharp and heavy object such as a hammer. If the glass is toughened glass, it will shatter into numerous pieces. This knowledge is relevant in case of an emergency such as a fire outbreak in the home.

When trying to break a double pane window, it is crucial to strike the glass at the bottom edge as the hammer may swing back if you hit it in the middle. Once you make a hole in the first pane, you can smash through it to break the second pane.

You can use a blanket to muffle the noise that will be caused when the hammer begins breaking a window. The blanket will also shield you from sharp shards of glass that could scatter when the glass breaks.

Another method is to break through the sealer between both glass panes with a sharp item like a screwdriver. You can also duct tape before breaking it. Covering the glass with duct tape ensures that the shattered glass adheres to the duct tape rather than breaking all over.

By using duct tape to keep the pieces of glass together, the chances of getting injured or needing to do extensive cleanups afterward will be reduced. Also, ensure to put on protective gear and lay a blanket or pillows on the floor before smashing the window.

When trying to escape a fire through a window, be cautious because the extra oxygen from outside can cause the fire to flare even hotter. Before you try to leave through the window, ensure the nearest door to the fire is closed.

Are Double-Pane Windows Harder To Break?

How durable are pane-windows?According to most users online/owners of pane-windows, they’re amongst one of the hardest windows to break without specified tools. Such as a tempered hammer for example.
All information has been derived from relevant forums

Are Double-Pane Windows Worth It?

Double-pane windows are worth installing in your home as they enhance your home’s comfort and lessen your energy bills while also raising the value of your home.

Below are six reasons you should consider installing double-pane windows in your home:

  • Double-pane windows, as opposed to single-pane windows, have a more secure lock system, and their tight seal hinders burglars from breaking the windows and entering your home. Double-pane windows are also more durable and will not easily shatter when hit.
  • Because windows are the weakest link in insulating a building’s interior from outside noise, installing a double-pane window to provide good noise insulation is usually the best option.

Noise pollution could be minimized by up to 50% by replacing single-pane windows with double-pane windows. However, this does not make them totally soundproof, especially in areas with high noise pollution.

  • The UV rays in sunlight usually damage home furnishings or other items near windows, like wall decor. Double glazing minimizes the level of UV radiation entering the house. 

Because of the insulation double pane windows provide, wall decor and furniture near the window will be less damaged by extreme temperature changes. You could also install UV window film to enhance UV protection.

  • Due to minimal solar radiation through the windows, double-pane windows can minimize cooling energy consumption by 18% during summer and reduce energy usage by 24% during winter.
  • Although window condensation during cooler seasons may not seem like an issue, it is in reality sign of a bigger problem. It shows the inadequacy of the windows at preventing heat transfer, which can result in mold issues after a while. Installing a double-pane window will solve your condensation problems.
  • Double pane windows will also increase the value of your property if you end up selling your home eventually, as they will be a selling point for prospective buyers, giving you a return on investment.

Installation of a double pane window will always be a rewarding investment for you, not just because of its appealing aesthetic but also for the numerous security and energy benefits it provides.

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