Best Communication Devices

A two-way radio will serve you best in the event you are off the grid and cell phone services are impossible. You need to identify the best two-way radio to suit your circumstance and other needs. For example, if you are out camping, a two-way radio that can also offer weather alerts will come in handy. To help you make the right choice when picking the best two-way radio to meet your needs.

  1. Midland LXT630VP3 

This model from Midland stands out for its durability and ease in portability. It is ideal for use where the coverage required is not too vast.

Key Features 

  •  Small and lightweight

It is small and lightweight allowing you to carry it along with ease whether you choose to pocket it or clip it to your belt without weighing you down.

  • Has a long battery life.

Campers will appreciate the battery life of this device, as it will serve them for days before the need to recharge it. In the outdoors, an energy efficient radio is convenient considering that finding a charging device or connection can be difficult.

  •  Voice-activated sensor

Easily and quickly, reply to calls with this feature. This ensures a quick response to help address emergencies.

  •  Power adjustability

When you are not using long-range functionality, you can save on power by switching to low power. This helps the battery to last even longer.

  • Promotes privacy

If you want to have a conversation with just one partner, you can use some of its private codes and activate private conversations.

  •  Allows for standard NOAA weather alerts

The outdoors can be unpredictable but with this radio, you can have weather alerts to keep you up to date.

  • Covers up to a 30-mile radius

The 30-mile radius is efficient but it may not be as strong for individuals who are far apart from each other. Its downside is that it is not water resistant and it will not survive a drop in a pool of water. Even at this, it will still function in moist and windy environments.  Check Amazon for latest pricing and availability.

  1. Midland GXT1000VP4

With the experience of more than 50 years, Midland released yet another outstanding model with the GTX1000VP4. Individuals worried about having open conversations and prefer private discussions will love the privacy features on the model. It also boasts of clarity with a powerful mic.

Key Features 

  •  Private communication with Powerful microphone

You can set up for private conversations from the 142 provided privacy codes. Communication is even better and clear with its powerful microphone even with whisper mode.

  •  Powerful battery

You definitely need a radio that will serve you in the long-term especially if you are out in the wilderness or somewhere you cannot access the power supply. In the event you have to recharge your battery, you have the ability to use either of its two charging methods. It has A/C adapter and a car charger for convenience when you are on the road.

  •  Weather alerts

This two-way radio has the ability to send you emergency weather alerts so you can take cover if need be and help you to prepare where necessary.

  • 36-mile coverage

A 36-mile communication radio coverage is efficient and ideal for groups that travel separately. Check Amazon for latest pricing and availability.

  1. Cobra CXT 1035R FLT

This Cobra model seeks to strike a balance between functionality and its design. It is designed to cater for short-range communication.

Key Features 

  • Waterproof

This device is waterproof which means it can take on wet environments. This is also possible with its ability to float in the event it falls into a pool of water.

  •  Ergonomic design

It comes with one of the best designs in the market despite being slightly larger than many would love. This does not, however, affect its functionality.

  • Clear sound transmission

Despite its limitation on short-range transmission, where it can only cover up to 2 miles, it serves communication very well.

  • Rewind-Say-Again feature

This feature is unique and it allows individuals to replay a message. However, it is important to note that it will only replay the last 20 seconds of an incoming message. This boosts functionality especially for individuals who may be in noisy surroundings when a call is coming in. Check Amazon for latest pricing and availability.

  1. Motorola T600 H20

This model is ideal for use even in the most remote areas. It boasts of a wide coverage while at the same promoting clarity. You can also use it in all weather conditions without the fear of damaging it. Exploit its outstanding features and SOS options.

Key Features 

  • Waterproof

It is waterproof allowing you to use it even in raining environments. To help ensure it remains in place, it features a rugged design that will always ensure a firm grip despite the presence of moisture.

  • Emergency alert mode

In case of an emergency, your two-way radio will emit a loud emergency tone and then follow the tone with a 22-second transmission hands-free to another Motorola two-way radio that is compatible as long as the other radio is within the units range.

  • Power saving transmission

It has a power saving transmission timeout so you can save it for use only when necessary. In the event you have to recharge it, you can use a USB charger or use 3AA batteries. Take on every adventure while at the same time stay in reach with others with the help of the Motorola T600 H20. Its only downfall is its weight, which many do not find comfortable. Check Amazon for latest pricing and availability.

  1. Motorola Talkabout T460

Motorola is a well-known brand for its quality products. This model is feature-rich allowing individuals to experience the best of two-way radios. It strikes a balance between functionality, performance, design, as well as advanced features to deliver long-range communication. Operating the radio is simple thanks to its friendly user interface.

Key Features 

  • Built-in flashlight

This model is ideal for campers not just for communication but it also lights up in the dark thanks to its in-built flashlight. However, you cannot rely on it for distant lighting. It is efficient for close lighting.

  •  Vibra call alerts and noise filter

These features make communication easier and faster by providing the right alert at the right time. The noise filter enhances sound even when you are in a noisy environment.

  • Offers real-time weather alerts

Always stay in the know in case there are significant weather changes that may affect your adventure. You will not

  • Firm grip

The radio offers a firm grip when using it as well as when storing it away to prevent falls. It also comes with belt clips to keep it in place even when you are in motion.

  • Long lasting battery

The battery is able to serve you for about two days when using the A batteries. This is convenient and efficient considering that you may not be able to get somewhere to recharge easily. Check Amazon for latest pricing and availability.


The market offers a variety of two-way radios and it can be overwhelming when looking to purchase one. Other than choosing between the best brands, you also need to understand the features and specifications of the radios. Despite the several products in the market, the above product review will help to narrow down your search for the best two-way radio.