Best Survival Food & Beverages

If you are heading out on an adventure- whether it is camping, ultralight or else you are staying at home, having a supply of nonperishable foods is a must. For decades now, freeze-drying has been used to preserve food items that would usually spoil by creating long-life products that eventually was favored by astronauts and soldiers alike. Though the industry was at first dominated by a few major suppliers, the number of freeze-dried options has significantly grown over time. Thanks to new approaches that usually utilizes seasonal ingredients picked at their prime time, it has become affordable.

 Tips for Improving Freeze Dried Food

You can’t deny that it is always better to have a little knowledge or tips that will improve your eating experience. Follow these tips to produce not only a flavorful meal but also a healthy one.

  • Avoid adding too much water. If there is a need to add water to your food, never add too much since you will end up getting inedible foods. So that you arrive on food that many will not resist salivating, it is essential you consider putting enough water in a bowl containing freeze-dried products. Water will be added only after you have completely stirred.
  • Acquire knowledge regarding substituting food. Whether you are in a survival situation or not, using the ingredients in your freeze dried food can save you a lot of bucks since you will not visit the grocery store in regular intervals. Additionally, this may greatly improve your meal creations.
  • Consider dehydrating food that you will use at a later date. Besides this saving you a lot of time, it will also minimize the amount of food wasted. The amount of freeze-dried food should be just enough for that specific meal. For instances, if you are making some soup for your visitors, add just enough freeze-dried ingredients and then add enough water to not overwhelm.
  • Never worry about using your freeze-dried foods in not emergency situations. At times you may be very tired after a tiresome busy day. In such circumstances, you may want to use it as a way to save time. That is why you want to purchase food items you and your family like and thus eat it.

Which are the top 5 freeze-dried foods?

Here are the top versions that you should not forget to add to your larder:

  1. Crispy Green Freeze Dried Fruits (Click Here for the latest pricing on Amazon)

The freeze-dried version of these fruits taste good at it is. This fruit is an ideal choice that if you freeze-dried it, you will never regret. Usually, a pack comprises some sets of tangerine and pears. Though it is free of GMO, added sugars and preservatives, it contains some ingredients added to dairy products.

  1. Valley Food Storage 1-month Emergency Food Supply (Click Here for the latest pricing on Amazon)

As its name dictates, it can last for more than 20 years on the shelf. If you choose to consume these foods either as dry or by adding some water, it will not deny you the real taste that for sure you must enjoy. Never worry having too much waste since the food is packed in resealable bags by its manufacturer.

  1. Wise Company 60 Serving Entrée Only Grab and Go Food Kit (Click Here for the latest pricing on Amazon)

Truly, these are foods that you can count on if you are seriously in a survival situation. Besides it having pasta alfredo, it also contains chili macaroni. Since it has a shelf life not less than 25 years, there is no need to keep on rotating your stock. Additionally, you can consider the food in an adventure.

  1. Augason Farms 30-day Emergency Food Storage Supply (Click Here for the latest pricing on Amazon)

It is widely known for its delicious freeze-dried food options. Most peoples consume food when in camps and hiking. For sufficient nutrition, it adds up to 1800 calories in a single day.

  1. Mountain House Pouch Kits Freeze Dried Meals (Click Here for the latest pricing on Amazon)

If you are a great fan of freeze dried foods, probably you ever heard of this brand. Usually, it is a collection of thirty servings in assorted flavors. Interestingly, the meals are often ready within ten minutes of preparation.

Final Thoughts

Though at times freeze dried foods can be quite expensive, such meals will add a lot of value, convenience, and enjoyment.