The 5 Best Fireproof Document Bags, For Your Cash, Documents, and Valuables

During a fire, you could lose everything. When a big fire happens in big cathedrals or museums like what happened in the Notre-Dame cathedral, there’s insurance but many important objects and documents will be lost forever. When it happens in a residency, you can lose a lot of personal things like artwork, photos, digital files, paper, valuable and sentimental objects. It’s just either too hard and expensive to restore those things or simply impossible. They’re gone forever no matter what you can try to do.

The best counteraction that you can take is to get fireproof bags to store the important things that you have, especially the ones that you can’t replace. Not only for fires but since most fireproof bags are also waterproof, you can use them against other natural catastrophes like floods. After hurricanes, it’s common for people to lose important documents in a flood. That’s why using fireproof bags is an excellent way to reduce your chances of losing such documents and objects.

Now, you should be aware that not all fireproof bags are made equal. This means that you won’t get the same quality or the same features with every single model. So, the starting point for you should be to look at what kind of thing you want to store in there. This is because different objects resist different temperatures. So, if you want to store paper or cash you want something different than if you want to store a flash drive or a media CD. The point is that you have to think about what you’re going to put in there.

Then, you have to worry about things like the size of the bag, the material that is made of, and many other things that you’re probably not considering. Don’t worry though because you can find out everything below. It’s important to point out that everything was checked for accuracy so you can trust the info. If you want to choose the perfect fireproof bag, you’re reading the right stuff.

Another important thing to let you know is that fireproof bags are incredible, but they don’t do miracles. This means that security measures like this can only go so far. If the fire lasts for days, there’s a chance that you won’t be able to save anything. The bags resist up until a certain temperature and only so far. Also, the number of hours that it stays exposed to the fire counts when it comes to this.

One more good tip is to have a fireproof safe. This way you can keep other objects protected in your house. They are more recommended for more expensive and larger objects. Still, it’s a good extra measure if you want to equip your whole house for this kind of situation. There are some people that put fireproof bags inside a fireproof safe, but this is unnecessary. A good, high-quality fireproof bag should be able to withstand most house fires.

Firefighters usually put out fires rather quickly, but those things are never predictable. It depends on the weather, the size of the property, and the area affected. There are simply too many variables to know how long it will take. For that reason, you can’t possibly know if the bag will last through it.

Still, fireproof document bags are a big life savior. They can save you a lot of money and stress if you have them. They’re definitely in the top 10 things that a prepper should have included in their plans.

Below you’re going to find what things constitute great fireproof document bags and also some options that fit the criteria. It’s important to know this before you get one to make sure that you don’t get a bag that doesn’t get the job done for you.

Just keep in mind that you should have, at least, one bag for documents that is paper and money, and one for media and objects like flash drives and CDs. This is because they burn at different temperatures.

Stay Under 350 ºF Internal Temperature

Paper burns at 450 ºF. This means that whatever bag you choose, it has to stay well under this figure. Not only to prevent it from burning but also to prevent it from being damaged in any way. This is one of the most overlooked features in a fireproof document bag since most people only pay attention to the outside temperatures it can resist.

Now, if you’re planning on storing things like jewelry, CDs, flash drives, even hard drives the concern is the same. You want to make sure that the internal temperature of the bag remains one that doesn’t damage anything. In the case of those objects, they all get damaged in temperatures higher than paper, therefore, if your model protects paper, it will protect those other things.

A good idea is to always keep your bag in the highest area of your furniture and also make sure that it is in a room close to the entrance. In this case, you won’t waste too much time looking for it or trying to retrieve it. The last thing you want during an emergency is to be looking for your bag.

Anyway, about the internal temperature, just make sure that you get the necessary temperature resistance for the object that you’re storing in there. If you’re not putting paper there, you might get a model that gets a little hotter inside but check at what temperature the object that you want to store burns.

1000 ºF External Temperature Resistance

This is the minimum of a good quality fireproof document bag. There are models that resist a lower temperature, but if you want to make sure that everything will remain intact and that it will resist longer, the best you can do is to get a document bag that resists 1000 ºF.

Now, you can get fireproof document bags that resist more than 1000 degrees, but they’re only necessary if you want the bag to resist longer or if what you’re storing is really valuable. The truth is that 1000 degrees resistance will get you covered in most situations, but the ones that resist more are still worth the investment.

The average house fire burns at 1100 ºF, but it’s important to point out that this is high rise fire and not a weak one. This is the kind of fire that brings down a house. Therefore, you don’t absolutely have to get one that resists more than this, but it might be a good idea.

Also, the time that the bag stays under fire determines how well your possessions will be protected. For this kind of information, you can look for the hour rating of the product. It’s safe to say that a fireproof document bag will last at least a few minutes under fire, even the not-so-good models.

30 Minutes Resistance

So, you don’t want the not-so-good models of fireproof document bags. This isn’t the kind of item that costs you thousands of dollars. For this reason, you do want to invest a little more and get you a fireproof document bag that lasts 30 minutes. This is a measurement that the manufacturers use to determine quality.

This means that they ensure that the bag will resist 30 minutes. Now, it’s possible that it will resist even more under the fire, but this is the guarantee that they’re giving you. Since the average house fire is put out in less than this, the chances of the bag being intact are big.

Now, if you do want extra protection, you can store your fireproof document bag inside a fireproof safe. This may be considered unnecessary by many, but depending on what you’re storing it’s totally worth it. It’s an extra measure that makes sense in some situations, but in others may be completely unnecessary.

So, the important thing is that you make sure that you get a bag that can resist 30 minutes in a fire. This way the chances of your cash and documents coming out intact are bigger.

Fiberglass Coated With Silicone

Fiberglass is a type of fiber-reinforced plastic that uses glass fiber. This is an important thing to look for in your bag manufacturing. The fiberglass is the perfect material to resist high temperatures. It will make the bag more resistant and safer for your documents. If you look at a fireproof document bag and it isn’t made of fiberglass, it’s probably not even worth buying it.

Not only that but the material will give you a bag that lasts longer over time. If you want to invest a little more to get a fireproof document bag that lasts for years and can even be reused in some cases, then getting one made of fiberglass is totally worth it. Since this type of fiber is harder to be torn apart.

In summary, fiberglass will not only be a better material when tested in a fire situation, but it’s also more resistant in general. Your bag will last more time with no risks of the fabric start presenting problems. One good thing to point out is that even though fiberglass is great at resisting fire, it does provoke an itchy sensation on your skin. This is why you should make sure that the bag has a silicone coat.

So, make sure that is silicone coated and that is made of fiberglass. If you do this, you’re almost certain of finding the right document bag for you.

One For Paper And One For Hard Objects

As much as we all love a good deal and save some money, it isn’t ideal to have only one bag. The ideal situation is for you to have one for your paper documents and cash, and another for your digital files and media. Also, if you want to store guns or jewelry, you can have one more for that as well.

The point is that you don’t have just one. The reason isn’t just size since you can find models that would be able to accommodate all of your documents with your guns and flash drive. The reason for this is that those things have different resistance to heat. Meaning that they will get damaged in different circumstances.

The other reason to have more than one fireproof document bag is that you have your documents in different rooms, so you don’t lose everything in case one room gets more damaged by the fire than the other. Of course, this strategy does not guarantee you anything, but it’s a good start.

So, have at least one fireproof document bag for your documents and cash, and another for your hard drives, jewelry, and etc. It will save a lot of trouble and time. You also get different models with different temperature resistance, according to the resistance of the objects that you putting in there.

COLCASE Fireproof Document Bag

The COLCASE fireproof document bag is one of the best in the market right now. It offers every single feature that you need to ensure that your belongings will be protected against anything. First, it has a non-itchy silicone coated. This is important because the fiberglass is a raw material that will make your skin have an itchy reaction when it comes in touch with it.

Since we’re already talking about fiberglass, this one is made of it as the best models are. Fiberglass is an important raw material that can resist the heat of high degree temperatures. In the case of the COLCASE document bag, you get one of the best kinds of fiberglass that is used to manufacture fireproof document bags.

Another important feature of this fireproof bag is that it is water-resistant. As we mentioned, 99% of the models will be water-resistant but since a few aren’t, we’re going to mention if it is or it isn’t. Anyway, this document bag will resist floods, keeping your most important documents intact.

Talking about the important documents that you want to keep in there, this bag has a large size that can be enough for you to put envelopes, certificates, and even a laptop. With a 15×11 inch size, you can store pretty much any document here, including passport, money, and official documents. Whatever you may need, probably fits in there.

The last special feature is the double layer that allows this fireproof document bag to withstand the heat of up to 1000 ºF. You get a top-notch bag for an excellent market price tag.

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Fireproof Money & Document Bag, MoKo

As all the high-quality fireproof document bags, the MoKo document bag is made of fiberglass. Still, they go above and beyond with an aluminum foil inside that can stand heat up to 1832 ºF. This makes this incredible fireproof document bag one of the best options for documents and cash. Just reminding that paper burns at 450 ºF, so this is enough protection.

The size is another plus, this is a large enough bag for documents and cash. You get a 15×11 inch size that is able to accommodate standard size paper and documents like your passport and cash. Since this model is easily foldable, you can store it anywhere.

Talking about protection, this bag has a double lock system. This means that you get a zipper and a hook and loop system. This can be the difference between losing your belongings during a flood. So, the system is crucial for extra security and works really well without you having to pay more on the price department. 

This bag can be used to store electronics as well since it can stand higher temperatures. So, you can put your tablet, phone, or flash drive in there as well if you want to.

The bag does have one of the most beautiful designs of the bags on the list, but the important thing is that it gets the job done.

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Fireproof Document Bags 2300

The term “best” is thrown around a lot. Still, when it’s said about this bag is far from an exaggeration. This is definitely one of the best fireproof document bags out there. It can stand impressive 2300 ºF. This is certainly something to marvel at. You can pretty much protect any object or paper that you want. Be it money or jewelry, it got you covered.

The fiberglass used in this Cool Carry model is of high-quality so you can rest assured that your documents will last fire or a flood. Whatever it needs protection against, you won’t have to worry.

This bag is a large size as well of 15×11 inch but it’s also a 3-inch depth. This means that you can store more things and thicker objects. The manufacturer claims that you can store 2 laptops or 1300 legal-size documents. You can easily store a mix of documents, money, and objects inside this bag.

The closure system gives you double protection with a Velcro and a zipper system. This can be helpful not only during a fire or flood but also while you’re carrying the bag or storing it in a drawer. It’s harder for documents to come out and get lost.

So, if you want a bag that is highly resistant to fire and water, and that you can also carry it around with you, this is an excellent choice. Due to its design, this bag is easy to take it with you on trips or business meetings.

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Fireproof Document & Money Bags, ROLOWAY

This ROLOWAY model is another one that totally deserves to be on this list. It comes with impressive 2000 ºF resistant to heat. This means that it will last longer if your bag ends up near to where the fire got started and will resist more time as well. This is one of the most resistant models that you’re going to find anywhere.

Another point that makes this bag truly incredible is that it has 2 silicone layers. The silicone-coated is important because it protects your skin against the fiberglass. It also makes this bag more resistant to water. The ROLOWAY bag is so resistant to water that it will stand the intense spray of firefighter’s hose and keep your documents intact.

Talking about the silicone layer, the fiberglass quality cannot be left out. You get high-quality fiberglass that will make it through intense fires and keep your documents the same way that when you put them there. This is important because many manufacturers claim to use fiberglass, but sometimes the quality is off.

Beyond the high-quality fiberglass, this bag has an extra-large size. It’s a 15x12x5 that allows you to store laptop, documents, jewelry, and some more things if you want to. This is important because, with a model of this site, you don’t need to get more bags unless you have too many documents or things to keep protected.

So, this bag is perfect if you want to store too many things in one place. It resists high temperatures and has incredible water-resistant. It doesn’t matter if your bag resists the fire if it can’t resist the water.

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Vemingo Fireproof Bag 2000 ℉ Water Resistant Document Holder

Another very resistant model, the Vemingo bag can stand impressive 2000 ºF and it can store anything you can possibly think about. It’s large enough for you to put folders, laptop, some documents, and cash altogether. It’s that big. This makes this model quite versatile and worth every penny.

The 2000 ºF comes with a lot of water resistance and a silicone layer to prevent it from giving you an itchy sensation. This model stands out with a double-layered fiberglass body that protects your documents with more efficiency. It also makes the Vemingo fireproof document bag last longer than the average fireproof document bag.

The size is a 15.8×12.6×3 inches measure that gives you enough room to put everything that you can’t replace in there. Now, even though it’s big, this model is foldable, which allows you to store it in pretty much anywhere you want to. So, you can put it inside a safe or even in one of the drawers in your desk. No matter where you put it, it probably will fit.

Now, besides the storage that is obviously important, this bag has a secured lock system. It comes with a 2 closure system. One that involves a zipper and another with a hook and loop fastener. This is perfect to make your documents safer. Not only against catastrophes but also curious eyes. As you can see, it’s a great option for you.

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Use The 80/20 Rule For Storage

The truth is that you don’t need to store every photo that you have or every document that you own. There is only a small number of things that are truly irreplaceable or too expensive. Some of those things can’t fit inside a fireproof document bag. For this reason, the best you can do is to store only the things that fit the criteria of irreplaceable or too expensive. Otherwise, it’s probably not worth it.

So, what should go in your document bag are the documents that hold an official capacity and you must have the original printed. In the case of photos, you can digitalize all your photos and put them in a flash drive or a memory card. As long as you’re not taking up too much of unnecessary space, you’re good to go.

Another thing is cash. How much should put in the bag? For cash, always have enough to help you on your bug out plan. So, make the calculation for gas, food, and any other possible expenses that you might have. If your bug out plan involves crossing borders, you’re probably going to need cash for that too. So, do that and add documents like your birth certificate, passport, and authenticated copies of identification documents.

Always Buy One Bigger Than You Need

The most common regret when it comes to safes or fireproof document bags is that someone bought a model that is a little smaller than the size they actually need it. The solution is quite simple, always buy a bag bigger than the size that you first thought you would need. A nice tip is to go for the extra-large models.

Ideally, you’d measure everything that you want to store in the bag and make sure that it will fit. Now, what you can always do is to make sure that the bag fits legal-size documents. Those are the ones that you’re more likely to want to store in there.

If you’re also putting objects like guns or jewelry in there, it’s a good idea to see the dimension of the bag, especially the depth. A 3 inch is usually enough to store laptops and guns. Still, it’s good to do your own measuring to make sure that it will all work out in the end.

So, if you use the always-buy-a-size-bigger-than-you-think-you-need rule, you’re likely to be able to protect all of your belongings from a fire. Also, remember to always put your bag close to the entrances of the house. This way you can grab it and leave fast during an emergency.

Security Lock For Extra Safety

There are some models of fireproof document bags that have an extra security measure. They come with a lock system, meaning that they have a code to keep people from snooping.

Now, the truth is that it’s rarely necessary that you do that. The best you can do is to actually make sure that the bag has at least a zipper. This will be enough to protect your documents from water and from anything else like a curious pair of eyes.

Some document bags also come with a Velcro system or a hook and loop fastener. This is additional security measures that might be worth the extra investment. It will all depend on what you’re storing and your own necessities. The extra security system might be worth it or not. What you need to know though is that a zipper closure system is more than enough to keep your documents intact.

Is It Also Waterproof?

Most fireproof bags are also water-resistant. This is perfect in the case of floods or any natural disaster that involves water. Still, it’s a good idea to double-check that just to be sure. After all, you want a bag that protects your documents against everything that is possible.

Usually, the water-resistant bags will be silicone coated, since it’s the standard to make it more resistant to water. Especially if the water pressure is intense like the spray of the firefighter’s hose. The silicone is also there to protect your skin from the fiberglass, but for now, the water resistance feature is the important one.

Since you’re reviewing the bag to know whether or not it is water-resistant, check the closure system that the model has in place. This is because you want to be sure that there’s no way for water to get in and ruin your documents. For, instance zippers are a great choice.

Finally, check if the silicone layer is double. It doesn’t have to be, but if it is you can get extra protection since there’s less chance that it will suffer any damage from the fire. This means that your bag will remain intact through the fire, and the water that will come after it.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the best fireproof document bags that you’re going to find in the market, and these features are the ones that you should care about. Even though you can prioritize one feature over the other, it’s important that you make sure that you get everything.

The material and the capacity of the resistance of the bags may be the main things that you should focus to ensure quality. If you do all this, you’re going to get an incredible fireproof document bag.

They’re really useful and are an essential part of your prepping. Remember that the secret is to be prepared for anything and everything that might come your way.

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