15 Reasons to Carry a Pocket Knife


A pocket knife is one of the most useful and convenient weapons to have with you at all times. Still, you can get into trouble for carrying one. Depending on the state that you are in, you’ll need a carry permit and the laws regarding it will be different.

So, the first thing that you have to worry about when you’re considering getting a pocket knife is to really know and understand your rights to do it. You don’t want to get jail time or anything like that just because you didn’t do your research. Since the law and other requirements can change from state to state, the best you can do is to do your research.

Now, once you do that you can begin to contemplate having your pocket knife. There are many reasons to do so, and some will make sense to you more than others. For example, a pocket knife may not replace a firearm for you, but it can still be a great asset for survivalists, campers, and for self-defense.

Now, before you worry about the exact model that you want to buy or the size, you should consider if it fits your lifestyle and what are the reasons for you to get yours. That’s why in this article you’re going to see the main reasons for you to get one.

It goes without saying that a pocket knife is beyond self-defense.  A lot of people think that weapons are only for self-defense or something that people have as a hobby, but they’re useful and if you’re in an SHTF situation it will be crucial that you not only have one but that you know how to use it.

Pocket knives are so useful that they have been used by humanity for a long time. The first models were found in Austria and Spain, dating back to the iron age. There are also models that date back to the pre-Roman era. They have rough metal blades and different kinds of handles.

Even though the pocket knife seems something simple. After all, it is only a knife that folds, you have around 3 main models that you can choose from like the peasant knife, slip joint knife, penknife, and many other subcategories under those main categories. Depending on the intended use you may want a different model.

Again, be cautious about the law in regards to pocketknives. In the United States, pocket knives are regulated by state, municipal, and federal law. In most places, you can have one, but some places it is prohibited the possession of it. Most of the time, pocket knives are seen as tools, but sometimes they can be considered weapons.

Still, there are many legit reasons for you to choose to carry a pocket knife. Below are the main 15 that will convince you once and for all about the usefulness of a pocket knife. Click here for a knife I highly recommend that is both discrete and compact that you can carry with you everyday.

Self Defense

Unfortunately, the world is a dangerous place. No matter where you live, you never know when you’re going to need to protect yourself from an aggressor. That’s why knowing basic self-defense is so important.

If you live in a big city, you know that violence increases every year. Every year more people move to big cities, trying to make their living there. The problem is that many do not succeed.

That’s when those people choose to do wrong things. Not everyone, of course, but enough to increase the violence rates. Whatever it is the reason for it, you must know how to protect yourself.

Carrying a pocket knife can be a life savior in those moments. The pocket knife if one of the best choices you can make when it comes to self-defense weapons.

  • 1.    It easy to carry
  • 2.    It’s efficient
  • 3.    It’s light enough
  • 4.    It’s resistant
  • 5.    It’s affordable

Now, when it comes to looking for a self- defense weapon, as you can see, the pocket knife checks all the boxes that you may need. Still, it’s important to point out that as with any weapon, you should learn how to properly use it to make sure that you master it.

First Aid

Imagine that you’re in the woods hunting or camping. You’re looking for a good spot or just exploring your surrounds. As you know you have to be careful to where you lean on or where you step, but still for a minute there that you weren’t as careful, you get hurt. You cut your leg on the branch of a tree.

Now, imagine another scenario. You’re hiking in the mountains. It’s the early morning and the sun didn’t even arise yet. There is a lot of beauty surrounding you, and you get distracted. That’s when you misstep and hurt your ankle on a rock.

In both scenarios, you’re going to need to know some first-aid practices. As much as you may think you’re tough, it’s good to take care of any wound before you go back home and go see a doctor if you have to. Even minor cuts can become a serious problem if left untreated.

So, a pocket knife is perfect to help you on a first-aid scenario. Not only with the preparation of medicine or helping you cut a piece of cloth, but a pocket knife can also be useful to help you with other things beyond the first-aid in itself. For example, during a car crash, seat belts become extra hard to get rid of. Having a pocket knife can help you cut it off and save lives.

Fire Building

If you’ve ever camped, you know how important it is to know how to build fire. During cold nights, or even if all you need is to cook, you’re going to need to build a fire. That’s when the pocket knife can be helpful. That’s when carrying a pocket knife is a good idea.

The main task that the folder will help you to accomplish is with preparing the branches to start the fire. If you ever built a fire you know that choosing the right log and getting thin layers off a branch, are important parts of making, building a fire, work for you.

Now, if you want a pocket knife, specifically to build fires, the best you can do is to make sure that whatever model you choose, it has a strong metal blade and a strong handle. You’re going to need a resistant model for shaving off small branches from the woods that you’re going to build the fire with.

So, to recap, pocket knives are great tools to build a fire as well. Even though people only see it as a weapon and think it can only be used for self-defense, this is an incredible tool for building a fire. Just make sure that you do get a tough one that will resist the tasks required to do such a task.


Imagine that you’re camping. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to get something to eat. Whether or not you took a little stove with you or you’re eating some canned food, a pocket knife will be among the top 3 tools that you’re going to need to finish preparing your meal.

In most situations, like when you’re chilling out in your house, you’re not going to need a pocket knife to cook because you’ll have a tool that was designed specifically for that. Now, sometimes if you’re camping or even during an SHTF situation, you may find out that a pocket knife can make everything easier for you.

For example, a pocket knife can replace a regular kitchen knife when you’re preparing the food, cutting and peeling vegetables, and opening cans. Some of those things are really hard or even impossible to do with your bare hands. Since you never know when you’re going to need it, carrying a pocket knife for cooking is not a weird reason to do it.

So, if you really think about it, you’ll realize that the pocket knife is not only the most versatile but one of the most important things that you can have with you at all times. You can build a fire and cook with it. All this besides defending yourself. It gets even better because there 12 other reasons for you to carry one.


Besides helping you prepare the food the pocket knife can help you with eating it. Obviously, certain kinds of food are really hard to just eat it with your bare hands. Even if you have a fork or a spoon available with you, the pocket knife may still be crucial. Certain meat, for instance, is really hard to eat if you don’t have something to cut it.

There are also other things like certain seafood that will require that you have a tool to make possible eating it. For example, oysters require that you have something to open them. The point is that no matter what you’re having for dinner, a pocket knife can, not only make it easier but actually make it at all possible for you to do so.

That’s also another reason to keep your knife always sharp and clean. You don’t want to have to use it for eating while it’s not really clean or having to use it and the whole thing is difficult because it is not sharp.

Knives tend to lose its sharpness a little too easy, so do your maintenance all the time. A good way is to check it every week. You can have a different routine depending on how frequently you use it and for what you use the knife.


In a survival situation, you’re going to have to hunt your own food at some point. If you’re just camping, you’ll be likely to have a weapon to do the hunting, so it is more likely that you’re going to need the knife in special circumstances.

Anyway, if you’re hunting small mammals and small animals in general, a knife can be really useful. The knife can not only be useful for hunting but also for cleaning the meat.

That’s why your knife should always be sharp. You don’t want to hunt with a dull blade. Imagine that you’re out there into the woods, trying to find something that you can eat and your most important tool isn’t working at all. It’s frustrating.

Now, depending on the animal that you’re hunting, it’s not a good idea to use the same blade to cut the hair off, clean the meat, cook it, and eat it. There may be risks of contamination, so use different blades in this case, if it’s an option at all.

So, just make sure that the knife is sharp and, if you can, don’t use the same blade for everything. Also, for hunting, a tactical model is probably the ideal model for you. They’re resistant and allow you to perform strong attacks.


Another great reason to carry a pocket knife is that it can be quite useful for fishing. It may seem that the pocket knife works for pretty much everything, and it is because it does. Among many other things, a folder is a great tool for fishing.

Now, you’ll hardly catch any fish just by trying to stab them with the knife. The best strategy that you can use if you’re improvising, is to wrap the knife around a branch. Make the knife the blade of a spear.

Another thing that the pocket knife can help you with is that if you do have the material to build a fishing net, you’re going to need a knife to cut things off. Even if you’re in a more relaxed situation with all the fishing tackle that you have.

Besides helping you catch the fish, you can use the pocket knife to help you prepare the fish. After all, you’ll want to cook it. An important part of preparing fish is cleaning the insides.

The only way to properly clean the insides of a fish is to have a knife to help you do it. If you don’t clean the fish the right way, it won’t taste good, and it may not even be a good thing depending on the fish that you caught.

Cutting Wire And Rope

You never know when you’re going to need to cut a wire or a rope. The variety of scenarios that this can be required are limitless. For example, if someone attacks you and tries to ties your arms or legs. You can use a pocket knife to get rid of it.

If you’re trying to get inside a place that is locked with a wire, you can use the pocket knife for it. Both wires and ropes don’t allow you to tear it with sheer physical strength. That’s why a pocket knife is so useful. Just always keep it sharp.

Now, you may also need the knife to cut the wire and the rope in better circumstances, besides being attacked by someone. You may need to cut the rope or wire in your house. Although in most cases you’re going to be carrying the pocket knife outside of your house.

The point is that you won’t need it just for serious, dangerous situations. You can perfectly use it in a safe place but that you still don’t have other options for tools to help you out. The important thing is that this is enough of a reason for you to carry a pocket knife.


As in the examples of hunting, fishing, and cooking camping is a reason to carry a pocket knife. Even if you camp in a safe place, you should have a pocket knife to protect yourself. After all, if you’re out there in the wild, you don’t know what can happen.

Cutting the ropes may also be another thing that you’re going to need while building your tent. Building a fire is also an essential part of camping. Maybe all the reasons above can be reasons within the camping scenario.

So, if you’re into camping, carrying a pocket knife is a priority. You must carry one on every camping trip that you do. Especially if you like to go old-school and camp with the least number of tools from the modern world. For example, without cell phones, batteries, and lighters.

Just make sure that the blade, or blades if your model has more than one, is sharp before you head out to your camping place. Also, be careful with certain uses that you do give to the knife because it will make the blade dull faster. For example, opening cans is the easiest and fastest way to make that happen.


In an ideal world, you’ll always have a shovel with you if you need to dig a hole, but that’s not always possible. The best you can do in this case is to have a pocket knife. It will not be an easy task but it’s doable. You can totally dig a hole with a pocket knife if you have to.

Now, it’s important to point out that we’re not talking about digging a huge hole in this case. That would take an eternity. Still, you can use a pocket knife to dig a small hole for hunting small animals.

The point is that this is an amazing tool for that. Since you can’t predict every time that digging a hole will be necessary, if you carry the pocket knife with you, you won’t find yourself without a tool. The only thing that will require of you is patience because it will take a while.

So, keep your blade sharp and your knife in your pocket. This way you can be always prepared for everything. When you think about it, it’s amazing all the different uses that such a small tool can have. That is more than enough of a reason to carry the folder with you all the time.


Ok, this will only be necessary for a camping or SHTF situation. Still, if you don’t have access to a razor, having a pocket knife can be quite helpful to your grooming routine. You won’t be able to shave a perfect beard, but you can trim pretty much everything.

You just need the blade to be sharp and be careful to not cut your face. Especially camping, cutting your skin may cause an infection, which can be pretty bad. So, make sure the blade is sharp and be careful with what you’re doing.

Now, the pocket knife may help you not only with your beard but also with your hair. Even though your hair does not grow as fast as your beard, eventually you may need to cut off.

If you think that since you would only go for something like this in an SHTF situation, you still have to consider that you never know when it will happen and where you’re going to be. So, it’s a good idea to carry your pocket knife with you.


Let’s imagine for a second your next camping trip. You go to a new place that you’ve been dying to visit. Everything seems cooler there. Even the trees are different from where you’re used to camp. Now, what you weren’t counting on was with you getting lost.

Now, imagine another scenario. You go hiking. As you know, you wake up early, pack everything, and head to the mountains to see the sunrise. It could be a perfect day, but you got off track and got lost.

In both scenarios, you have to find your way out. Now, if you carry your pocket knife with you at all times, you can use it to mark every place that you have been already in.

It’s very common for people that are lost to pass by the same spot more than once. Now, with a pocket knife, you can mark the trees, rocks, the ground, pretty much anywhere. This way it can help you know if you’re walking in circles or if you’re getting somewhere.

It can also help you write messages in case someone is looking for you. Obviously, this would only happen if you get seriously lost. Now, since you can predict something like this the best you can do is to prepare.

Opening Doors

Imagine that you find a cabin in the woods. The place can be a great place for you to use as shelter. As you know you only last 3 hours without shelter. So, this cabin is locked and the doors are thick enough to make near impossible for you to open it with sheer physical force.

Now, imagine that you’re locked inside a room. It may be in your house, or even a dangerous situation like a kidnap. You have to find a way out of the room, and there’s no way to break out.

In any one of those scenarios having a pocket knife can help you. That’s why opening doors is a reason to carry a pocket knife. With a pocket knife, you can unlock the door. Now, it’s not the simplest of the tasks but is doable. All you have to do is insert the knife as you do the key and work your way through it.

Opening A Passageway

Opening a passageway is another reason to carry a pocket knife. Now, this one may sound like the above reason, opening doors, but it’s not. If you’re hiking and want to make your way through rocks or even open a passage through a cavern, a pocket knife can help you carve your way through it.

Now, if you’re camping or hunting in the woods, you know how much the vegetation can get in the way and slow you down. Now only that but there are branches with thorns. So, having a pocket knife to cut your way through it is quite useful.

So, it’s pretty clear that if you’re camping or hiking, carrying a pocket knife is quite important. Now, you should also carry it in other situations. The point is that, if you can, carrying one is always useful. Just make sure is always sharp and that you can actually carry one depending on where you live.

Making Other Weapons

Now, if you’re hunting, camping, or in an SHTF situation, you’ll need other weapons. A pocket knife can help you make other weapons as well. For example, if you need a spear for fishing, you can make one with a folder. This knife can help you sharpen the wood.

You can also make a bow and arrow. The point is that you can produce other weapons that would help you with hunting and fishing. So, carry your pocket knife if you’re going to do any of these activities.  Click here for those wanting to learn of a great knife that is very discrete and compact that you can wear that I recommend.

As you can see, there are many reasons to carry a pocket knife with you. Since most of them you can’t really predict when you’re going to need, you should carry yours at all time. Just make sure to do the maintenance and that it’s okay to do so by your local laws.

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