Powdered Milk for Camping: Learn the Facts

Powdered Milk for Camping

Your backpack is almost packed and ready to go. Camping is on the menu, but what foods do you need to stay healthy? Not so long ago, Gatorade powder was all the rage, and I’m not discouraging you from adding some to your hydration plans, but carrying some powdered milk is also an excellent idea. Especially if you’re not a hunter, keeping up your protein is vital. However, even those with fishing rods and a rifle in their pack can benefit from taking some milk. Avoiding weight and spoilage problems is essential. Luckily I’ll help you pick the perfect drink powder for your trek.

Choose the Right Powdered Milk for Camping

Powdered milk is perfect for camping, but not every powdered milk is the same. Sadly, the higher a company heats its liquid to make the powder, the more flavor and food-value they lose. Additionally, some brands package badly, leaving a funky aftertaste from plastic or aluminum.

Whenever possible, you should taste test everything before you store any. Picking up a small or sample-sized quantity can save you a fortune. Moreover, you always want to know what you’re in for. There are so many brands these days that finding a better flavor is easy.

Avoid picking a brand because it’s exceptionally inexpensive. Frugality is a good thing, but cheaping-out just to have something is rarely a good idea. This is especially true when it comes to food storage and rehydratable foods.

What to Look For In Powdered Milk

The first thing you want when taking powdered milk for camping trips is compatibility. If you usually drink whole milk, nonfat is the wrong choice. Your palate is adjusted to a specific flavor, and it is offputting to make a sudden switch.

Next, you want to read the labels. Powdered milk should be entirely made of milk. Because of the process it undergoes, there’s no reason to add preservatives. Moreover, plain dairy doesn’t have flavoring. Look for a single ingredient on the label. Failing that, seek the milk with the least additives.

Also, you want milk that has a long shelf life. Although you can store your powdered milk for twenty years, the flavor is better for the first five to seven. Naturally, a product that’s been in some warehouse for a year or more already isn’t going to taste as fresh or store as long.

Finally, you need reviews. Never trust a product that no one seems to have heard of or tried. Whether you test for yourself, have friends and family help, or check online, make sure someone approves of the milk. Untested products don’t belong in a savvy preppers storage unless there are no other options at all.

If you’re a fan of low-fat milk, the individual servings of Milkman Lowfat Milk you can order from Amazon are perfect for making one quart of milk. No messy scoops or measuring is a significant bonus on the trail. Plus, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to mix. Get your Milkman single servings here. 

Substitutions & Location

Although it’s difficult to control every aspect of what goes into your emergency supplies, you can make smart substitutions. Furthermore, a little research will help you find the best and freshest powdered milk. You can pick some up to store long term while you’re getting what you need for your trip.

Doubling up when you order supplies is always smart. Don’t order one pound, or one item, get two particularly if you can get a discount for ordering more. That way, you have milk for your camping trip, and your BOL, or a jug for your BOV and one for your bug-in storage.

You can use two packages of different milks to mix in a pinch. Not only does that apply to brands, but it also includes certain types of milk. For example, whole milk plus one percent is roughly the same as two percent milk. Likewise, a two percent plus a nonfat is similar to one percent milk.

Making substitutions is sometimes necessary when supplies run low. You could mix powdered cow milk with goat or coconut. Although it changes the flavor, the proportions are similar. Always use up everything you have instead of wasting good protein because you don’t ‘have enough’ of me specific type to make a full container.

Whenever possible, you want local milk. Powders imported from foreign countries are less likely to adhere to FDA standards. The closer your powdered milk is to home, the fresher and more reliable it is. Unfortunately, only some of us live near powdered milk factories. If you’re not nearby, find the closest distributor you can.

Alternative Milk Powder for Camping

There are plenty of alternative kinds of milk for camping. If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply prefer non-dairy products, then choosing one of these outstanding alt-milk powders is smart. You can get what you need without any animal products.

For those who dislike cow-products, there is also other animal milk. One option is goat milk powder. Although it’s a little harder to find, you can get camel milk as well. However, I prefer coconut milk powder because it has healthy fats and a good flavor.

I recommend the two-pound container of Nutricost Coconut Milk Powder from Amazon. Not only does it have a resealable lid, but the flavor will pleasantly surprise you. Coconut powder preserves well. The lightly sweetened powder makes a yummy drink. Find out more by clicking here. 

Other Milk Alternatives

Choose soy or coconut milk powders for standard options. Alternately, almond powder, and rice powder each make tasty alternatives. However, you should avoid any product labeled ‘milk drink’ or similar titles. You want an actual milk powder, not a partial mix.

It’s okay to bring along a mix like instant breakfast, but keep in mind that it’s not milk. Moreover, you need to mix instant breakfast and some cocoa with milk. Where health is concerned, you need to read labels very carefully. It’s easy to get the wrong impression at a glance.

Another healthy alternative to milk is protein powders. However, if you’re bringing a powdered protein-drink along, you should also bring milk to cook with and drink. Think of the protein powder like an instant breakfast. Meanwhile, milk is more of a standard sipping option.

How to Make Powdered Milk While Camping

The best recipe for camping milk I’ve ever made is also one of the simplest. Sure, you can simply add the powder to water and shake, but there’s a better way. Warm milk is alright before bed, but it’s more lethargic and calming than refreshing and revitalizing. Follow these steps, and you’ll have tasty milk for your morning meals.

  1. Measure half of your water into a container the night before you plan to drink it.
  2. Add all your milk powder while paying particular attention to the correct proportions.
  3. Stir with a camping spork or small whisk until frothy and mostly mixed.
  4. Add the rest of your water and stir again.
  5. If you’re cold-weather camping at forty degrees or below overnight, you can use a rope to hoist your milk. Hang it from a tree branch. This will keep animals out of your drink.
  6. When camping in spring or summer, then use a well-sealed container for your milk. Get a large rock ane tie it to the milk. Sink the rock and sealed liquid in a cool pond or stream overnight.
  7. Letting the milk sit and chill overnight makes the flavor much better.
  8. Shake before using, and enjoy your milk.

Make sure you drink or eat the full serving of milk within an hour of making it. If you stored it in the cool overnight, then you either need to re-cool the milk or use it up within an hour. Warm milk will go bad and make you sick, whether it’s made from powder or not. However, vegetable milk may last a little longer. Always read the label’s information about storage.

Add These Things to Powdered Milk

When you take powdered milk camping, you may want to change it up a bit. Especially if you aren’t a fan of regular or powdered milk, a little additive can do your palate a world of good. While I don’t recommend adding sugar, you can use the following ingredients to change the taste for the better.

  • Cinnamon is a sweet and spicy flavor. Add this if you’re drinking powdered milk warm.
  • Cocoa mix may have a little sugar, but you can find sugar free mix-in options for both hot and cold milk.
  • Cardamom is one of the most underrated spices in your cabinet. A pinch in a cup is enough to add an exotic zing to your regular routine.
  • Vanilla powder or liquid gives soy and almond milk their unique sweetness unless you buy the unsweetened varieties.

It helps to bring the tastiest milk powder, to begin with. Pick Nestle Nido Milk Powder from Amazon for a reliably great flavor. This brand regularly makes the top three on blind taste test lists. Try it for yourself— Order Nido by clicking here. 

Add Powdered Milk to These Foods

Using powdered milk in your home-made travel foods will give it a calcium kick and add flavor. Try adding a tablespoon or two of milk powder to dry soup mixes for a creamy treat. Plus, you can use it to extend the life of powdered creamer and improve the flavor of freeze-dried coffee.

Additionally, you can toss a pinch into your morning eggs along with a little water. Just make sure you whisk well. Although most people put eggs in their fridges, this is one unique food that travels well at room temperature. However, you need to use freshly laid eggs that have never been inside a refrigerator to do this trick.

Make your own DIY cake mixes for the trail. Simply follow your favorite cake recipe, but add powdered milk and powdered eggs. You can substitute a tbsp of ground flax for each egg. Just remember to add two tablespoons of water to the recipe per flax-egg.

Bring some coconut oil and water along to finish the recipe when it’s time to add liquid. You can bake over a fire and have your favorite desserts.

Before you ever go camping, you can use powdered milk at home to test recipes. I love making cream of broccoli soup with freeze-dried and powdered ingredients. Better still, it makes an outstanding white pepper gravy to go on biscuits.

Powdered Milk Is Amazing

It’s not difficult to substitute powdered milk into any recipe. In fact, you can even make cheese and yogurt with rehydrated whole milk. Once you’ve mastered the process, it’s a great way to expand any long term travel menu. Bugging-out, much like camping, can actually be a ton of fun if you let it be an adventure.

Try out a powdered milk ice-cream for a delightful treat. In the winter, you can use snow to freeze the dairy. It’s a very useful skill for survival. Most of us need something beyond continuing to breathe to look forward to at the end of our emergency preparations.

Not only will ice cream help you thrive and raise your spirit, but it could make you relatively wealthy. When SHTF, being the only one around who can make a favorite treat for survivors is a tradeable commodity. Once things settle down again, you’ll need to find ways to make a living.

Another outstanding powdered milk option is Peak Instant Full-Cream Milk Powder. Like the Nido, it often tops the charts for most delicious powdered milks. You’ll be happy to have a powder that has little to no aftertaste and makes fantastic whole milk. Get it from Amazon, click here. 

Final Thoughts

For those who never considered bringing milk while camping, now you know-how. Better yet, it means you can expand your culinary options beyond anything you previously expected. From powdered and dried soup recipes to spaghetti with creamy sauces, so many possibilities open up with milk on the menu.

Use up your powdered milk stores at home and replace them often. You’ll want fresher powder for your camping trips. Check out the video to see how one woman tricks her family into never realizing they’re drinking powdered milk.

The tips and tricks in this article should help you find, or make, the best-tasting powdered milk and use it to your best advantage. Happy camping!

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