Neck Knife for Running: Sharp Solutions

It’s dark out, and you’re running. Whether you’re in a survival situation already, or it’s about to happen, you need an excellent way to defend yourself. However, you also probably aren’t planning on taking a ton of supplies and a backpack on your jog. So how do you compromise and bring a great self-defense item without carrying too much weight? A neck knife is an ideal solution. You don’t need to put it inside a pocket or on a keychain, plus they won’t weigh you down. I’ll explain how to stay safe while you’re going out for exercise or sprinting for your life with an excellent neck knife.

Why Carry a Neck Knife Running

All runners should carry a neck knife. Realistically, guns are heavy. Pepper spray can be messy, and personal alarms are better for busy parking lots near your favorite bar. A neck knife gives you the ability to defend yourself without any of the downfalls of those other defensive weapons.

There’s no good reason for an adult in this world to wander around, intentionally helpless. Hopefully, you’ll never need a knife. Or at worst, maybe you’ll only need to save some kids’ kite from a tree by cutting the line loose. Regardless, you should protect yourself. Here are three good reasons a neck knife is a right choice for that job.

If you want a superb tiny knife, I suggest you pick up SOG Instinct Mini from Amazon. With a blade that’s under two inches, attached to a full tang, you’ll have a very sturdy little neck knife. More importantly, it’s small enough to carry most places without any trouble. To get yours, click here. 

Runners Have No Pockets

Unless you have high-quality women running clothes or a jacket on, then you probably have no pockets when you jog. More importantly, pockets are inefficient when you’re moving fast. They tend to work small items up and out at inopportune times.

You can always sew internal pockets or add zippers to your running gear. However, that is a better solution for ID or cash. When it takes extra time to fish out your knife, you lose precious seconds in an attack. That can make a life-changing difference, or a life-ending one if things go sideways.

Easy Access

The ability to simply reach up and pull out a knife is a significant boon. Worn outside your clothing, a neck knife is fast and straightforward to access. For the same reason you don’t want your defense inside a pocket, you do want it right where you can grab and go.

Though it takes a little retraining if you’re used to wearing a blade on your belt, you’ll get used to it quickly. Like all weapons, you should schedule practice time for your new defensive strategy. Moreover, it’s vital to keep up your drills.


Good neck knives don’t weigh you down. You should always make sure the fit and drag on your neck are comfortable for you. Ideally, you want a knife that, after a few days, you’re so used to that, you hardly notice it’s there until you need to get it out.

Self Defense & More

Assailants can come at anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Instead of hoping you never have an issue, prepare so that you’re ready if and when it does. For women, a 2018 article in the New York Daily News claims the chances of harassment are forty-three percent. That’s almost one out of every two.

Typically men face lesser chances of harassment and threat, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe, far from it. Runners, especially solo runners, are easy targets on a lonely road. However, there are plenty of other reasons to bring a knife.

You never know when you’ll find some trapped wildlife, or snag a shoelace on a bush. Any number of non-threatening problems can happen while running. If you injure yourself, cutting the fabric away can help save a limb that’s swelling while you wait for help to arrive or limp to the nearest hospital.

Choose the Best Neck Knife For You

Any knife can be modified to become a runner’s neck knife. However, your machete is a poor choice unless you’re about ten feet tall. Instead of improvising ‘something that works,’ you want a premade option that fits well.

So how do you decide what will fit right and cover your basic needs? I’ll walk you through everything you need to look for when trying out your new neck knife.

Features That Matter

All runners have their style. More than merely looks, the gait varies based on height and other personal details. Furthermore, some people have long torsos, while others are shorter. The fit matters more than anything else.

Additionally, you need a knife that feels right in your hand. Never underestimate how vital it is for a weapon to be comfortable. There are so many options for blade and handle styles that you can find whatever you’re looking for.

Those who prefer a longer style should consider the Survival Frog Tactical Neck Knife. The beautiful tanto blade alone is nearly three inches long, and it comes with a host of bonus features. You’ll have a sharpener, compass, fire starter, and signal mirror all in one six-point-four-ounce package. Plus, the handle has an outstanding grip. Check the Amazon reviews yourself right here. 

Heavy and large knives have their place in survival equipment. However, when you need to move fast and protect yourself from close-range assailants, a neck knife should be part of your EDC instead of a more extended, bulkier option.


Carrying A Neck Knife

Whenever a runner chooses to carry a neck knife, they should look up local laws. There’s a vast difference between tucking that little blade into your jacket and wearing it right out front. Comfort is vital, but as long as society has law enforcement, concealed carry and other knife laws determine how and where that blade can go.

If you plan to go anywhere near a state or county line, the laws can change in an instant. However, in general, most places are alright with an openly carried blade that is shorter than three inches, not including handle, and does not lock open.

Some countries ban the carry of any knife. However, in the USA, it depends on where you are. States, counties, rural and urban divides, along with government buildings, all have their legal restrictions. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to check your local laws online.

Naturally, in a TEOTWAWKI scenario, when social niceties are no longer enforced, it doesn’t matter. Until then, I always strongly recommend that people follow all the applicable laws. Survival chances get a lot slimmer if you’re in jail when SHTF.


Knife Care Tips

Runners who carry neck knives should adhere to the same standards as anyone else with a knife. You need to keep it sharp and maintain it properly. Otherwise, you may someday reach for your knife and end up with a broken piece of rusty trash in your hand instead. Upkeep is an essential part of weapon ownership.

In addition to the legal reasons, wearing a neck knife outside your clothing is also practical. You want to keep it clean and dry to help prolong the life of your blade. Inside your shirt, sweat and oils from your body can damage metal over time.

If you do get sweat, dirt, or anything else on your weapon, then you need to clean it as soon as possible. Use mild soap and a soft cloth to remove any stuck-on grime. Never use abrasive ‘scrubbing’ cloths. Opt for microfiber or similar materials because scratching the blade will lead to rust.

Additional Knife Care Considerations

Make sure you check the sheath and strap along with the blade. It’s easy to forget the container, but a broken cord can be the difference between having a lifeline and losing your knife three hills back.

One of the best and most straightforward to maintain runners’ knives is the Esee Knives, James Gibson Pinch Fixed Neck Knife. At only three-point-four inches from blade to handle, this sharp and stunning knife is much easier to carry than its larger siblings. Plus, it’s made from 1095 carbon steel. Esee also offers a hundred percent lifetime warranty on their knives. Learn more on Amazon by clicking here

It doesn’t take much blade length to stop an attacker once you know what you’re doing. Hence choosing a higher-quality, but also smaller knife is the best for runners. Better yet, it’s much easier to sharpen and care for a neck knife than a sword or set of kitchen knives.

Carbon steel knives are more susceptible to acids than regular steel. Resultantly, you shouldn’t use a blade of this material to cut lemons. Always make sure you wipe a carbon blade off right away and dry all your blades entirely with paper towels or microfiber.

Final Thoughts

Runners carry neck knives because they know the world is a dangerous place. As a prepper, you should never get caught outside the house without your essential EDC. That means taking your blade when you jog.

Regardless of gender or circumstances, having an outstanding small blade around your neck could give you the upper hand in a seriously dangerous situation. For another perspective, watch the video above on why you need a neck knife. You’ll see how different people need and want widely variable styles.

Make sure you remember to stash this particular piece of incredibly useful EDC in your car if you plan to enter any federal building. Most government checkpoints won’t take kindly to any fixed blade, no matter how small.

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