How Long Can You Store Kerosene: Here’s How To Choose The Best Container

Kerosene is one of the most versatile fuels that you’ll ever come across. It has all the prerequisite to last a long time and make sure that you get where you need to. For instance, you can use kerosene in a diesel engine due to it being pure fuel. You can also use it for things like a generator. The uses of this fuel are almost limitless, which makes it an invaluable asset to have in your garage. It can quite literally save your life.

Now, as much as kerosene is an amazing fuel that you can find various uses to it, it has its limitations. This isn’t even about the fact that you lose speed and power when it comes to a diesel engine, but the storage time. It’s one of the fuels that last the longest but kerosene can get spoiled.

That was what got me thinking, how long can you store kerosene? You can store kerosene for up to 12 months. Now, you have to make sure that you do so in the right container and that you make sure that you place it in a safe location within the right temperature. This makes sure that it doesn’t freeze, spoil, or gets burned.

As you can see, kerosene can last a long time, but you still have to make sure that you store it properly, so it doesn’t get spoiled before it has to. There are a few things that you can do and a few things that you can check to make sure that the kerosene is good to be used. Below you can find out everything you must do.

Shelf Life Is 12 Months

Under normal conditions, the shelf life of a kerosene gallon is 12 months. This means that if you store it properly, you won’t have to worry about it getting spoiled before 2 months. Now, it’s important that you still check it for signs now and then.

Detecting spoiled kerosene is easy because the texture of the liquid is quite different. You can immediately notice the difference. In some cases, you can try to get rid of the spoiled portion and mix what’s left with pure, fresh kerosene. This is likely to help you save what was still useable.

So, make sure to not keep the kerosene for more than 12 months, if you want to make sure that it’ll be useable. The best way to do this is to store it properly using the right container for that. A great choice of container for kerosene is the Midwest Can 7600. Take a look here.

Do Not Store It Near Ignition Sources

Another thing to keep in mind when storing kerosene is to not do it near ignition sources. Pretty much avoid anything that can set it on fire. This is an important safety measure to follow to make sure that you won’t have any serious problems.

The best that you can do is to place the kerosene container in a place that circulates air and that isn’t surrounded by ignitions sources. Also, check the container from time to time to make sure that the content is well-stored and everything is the way it’s supposed to. This ensures longevity to the use of the fuel and also make sure that nothing catches fire when it’s not supposed to do so.

So, if you make sure that you don’t store it anywhere near ignition sources, you’re halfway with the safety measurements necessary to keep everything protected. This is even more important when you’re going to store the kerosene for a long time.

Avoid Combustible Materials

One more important thing to remember is to also avoid combustible materials. Basically, anything that would catch fire in contact with the kerosene. Since you don’t want to start an accidental fire, you should make sure that it’s always stored away from combustible materials.

You can store other fuels close to it. There’s no problem with that, but you should be careful about combustible materials. As much as you properly seal the container and believe that everything is in order, you don’t want to take your chances with this final step for better safety measures.

So, organize your garage, or whatever room you’re going to use for storage before you keep gallons of kerosene and any other fuel inside. This will ensure safety and make sure that the fuel lasts longer than it normally does. The worst thing is to need the kerosene and find out that it’s gone bad due to poor storage methods.

Check Metal Containers For Rust

Now, another invaluable tip is to always check metal containers for rust. The reason is simple. Metal containers are more likely to dioxide and develop certain types of bacteria that will cause rust to develop. In turn, this will spoil the kerosene faster, which will be a terrible thing for you.

So, ideally, you should give preference for plastic containers. They’re more reliable and unlikely to develop rust. Still, they can make the kerosene go bad. The metal containers can still be a good idea if you’re always checking them out and making sure that the kerosene is in a good state. The best that you can do in this situation is to check the fuel every 2 weeks.

If you don’t want to have the trouble of always checking the container, you should opt for a plastic one. You should look at plastic containers with an efficient seal system. The No-Spill 1456 5-Gallon is a great one for those that are looking to avoid rust. Pick yours here.

What Makes The Kerosene Go Bad

There are a few scenarios that make it more likely that the kerosene that you have will go bad. In other words, certain things spoil kerosene faster. If it doesn’t have more than 12 months since you bought it, it shouldn’t go bad. Still, it could happen if you don’t store it properly and in the right kind of container. These scenarios are the ones that you should look to minimize or do your best to avoid altogether.

So, avoid non-plastic containers. This will immediately reduce the chances of the kerosene going bad. Another thing that you should do is to make sure that the kerosene is stored in a ventilated place. Not too cold and not too hot. This will maintain it in its ideal physical state, which increases its useable life.

If you follow these two tips, your kerosene will rarely go bad. You’ll notice that you’ll be able to use it for a longer time and store it as well. So, make sure to store it in a safe place in your garage, and you won’t have problems.

Opaque Plastic Containers Are The Best

The best plastic containers are opaque plastic containers. They’re efficient and durable. They make the kerosene last a long time. Now, it’s important to point out that this does not mean that the other containers are necessarily bad. The metal and regular plastic ones have their place, but they’re not nearly as good as this type.

You want your fuel to last a long time and be good to use when you need it. This is why you should ensure that you have the best kind of container. The opaque plastic container keeps the fuel under the ideal conditions to ensure usability.

So, always give preference to opaque plastic containers. A good tip is to pick more than just a few containers, especially if you live in cold-weather places. This will help you always have fuel at your disposal. The Scepter 5 Gal EPA Certified is the best opaque plastic container. Get yours here.

Final Thoughts

So, you can store kerosene for 12 months. Still, you should make sure that you do so under the right conditions both for safety and to make sure that it’ll be useable. So, pick opaque plastic containers and store it far away from combustible and ignition materials. Do this, and your kerosene will last the 12 months easily.

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