Do Sun Hats Keep You Cool: Here’s The Burning Truth

Do Sun Hats Keep You Cool


We often don’t take seriously how important it is to protect our bodies, especially our skins, from the sun. It can cause all sorts of diseases, especially skin cancer. Now, when you spend hours hiking, walking into the woods, or camping protecting your head against the sun is vital. This is exactly what most preppers do or will do at some point. Camping may be used as training or even as a way to connect with nature. So, having sun hats is a part of your prepping strategy.

Imagine walking on an open field for a long time under the sun. It can not only be stressful and tiresome but also painful. The sun burning the skin and dehydrating the body is not exactly the idea of a fun time. So, the best that prepper can do is to look for ways to protect themselves against the hot temperatures.

Looking for different options got me thinking, do Sun hats keep you cool? Sun hats keep you cool if you wear one that allows your skin to breathe and has a light fabric to make your head cooler. Wearing sun hats may sound counterintuitive since you’re putting on fabric, but you’re not making the skin hotter. You’re actually protecting it against the sun as people do in the desert when they wear a tunic.

So, if you want to know how to choose a sun hat that will keep you cool and will last you a long time, especially when you’re in an SHTF situation, keep reading below.

A Hat Protects Your Head From UV Rays

The main reason to wear a sun hat under high temperatures is that it protects your head against UV rays. This is important not only to your health, but it also helps you resist when it’s really hot outside. This extra protection will give you more strength to walk long distances when you’re outside.

Now, you may discard this and think that you don’t need sun hats. After all, you have a pretty good resistance when it comes to hot weather. Maybe you live a few minutes from the beach and are used to high temperatures. Still, you’ll soon realize that you need sun hats and protect your skin like everyone else.

Also, you’re a prepper and you need to be ready for tough climates. You cannot go into certain weather conditions without the equipment to survive. So, you need to choose a sun hat that will keep you cool, especially when it’s really hot outside.

Look for a hat that offers this extra UV rays protection. The Bayinbulak Fishing Sun Hat is a great option for you. It’ll protect you against UV rays and enable you to walk long distances under hot weather conditions. Get yours here.

It Needs Ventilation

Sun hats do keep you cool, but you need to look for models that will allow your skin to breathe. This is why it’s so important to pick the right hat for you. In a survival situation, you won’t be able to get another one or decide to go hatless.

You’ll need a hat that protects your head at all times and helps you keep your body temperature under control. If you need to take long walks one day under extreme hot weather, the sun hat may be the tool that will help you make the trip.

So, what you must do is to make sure that the hat has a light fabric and a design that helps keep your head cool. It’s also a good idea to have more than one sun hat so you can vary function-wise. It’s also good to remember that the sun hat will keep you cool, but you can look for other accessories and tools to help you survive hot weather.

The Mesh Keep You Fresh

You must have a hat with a great mesh in your collection. A sun hat with a mesh that keeps you fresh is important to be able to withstand the hot temperature. All you have to do is to check out if the sun that you’re considering getting has a mesh that will keep you cool.

You can look for the inside of the hat or make sure that the models have one by reading the description. The important thing is that you do get a sun hat with a mesh. Certain models don’t have one and are still great, but consider getting one that has it just in case.

So, look for the mesh that will keep your head even fresher. In a survival situation, it’s important to be ready for aby climate. The Super Wide Brim Sun Hat is a great sun hat with a high-quality mesh that keeps your entire body cooler. The fabric and design are also great, so you should consider them. Grab yours here.

It Can Also Keep Your Neck Cool

Another reason to get a sun hat as a prepper is that it keeps your neck cool. Way too often we look at sun hats and hats in general and think of them as accessories that at best, protect your head. Now, they’re much more than that. Sun hats can also keep your neck cool. They’ll protect your neck from the sun’s rays.

It’s important to look for a model that has wide edges and that covers enough space to protect your neck effectively. Still, most models of sun hats will get the job done. Make sure to test it out and maybe wear it, if you can, to make sure that you’ll get that extra neck protection.

Protecting as much as you can of your upper body from the sun will keep you cool, healthy, and will increase your resistance to the sun. The perfect hat for this is the Home Prefer Men’s UPF 50+ Sun Protection Cap. Take a look here.

Your Scalp Needs Protection

We always view hats as these accessories that we wear for style or to protect the head. Still, we hardly think of how important it is to protect our scalp. A large portion of skin cancer happens on the scalp, and that also happens in large part because we left this area unprotected. We remember to apply sun blockers on every part of our bodies, but we neglect the scalp.

This is why it’s so important that you remember to wear a sun hat. Now, think about it. One important part about prepping is to remember to take care of your basic health. Otherwise, you won’t survive much longer. This is why it’s important to care about those things.

So, make sure to protect your scalp. The best way to do this is to wear sun hats of high quality and that you can trust like the one recommended here. You must prep the right way for every situation that may arise.

Certain Hats Will Make It Hotter

You may ask yourself why it’s so important to wear a sun hat. Not only that but also why it’s important to wear a good-quality one. The reason is simple. Bad-quality hats will make your head hotter. They’ll make your entire body hotter in a bad way.

The problem is that they don’t have a ventilation design and a high-quality mesh. This makes them accumulate the hot air and the temperature that is outside. That accumulates the air like the hat was cooking your head in a vapor. This can be terrible since it can even cause a fever. You certainly don’t want that when you’re out there in the wilderness.

So, make sure to get a high-quality sun hat that will make you cooler and keep you that way. The EINSKEY Sun Hat is a great choice for you. It’s another great model of a sun hat, especially for preppers. It suits your lifestyle and will help you when you need it. Take a peek here.

A Lightweight Hat Will Also Protect Your Eyes

We’ve talked extensively on how the hat will keep your head cool. We’ve also talked about how the hat can keep your neck cool as well. Now, what we didn’t mention yet is that the sun hat will be beneficial to all your facial features. A lightweight hat will also protect your eyes.

The reason is simple. The hat will protect your eyes from the sun rays like sunglass does but differently. The sun hat will not allow your eyes to get a direct focus on the sun rays. This makes them more protected when wearing sunglasses. This is one more important thing about your health that you should pay attention to.

So, since the pupils and the retina will be affected by the sunray, the best that you can do is to wear the right kind of hat to improve your current protection.

Final Thoughts

So, sun hats do keep you cool. All you have to do on your end is to choose which one you want from the above suggestions. Then, you’re guaranteed to cover all grounds and make sure that you have every tool in a prepper arsenal. Just make sure that the sun hat is high-quality and that the design works for you.


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