Do Aluminum Garbage Cans Protect Against an EMP?

For a long time, an EMP attack was nothing more than a science fiction plot to a somewhat okay movie. As the days pass, technology advances and political instability worsens, it becomes more inevitable that an EMP could happen.

Not only a nuclear EMP becomes more likely but an EMP caused by solar storms are also more imminent. The problem becomes more real when you find out that the current power grids have no preparation for those scenarios.

This means that an EMP attack would happen and we would be without energy for the next 3-5 years. So, the question becomes how can one protect oneself in such a scenario?

Obviously, there are a lot of different options that you can do to take measures to ensure that you’re secure. For example, you need structures to make sure that your electronic gadgets are safe. So, if the EMP happens you’re not left without your phone and other important communication devices. So, do aluminum garbage cans protect against an EMP? The answer is yes. According to an unclassified 1977 report from DOE and DoD, with a high-quality steel like galvanized aluminum, you can block the pulse generated by an EMP. So, with the right aluminum garbage cans, you can protect your devices.

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Solar EMP vs. Nuclear EMP

There are a few things you need to know about solar storms. The last one that happened that could cause an EMP and that would have such ramifications was in 1859. There were no power grids in the world at the time. If such an event happened nowadays, it’d much worse. As you know, in any industrialized country we depend on the electrical energy for nearly everything.

Now, if such solar storm takes place in the next years, it would cause a major loss in the power grid stations. Now, it would not cause any damage to your electronic gadgets. The repercussions would have no effect on your communication devices for instance. Still, it is a problem because the majority of the world would be in the dark for quite some time. What also worsens the situation is that currently, it takes around 5 years to produce another power grid to replace one of the 370 in the United States.

When it comes to nuclear EMP things can get worse. Such an attack would not only take the power grid down as the solar storm but it would also take all devices with it.

Pretty much any computer or cell phone would stop working. It’d be like being sent decades back to the past. All the technological advancements of the past decades would turn to nothing. Just memories.

This is why it is crucial that you know how to prevent and protect yourself from all of this. You should know that you have certain methods available if something like this actually happens.

The best thing is that you don’t need access to fancy equipment and things that would cost you thousands of dollars just to put together. With simple everyday things, you can take the necessary precautions to protect yourself against an EMP attack. The most efficient everyday way for you to protect your small devices is the aluminum garbage can. With the right one, you can be ready for anything.

What Type of Garbage Cans Actually Work

There are a few factors that affect the efficiency of a trash can protecting your equipment from a nuclear EMP. The most important one is the quality of the steel utilized in the construction of the garbage can. The best type is galvanized aluminum. Still, even after you find garbage cans of this type of steel, you have one more thing to worry.

You have to check their efficiency for such events. It isn’t uncommon to find poor quality steel trash cans in the market. A few dollars of price difference will be felt far worse if you are cheap with this decision.

Once you’ve found the perfect steel, it’s time to see how well the garbage cans lock. The locking lid has to be able to close the cans well. The design of the cans cannot leave any whole or aperture in it. This is because the electromagnetic pulse will still affect the devices.  Especially, if the can is not completely sealed.

According to Dr. Arthur T. Bradley, NASA Engineer, one has to be concerned with the seam around the can. The seam may act as an “antenna” and allow electric static to penetrate the can and thus wreak havoc upon your sensitive electronic devices. The best way to solve this problem is to use aluminum or copper foil tape to seal the can and lid, and thus block the EMP.

After finally finding a trash can that not only has a high-quality material built and locks it the right way, you will have to decide on the size that you need. A 10-gallon one is usually enough for one person. Now, you may decide to get one for every family member or maybe just a bigger one in case you want to place all the equipment in only one place.

The advisable thing to do here is to have more than one garbage can just to make sure that you have a spare stash of devices in case things are really terrible.

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Should You Throw Everything In the Garbage?

In a scenario like this one, you must know what to prioritize. An EMP will have no effect on food or water supplies, but you are going to be affected when it comes to your electronic devices.

To put it simply, there are things that are in your control such as your personal devices and there are things that aren’t like the power grid around the country.  So, worry only about the things you can control such as phones, computers, and any other communication device.

A nuclear EMP can cause other lasting effects like radioactivity, but that’s another completely different story.

Does It Need More Protection

It is a consensus that a high-quality steel garbage can will protect your communication devices properly. Now, it is still possible to take extra measures to make sure that your devices will be functioning properly when you need them. There are two things that you can do for extra protection.

First, you can put a plastic bag inside the trash can. The plastic works as another layer of protection. It sounds like too simple and easy to be true but it actually provides extra protection. All you really have to do is to put the plastic bag, maybe two, inside the can and put your devices in it.

The second thing that you can do for extra precaution is to use an aluminum foil. Another simple and easy solution but you can wrap the gadgets with the aluminum foil to increase the level of protection you are using.

Those two methods, like garbage cans, can benefit anyone, and at the end of the day can save your life. So, when you think about it, it isn’t too much trouble to make those arrangements.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, if you make use of a high-quality steel garbage can, you will get the necessary protection against an EMP for your devices. It is also advisable that you put a satellite phone if you have access to one, and batteries inside of the garbage can. Since you will probably get a 10-gallon can, you can also get one for each family member or consider a bigger one if necessary.

The plastic bag and the aluminum foil are just extra precautions but you will likely be more protected if you don’t use them. It’s just that it is better to be safer than sorry. So, put the plastic bag first and wrap the aluminum foil around the devices for the extra help.

Even if the solar storm causes an EMP, which it is not likely to cause damage to electronic devices, it is still a good idea to have an aluminum garbage can at your disposal.

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Related Questions

Are there other methods to protect yourself from an EMP?

There are other far more expansive and complicated methods but this is by far the most cost-effective and most accessible to everyone that wants to take measures to protect themselves from such an event. The aluminum of the garbage can is cheap and resistant to the pulse generated by the EMP-like no other cheap material.

How long does the EMP last?

An eventual EMP caused by solar storms would last 1-3 days. Since the likelihood of such event damaging personal electronic devices is quite slim, there isn’t much to worry about. Now, if you want to be completely positive, wait until the storm passes. In the event of a nuclear EMP, the pulse lasts a millisecond, which means that as long as the device wasn’t damaged during the attack, you will be good to use it.

When can I open the aluminum can?

As said above, the danger is during the pulse. In the case of a nuclear EMP, it will last a total of a millisecond, thus allowing you to take the device right after the pulse ended. So, just wait a bit to make sure that it really is over, and then you will be safe to open it.

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