Can You Put Hand Sanitizer On A Cut: Would Cleaning The Cut Make It Worse

Can You Put Hand Sanitizer On A Cut

Hand cuts happen in the least convenient moments. You’re walking around and don’t pay attention where you’re landing your hand. Then, you feel something scratching it, and when you check your hands, it’s too late. Since minor cuts can be treated at home, you’re usually going to look for the nearest available product that can help you. The only problem is that most people get their aid from common wisdom.

The problem with that is that common wisdom is not always right. A minor cut can become a problem if you use the wrong product in the wound. Every time that you open a cut in your skin, you leave room for bacterial proliferation, which can lead to various infections. These infections can be major or minor.

So, that got me thinking can you put hand sanitizer on a cut? You cannot put alcohol-based hand sanitizer in a wound because what it will do is damage the tissue, and quite possibly worsen the injury. At the regular temperature, alcohol will not kill bacteria or disinfect anything. This is why you should stay away from it.

If you want to know what you can safely put in your open cut, you can find out below. You’ll see what kind of hand sanitizer can be applied or other kinds of products instead of alcohol or disinfectants.

The goal is to clean the wound and help the body heal faster. The alcohol and alcohol-based products will only worsen the cut by damaging the tissue. Maybe you can take a few first-aid lessons to learn this better, or read below to find out what you need to know.

Never Use Alcohol-Based Sanitizer

We’ve said it above, but getting more specific and detailed, you should not under any circumstance use alcohol-based product on your wounds. The reason is simple. The alcohol will damage your tissue and make even more vulnerable to bacterial infection.

The whole reason why people use alcohol or alcohol-based products is due to the belief that it will kill bacteria, but that’s not really true. To get something disinfected the alcohol would not be in those conditions that you normally find it.

So, if you can, take a first-aid class to better understand what you should do. There’s a great range of products and procedures that you can do to help your body heal faster, but alcohol isn’t one of them.

Soap & Water Are Great

If you don’t have anything to clean the wound, soap and water will do just fine. This is the best combination that you can use without risking causing more problems to your open cut. Remember that you don’t want to cause any unnecessary damage to the tissue.

The main reason why this will work really well is that the goal of cleaning the cut is to remove any debris or dirt from the wound. These things will make it easier for bacterial infection, which is what causes the pain you feel after the cut has already opened. Damaging your tissue will actually get in the way of your body healing process and make it easier on the bacteria in the wound.

So, if you only have alcohol, wash with soap and water instead. It will get the job done and not slow down your healing process. Once the cut is cleaned, your body will complete the healing process more easily and smoothly.

Antibacterial Sanitizer

Now, let’s talk about the best solutions to your problem in case you want to give your body the best conditions to heal faster and more easily. What you should do is apply hand-sanitizer that is anti-bacterial. This option has no alcohol, which will make sure that the tissue doesn’t get damaged. On the contrary, the tissue will heal faster once it gets cleaned by the antibacterial hand-sanitizer.

All, you have to do is to apply it and wash it with abundant water. Make sure that you clean the tissue thoroughly and that your cut is not that deep. In the case of deep cuts, the best that you can do is to go to a hospital.

So, give preference to antibacterial hand sanitizer. They’re really good to get rid of the bacterial infection that is already trying to form in the second that the cut opens. The CleanWell Botanical Antibacterial is the best antibacterial hand sanitizer that you can find. Pick it up here.

Alcohol-free Sanitizer

The next option for you to consider is alcohol-free hand sanitizer. The main problem of applying hand sanitizer on a cut is that you can potentially damage the tissue with the alcohol in the formula. Now, when you apply hand sanitizer that is free of alcohol, you eliminate that possibility.

It’s important that you read the formula to make sure that what you’re applying is really free of alcohol unless you get a hand sanitizer that specifically tells you that. Then, you can just apply it on the cut and go on with your day. It’s important though that you pay attention to your body reaction to make sure that it’s okay to apply the product.

So, look for alcohol-free hand sanitizer or make sure that the one you have is before applying it.  It will clean the cut from the bacteria and you won’t need to worry about damaging the tissue. The Purell SF607 Hand Sanitizer is a great alcohol-free hand sanitizer. Get yours here.

Hypoallergenic Sanitizer Is A Great Solution

Another great option to consider is hypoallergenic hand sanitizer. They’re perfect for people that have certain skin allergies. Especially those that have allergies to common substances that are in the formula of common hand sanitizers or other products. They’re less aggressive for any skin type and are obviously free of those substances that can cause allergic reactions.

The best way to use hand sanitizers or any other product that will come in direct contact with your skin is to test it before. For instance, apply a little bit on your hands and see if your body acts well. If not, wash it immediately, and if yes, you can go ahead an use it.

So, consider start using a hypoallergenic hand sanitizer. They’re less aggressive on your skin and great for people that have different types of skin allergies. The Puracy Natural is the go-to option for hypoallergenic sanitizers. Snatch yours here.

Hand Sanitizer For Babies Are Less Aggressive

Another great option for someone that has sensitive skin is hand sanitizer for babies. They’re made with the best products and the ones that are the least chemically aggressive. We’re talking about products that won’t be as aggressive to the tissue as the other types that you can find in the market.

Since they’re made for baby-related tasks, your skin will hardly have any problem applying them on a cut. As long as they don’t have alcohol, they won’t cause damage to the tissue. This is a great option for anyone that has sensitive skin or that wants to be as careful as possible with this.

As much as you may think that a little bit of alcohol won’t be a problem, it can potentially make your wound way worse than it currently is. So, look for the original baby hand sanitizers that actually have less aggressive formulas and will still clean your cut. The Babyganics Foaming Hand Sanitizer is the best option in this case. Take a look here.

Final Thoughts

You can put hand sanitizer as long as it’s alcohol-free, otherwise, you should not do it under any circumstance. If you keep this in mind, you’ll skip a lot of trouble that you could have with your cut. After all the goal is to help your body heal faster and not worsen the wound.

So, make sure to check one of the hand sanitizers recommended above. They’ll be a much better option instead of using alcohol or anything alcohol-based on your cut.

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