Can You Hunt With a Slingshot: Sight in Real Answers


You’re ready to add another skill to your hunting repertoire. So, what’s most useful? Sure, you could add new guns, bows, or even trapmaking to your list, but what about a slingshot? Will it kill prey? If you think of a slingshot as something small children use to hit bottles off of the wall, then you’ve got serious catching up to do. Not only are they easy to use weapons, but they’re a lot of fun.

Moreover, it’s legal to practice with a slingshot in your yard. Even city dwellers like me can get in a few rounds without having to deal with the friendly neighborhood boys in blue. I use mine daily. Plus, professional hunting slingshots will take down small prey and deter more substantial threats painfully.

One Big Advantage to Slingshot Hunting

No matter what you hunt with, except a slingshot, you have one major limitation. Sadly, it doesn’t matter how good you are with a bow, or how many times you can hit the bullseye with a bullet once you run out. However, a slingshot can fire rocks.

Ammo is heavy. Crossbow bolts and arrows can be unwieldy, plus the wooden variety is breakable. Whether you bring a whole duffel bag or a single box in a pocket, you’re going to run out of ammo. That’s one problem I never have with my hunting slingshot.

Instead of carrying around weighty or unwieldy ammunition, you can practice with small pebbles or relatively light clay balls. Furthermore, you can fit a whole lot more in your molle pouch or a pocket. Steel ball ammo won’t ever explode or break on you.

Hunting for Food With a Slingshot

A good steel ball or sturdy pebble from your hunting slingshot will bag most birds, rabbits, and other small prey. Fortunately, you don’t need to hunt the biggest or most dangerous animals to survive. It’s smarter to avoid them. A bear can and will keep coming if you shoot it.

Make no mistake; slingshot hunting will not bring down a five-point buck. You won’t be killing any bears, or any coyotes unless you hit them right in the eye. However, you can certainly survive and eat well while hunting with this lightweight weapon.

The advantages of slingshot hunting don’t stop at ammo availability. For one thing, there’s no loud shot to scare off animals in the area. Additionally, your arms won’t tire out as fast as they might with a bow, allowing you to hunt for longer, with less energy wasted. Plus, you don’t have to wait on a reload like you do cocking a crossbow.

Top Five Best Slingshots for Hunting

There’s no reason to skip slingshot hunting. As survival skills go, it’s easy to learn and practice. Furthermore, ammo is inexpensive and plentiful if you buy it at all. The hardest thing about getting into this style is choosing your first slingshot.

It’s too easy to get lost in the many handsome slings available. Instead of wasting your time hunting through hundreds to thousands of options, I’ve compiled a list of the top five hunting slingshots available now. Any of these high-quality options will have you hunting the day you get your hands on them. Once you pick, the biggest problem you’ll have left, other than learning to aim is anticipation.

1. D&Q High-Velocity Catapult Slingshot

Part of the fun of slingshot hunting is how it takes you back to being a kid again. Although joy isn’t mentioned much on survival forums, the effect of relaxation and enjoyment should never be underestimated. You can genuinely have a good time while hunting for dinner with this extremely adult version of a favorite childhood toy.

However, fun isn’t the only thing you’ll get from an outstanding slingshot like the D&Q High-Velocity Catapult Slingshot. Peace of mind in knowing you have a well made, reliable weapon on hand goes a long way as well. From deterring intruders to turkey dinners, this easy to use slingshot will surprise you.

You’ll love the extra bands and natural feel in your hand. Plus, it may surprise you to see this style used in competition shooting contests. Yet that speaks to how valuable the D&Q truly is better than anything else. If you want a genuine, professional weapon to use for hunting, this is the top of the list. 

Check out the D&Q on Amazon right here.

2. Easimgo Professional Y Shot

Unlike the ones you probably played with as a child, professional slingshots are highly accurate. At more than seven inches tall, the Easimgo Professional Y Shot gives you enough power to do more than menace the neighborhood. Furthermore, with a hundred ammo balls included, you can hunt a lot of meals or pests.

One of the best features of this option is the wrist piece. In addition to helping stabilize the sling for a more uncomplicated aim, there’s an added feature that can make all the difference for a hunter. Two incredibly powerful magnets hold your steel ammo in place. The chance to take extra shots when you need them can change a lousy hunt into a nice meal.

Learn more by clicking here.

3. YuXing Pro Outdoor Hunting Slingshot

When you’re just getting started on hunting slingshots, the details and assembly can be surprisingly tricky. However, the YuXing is extremely simple to work with. Two screws hold the plates in place that clamp your band. That’s all there is to it.

Unlike the fancy models with sights to adjust and different band styles, the benefit of the YuXing Pro Outdoor Hunting Slingshot is its’ simplicity. The YuXing is as close as you’ll find to the slings of your youth while maintaining the strength and durability you need from a serious hunting slingshot.

This classic model comes with two different styles of bands. You’ll find the YuXing is compatible with any type of ammo. Moreover, you can shoot up to fifty feet easily, and you’ll be impressed with the larger frame size. A bigger grip is more straightforward for new learners and people with larger hands.

See the Reviews for YuXing here.

4. COOY Black Double Spring Slingshot

COOY produces a whole line of fantastic wrist slingshots. However, I recommend the black double spring slingshot. With its’ wooden handle, stainless steel frame, and aluminum aiming device, it’s the complete package, sleek and functional.

Unlike most options, this slingshot comes with all the standard features and three very unexpected additions. You’ll find the two durable bands, key, and both clay and steel ammo useful. However, those are just standard features.

First, the COOY Black Double Spring Slingshot comes with a flashlight mount and flashlight. That makes hunting pests in low light areas like basements a snap. Plus, you’ll have an easier time aiming at enemies at night. The light will distract any aggressors while you take aim. 

Secondly, you also get a target for practice. Finally, you also get email instructions for assembly. Sadly, many brands leave you to your own devices when it comes to figuring out how to put an excellent slingshot together. With COOY, you don’t have to guess and hope because they make sure you know how to put their hunting slingshot together right.


To choose your COOY from Amazon, click here.

5. Lolbuy Adjustable Hunting Laser Slingshot

Although it has a silly name, the Lolbuy Hunting Slingshot from Amazon is an outstanding, beautiful, high-quality hunting slingshot. Looks aren’t everything, but you’ll appreciate the metallic, multicolored sheen of the sturdy alloy on this weapon. Plus, Lolbuy combines many of the best features of the other hunting slingshots on this list.

Three rubber tubes make up each band, giving you a more sturdy feel plus the ability to launch your ammo further. The toolkit makes assembly simple, and you’ll appreciate the ergonomic grip with its padded leather.

The wrist piece has the same magnets to hold your ammo as our number two pick for faster reloads and rapid-fire. Moreover, you can choose to add the infrared capable flashlight or not depending on when you plan to hunt. Better yet, the flashlight holder is adjustable so you can trade out the included light for your favorite mini-light.

What really makes the Lolbuy Adjustable Hunting Laser Slingshot stand out, other than its’ good looks, is the companies guarantees. Not only does Lolbuy offer a hundred percent assurance on the quality build of their product, but also a hundred percent return guarantee. 


Find out everything about this superb slingshot by clicking here.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re an avid slingshot hunting fan, or this is the first you’ve heard of it, there’s an excellent sling waiting for you. Not only can you pick up dinner, but you’ll soon discover the sheer joy of unlimited practice ammunition lying around on the ground. Slingshot hunters surely designed infinite ammo weapons in video games.

As survival weapons go, an excellent slingshot should always be on your belt. Going shooting for practice gets so expensive with other firearms that it’s hard to get as much training as you want. Plus, you’d have to go to a range or leave the city to have a place to shoot firearms. A hunting slingshot has none of those disadvantages.

The peace of mind knowing you can always reach down and find what you need is rare in any circumstance, let alone an SHTF scenario. With a sling, you can rest easy and pack light.

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