Best Wristband Compass: Always Find Your Way Around


If you’re considering bugging out in the woods, going camping or hiking, it’s always a great idea to have a compass with you. Now, phone apps are not usually great either because they don’t really work or because phones’ batteries can die out, which could jeopardize your survival chances. That’s why having a real wristband compass is an excellent idea. As long as you make sure that you get the best wristband compass and that you know how to use it.

Now, knowing how to choose the best wristband compass is not that easy as it may seem. Still, it’s not that hard either. If you know what you’re doing, it’s simple. That’s what you’re going to learn in this article. The exact things to look for in the best wristband compass. You’ll be able to make sure that you never get lost or don’t know where you are.

If you’re still torn whether or not you need to read this ‘til the end, did you know that certain compasses only work in certain hemispheres? Pretty cool, but also vital information that can mean a whole difference for you. If you’re not one of those people that know how to find north by looking at the stars, or if you do but are in a situation that you can see the sky, a compass is a life savior.

So, make sure that you read everything to ensure that you get the best wristband compass that you can find in the market. Always know where’s north and find your way back home. 

Look Into The Quality Of The Wristband

Unless you’re getting one of those compasses that are attachable to a wristwatch, then you need to consider the quality of the wristband. This is important because if you’re going hiking or to any other place that has a lot of trees and plants, you need a strong wristband to make sure that it doesn’t get torn or destroyed while you’re walking.

Preferably, you’re going to choose something with strong, high-quality fabric like premium nylon or even leather. The important thing is to make sure that the wristband won’t get destroyed during rough situations. You don’t want to look at your wrist and realize that you’ve lost the compass at some point and didn’t notice it.

So, always look for the quality of the wristband. Consider where you’re going and think about having more than one wristband to take with you. If you can replace a partially damaged wristband, it’s a great option to have. Just make sure that they’re all resistant.

Decide Between A North-hemisphere Or A Global Compass

A lot of people don’t know that compasses can be made for one hemisphere only. Since you’re likely going to use it in North America, you need a compass that works in the northern hemisphere. The important thing is that you check to see if the compass is either made for the North hemisphere or for Global use. The South-hemisphere compasses will obviously not work in America.

Now, the best that you can do is to give priority to getting a Global compass. After all, you never know where you’re going to travel and need a compass. It’s best to have something that works anywhere in the world. Still, what you should absolutely remember is that you need to check whether or not it works in the North hemisphere since some compasses don’t.

So, see if the compass is a Global one to avoid having a compass that doesn’t work. Then, make sure that you learn how to use the compass and have a map with you when you’re going hiking or camping. The KanPas Wrist Compass is one of the highest-rated Global compasses. It works anywhere in the world. Get yours on Amazon here.

Check If They Were Made For Survival Situations

Another thing that it’s always important that people neglect is to make sure that the compass was made for survival situations. The ones that aren’t are usually not as resistant as the ones that were made for these situations. Since the body of the compass and needle are quite fragile most of the time, this is something that it’s relevant to verify.

Now, it’s also important to check what the compass is resistant against and what material the body and the wristband are made of. Usually, you’re going to find some type of plastic. As long as it’s a resistant one that can endure tough weather and locations, you’re good to go. If this is your first time hiking or camping, it’s a good idea to get more than one to test if they’re all up for the task.

So, check if they were made for survival situations. It’s usually those unplanned moments that things don’t work the way they were supposed to and you’re left without options.

Glowing In The Dark Can Be A Useful Feature

A feature that you’ll rarely see someone considering is glowing in the dark. Some people think that it’s even silly as an adult to care about this. These are usually people that have never explored the wilderness. When you’re in the middle of nowhere, the only source of light will be the moon and the stars. You may have brought a flashlight, but it’s always a good idea to not count on that.

That’s why having a compass that glows in the dark a good idea. You’ll be able to see the compass while having minimum light. Just remember to have a piece of cloth to cover the compass in case you need the glowing to stop in situations where you’re being followed by a person or a wild animal.

So, do consider the glow in the dark feature, especially since it’s easy to neutralize that if you need to. Remember that while you’re deep into the woods, you won’t have as many light sources as in the city. The Marathon Wrist Compass with Glow in The Dark is a great choice for that. Take a look at it on Amazon here.

It Has To Be Dust And Water Resistant

Another thing that it’s a must-have is water and dust resistance. You don’t want your compass to get ruined after you dove into the river or a strong windstorm got some dust into the compass. It’s important to prepare for these scenarios. Make sure that the compass is water and dust-resistant.

Now, make sure to remember that water-resistant is not the same as waterproof. This means that the compass works if it gets water splashed on it, but it stops working if you dive while wearing it. This is why it’s also a good idea to have a waterproof bag for these situations.

So, always see if the compass that you’re going to take with you is dust and water-resistant. This is pretty basic stuff that you should always consider before selecting the best wristband compass. The Marathon Wrist Compass with Glow in The Dark checks all the boxes when it comes to that. It’s by far one of the best wristband compasses that you can find. Take a look at it on Amazon here.

An Attachable Compass Can Be Worn With A Watch

If you find wearing a wristband compass alongside a wristwatch uncomfortable, you can consider having both attach to the same wristband. There are a lot of compasses that are attachable to wristwatches. It’s one of the easiest things to do and allows you to carry it with your watch. This way you’ll know where you are and what time it is.

All joking aside, this is an optimal way to carry less weight and have everything in one place. When you’re camping, hiking, or doing anything in the wilderness, you need to optimize the space and the weight of what you’re carrying. Even a few ounces that you’re reducing with this option are valuable, therefore, worth considering.

So, check an attachable compass and see if it works better for you. They already come with a clip, so there’s no mystery on how to wear it. The KanPas Wrist Compass, again, is the most recommended one by campers. Click to view pricing on Amazon here.

Test It While Camping

The last tip is to test your compass while camping. The reason is that you want to test vital equipment (the kind that can cost you your life) in a controlled environment. You don’t want to find out that your compass doesn’t work or that’s broken when you’re lost without a phone or anything that can help get back to where you came from.

The best thing that you can do in this situation is to test the compass while camping. This way, you can track your steps back to the exit of the park and see if you know what you’re doing.

So, always make sure that you test vital equipment not just the compass. Remember this final tip, and you’ll avoid a lot of trouble.

Final Thoughts

So, this is what to look for in the best wristband compass. Make sure that it works in the North-hemisphere, that it’s durable, water and dust resistant, and that you know how to use it before you need it. Do this, and you’ll always find your way out.

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