Best Urban Camo: My Top 6 Picks (Men & Women)

Best Urban Camo

If you want to be able to have a complete prepping strategy for urban situations, you need urban camouflage clothes and accessories. For you to understand the importance of effective camouflage, think about chameleons. They survive and thrive because of their ability to camouflage in any situation.

Imagine that you’re in an SHTF situation. You need to get in and out of places, look for resources, and stay alive. This is when you’re going to need every tool that you have in your arsenal. One of them will be camouflage clothes. It’s crucial that you have them at your disposal to get in and out safely.

Now, that’s easy said than done. The reason is simple. Finding the best urban camo is not that easy. This is why you have this article. We’re going to show you the best criteria that you should use to get the best of the best, and we’re also going to show you the best selection of urban camouflage clothes and accessories.

Starting from the point of view that in urban situations you have more concrete walls and a multitude of colors, you shouldn’t go for the standard green. These are obviously better for the woods where there are a lot of trees and plants in general.

Now, in terms of colors, the clothes are not going to make a big difference when it comes to male and female. Obviously, there’s going to be a difference in terms of the model but not of colors. It’s all about the pattern that you’re going to choose.

With all that said, below you’re going to see hat you should look for in the best urban camo clothes and a selection of the best ones for you. This way, you don’t have to worry about looking for it, you can pick any of the models below. There are both options for men and women, so you can choose whichever you like more.

The point is that you’re going to find all the options of the best urban camo. This is important because you want to be prepared for every situation. Even if this is just a style search, you should benefit from it. Even if you think that you know how to wear camo while hunting in the woods, you are going to learn that things are different in this scenario.

So, read this thorough guide we’ve made for you. It has all the information you’ll ever need to make the best decision and ensure that your prepping game is on point. Just make sure to read ‘til the end, so you can see the best of the best urban camo and how you know that the ones you’re choosing will work for what you want them to.

Grey Is Better Than Green

The first information that you have to understand better than anything else is that grey patterns are better than green ones. The green patterns work incredibly well for the forest scenery. They’re going to make you disappear with the many leaves and trunks that you are going to be surrounded with. They are the obvious choice in this scenario.

Now, when it comes to urban scenarios that you still want the camouflage effect and not only stylish clothes, you want to consider this. The grey pattern will work better with the colors and objects that you’re going to be around in the city. This means that you are going to be able to go by more efficiently. You’ll be able to get in and out of places faster and better.

Obviously, camo clothing is not going to perform miracles. You still have to be stealthy and agile to do this right. The advantage point that the clothes will give you is going to improve the skills that you already possess. This is one of the main reasons why you must get this right.

Still, this doesn’t mean that you have to always go for the grey patter, but it means that it’s easier to get it right. This will help you camouflage better. Now, if you also want something because it looks better to wear in an urban setting, the grey remains the best option still.

So, make sure that you don’t get this wrong. Go for the grey pattern. They’re easy to find and you’ll see that there are different tones.

High-Quality Fabric Is Everything

This shouldn’t be necessary to say, but it’s always good. Just to make sure that you’ll be able to make the right decision for you. Choose the high0quality fabric over the cheaper ones. This will ensure that it lasts a long time and that you have the clothes at your disposal when you need it. Especially if you’re going through rough situations, you are going to need high-quality clothing.

Now, if you have no idea how to get started here go for the cotton clothes. Cotton is one of the most common fabric to manufacture clothes, and there’s a reason for it. It’s high-quality and good for your skin. As much as this may seem unimportant now, it is due to the varied circumstances that may happen in survival situations.

The point is that you should look for high0quality fabric. It will be good for your overall strategy, the quality of what you’re paying for, and your health. These are likely enough reasons for you to choose the high-quality fabric route. You can start with cotton, then see if there are other sorts of material that you’d prefer. As long as you go with high-quality fabric, you’re good to go.

So, make sure to select the best high-quality fabric. This will give you benefits with your strategy, your health, and your budget since you’ll be getting something that will last a long time. This is the sort of thing that you don’t want to get it wrong. Start with cotton, and then, see what suits you better.

Skills And Tools Are Still Important

While still remaining on topic, it’s important to remind you that skill and tools are still important. This means that having the best urban camo clothing is great, but you still need to have the skills and tools to survive. Often, people think that having clothes, and even sometimes, the tools are enough to survive tough situations. It isn’t. If you want to have a strategy that works, you need the tools and the skills as well.

Imagine that you’re able to go in and out unnoticed. You still need tools to break in and out. You also need the skills to do most of the tasks that you’ll need to get done. That’s why an efficient strategy that actually works depends on a combination of factors. This is why it’s important that you don’t rely on one single thing as camo clothes.

Still, do make sure that you have them. Not only that but make sure that you have the best urban camo clothing. You want to be able to do everything necessaire to survive. This is why you must become more experienced. Practice the necessary skills and learn to use the tools that you might need one day.

So, if you do make sure that you have the clothes, the skills, and the tools, nothing will bother you. You will be able to thrive in any environment. That’s how important it is to have the strategy and the knowledge to execute the vision.

Have More Than One Camouflage Pattern

The last thing before we show you the best urban camo, it’s to point out that it’s important to have more than one camouflage pattern. Obviously, one it’s going to be better than the other, depending on what you’re doing. If you’re into the woods, you’re going to need something different than what you’re going to need in the city. Urban settings are tricky because there’s a greater variety of colors and shapes surrounding you.

The secret is to have more than one camouflage pattern and various tones in the same pattern. This means that you can have different tones in the green pattern and the grey one as well. This is an interesting way to ensure that you’ll always have the ideal clothing to wear for any situation. You’ll be able to survive and thrive no matter what happens.

If you do make sure to have a variety of camouflage patterns, you’ll be able to relax knowing that you have everything that you need to survive or hunt. No matter what you’re doing it, you won’t have to worry. Now, it’s important to point out that you don’t need a closet full of camo clothes. A few it’s enough as long as you do have more than one to make sure you’re always prepared.

So, if you have more than one pattern of camouflage, you can consider that you’ve done everything you had to in that department. Now, you can see below our selection of 6 clothes that are the best urban camo. You’ll be able to see 3 men’s clothes and 3 women’s clothes. They’re the best of the best, so you can pick your favorite and know that they’re the best.

Pro Club Men’s Cotton Twill Cargo Shorts

We get off to a great start with these cargo shorts. 100% cotton of the best quality that you’ll find. You will notice that these shorts are comfortable to wear and will also last a long time. They are durable and resistant, which are qualities that you want in your urban camo. You don’t need to worry about washing it and tearing it apart, or about quality issues that you often see in this kind of clothing.

Another interesting thing is that the shorts come with a belt. It’s not crucial to establish quality or shorts as the best urban camo, but it’s a nice bonus that you get. The pocket game of these shorts is another interesting thing. You will be able to carry a lot of things in them.

The point is that these shorts are great for men to use in urban settings. You’ll allow you to have style and do what they do best, which is camouflage you. The length of the shorts is also pretty good. It’s not too long, limiting your movement and ability to run.

So, if you want great shorts that will be able to camouflage you in urban settings, these are the ones for you. They have high-quality fabric, a great design, and come with a belt as a bonus. What else can you ask for? You’ll that they totally deserve a spot on this list. Check them out here.

Rothco Camo BDU Pant

Now, we’re going to talk about pants. If you want something that will work in any situation in an urban scenario, these are the pants for you. You can get a pair and do whatever you were planning to. It will help you achieve the goal of wearing camo urban clothes that will help you with your strategy.

The fabric here is made of cotton and polyester. This is good because it adds elasticity to the pants, making it more comfortable to wear for long periods. It also reduces the chances of chaffing. This is enough of a reason for you to consider this option seriously. Comfort and quality should be the first things that you look for in any piece of clothing. This is why it’s so important that these pants offer you both options.

Now, when it comes to design, you also get a great one. The pockets are the same fabric as the pants, which is good. The overall design is great to allow you to use it in any setting and different situations. You don’t need to worry about looking weird wearing it in your day to day.

So, these pants become one of the best options of urban camo clothes because it has high-quality fabric, the perfect camo pattern, and great design. You don’t need to worry about much. Just make sure that you get yours. Take a look at them here.

Tactical Airsoft Combat Shirt

The last men’s clothing item on the list ends it with a bang. This shirt seems perfectly made for this. The fabric is cotton with polyester, which ensures comfort while wearing it and quality. The design includes anti-abrasion technology in the padded elbows. This will make it even better for those that will perform some sort of physical activity while wearing it.

Another great thing about this shirt is the loop on sleeve pockets that allows you to attach name, rank, and flag. It’s great for the army enthusiast and anyone that wants to evoke a certain level of seriousness into the clothes. As you can see, this shirt is high-quality and will fulfill whatever purpose you have for it.

One more important thing is that this shirt’s fabric is breathable. This will make it that much more comfortable to wear it for long periods. Not only that but will ensure that it lasts longer because sweat does have the power to ruin the fabric in the long run. This is why having breathable fabric makes the shirt that much better.

So, as you can see, this is one of the best urban camo. It checks all the boxes that you need it to. You can make the choice of getting one with no worries. The turtle neck is the bonus that you didn’t know you needed it. Get yours here.

Urban Classics Ladies Camo Leggings

The first item on the list for women, open up incredibly well. These leggings are comfortable, high-quality, and beautiful. The first thing that you need to know is that it’s made of polyester and elastane, which it’s the perfect combination when it comes to leggings. This means that you can rest assured that they will be comfortable throughout your day.

Then, you have a color pattern. You have two great options for urban settings. The snow camo and dark camouflage. These two models both work amazing in urban scenarios. You can wear these legging nearly everywhere that you think of, which makes it super versatile. You can get these two color patterns options, and have them at your disposal to wear in different situations.

Another great thing that it’s worth pointing out is the design. It fits well on the body, making you look much better than when you’re wearing regular pants. You can wear these legging for nearly every physical activity that you can think about. This is what makes them so great. It’s made them get on this list.

So, see for yourself, if they will work for you. As you can see, it has the design, the quality, the comfort, and the style. All you have to do is to get the perfect color pattern for the scenarios that you want, and you’re good to go. Take a look at them here.

Rothco BDU Pants

These are one of the best urban camo pants for women. They have different color options, but we recommend the city camo one since you want something urban. The great thing is that you have a huge variety of colors, so if you want something to wear in your every day or to go to a party, one of the colors will definitely work for you.

The fabric is comfortable and smooth on the skin. It’s cotton and polyester. It has an anti-chaffing system to help make the whole experience more comfortable. It’s important to point out that these pants are sort of unisex. They have models for both genders. Focusing on the women pants, you won’t regret choosing this model.

The design, as you can see, is amazing. It has adjustable waist tabs and as many pockets as you’ll need. These pants are the ultimate definition of military fashion. You can rock them anywhere that they will work.

So, these pants are a great choice for any women that want high-quality combined with style and comfort. Again, give preference to city camo since it works better within the urban setting. Get in those pants here.

Women’s Long Length Camo T-Shirt

The last item on the list, but not the least important. This women’s shirt is another great option for you to consider. You should take a look if you are really serious about getting the best urban camo. It checks all the boxes of quality, comfort, and design. You’re going to look amazing wearing it.

The polyester and the cotton make another powerful combination that is important to make the fabric more comfortable. You’ll love the sensation on the skin that you get from the fabric. Then, you have a nice variety of camouflage pattern. Here, you are going to recommend the city camo again but feel free to choose another one.

One more proof of the quality and how durable the shirt is, it’s that you can wash it with no worries. It won’t lose the quality of the camouflage or the fabric. This is how you know how good it actually is.

So, this shirt is perfect for any occasion. It’s also the perfect urban camo piece of clothing for the women that want something comfortable that still has high-quality. Just remember that you can wash it and it goes well with nearly every color. You can take a peek here.

Final Thoughts

This was everything that you needed to know about the best urban camo. These were also the best of the best of urban camouflage clothes. They have a high-quality standard, so you can choose whichever you like the best and relax. The fabric is amazing. The camo pattern really works, and they will work as they should. The durability is also amazing.

So, make sure that you also guarantee that you have the skills and the tools and that you follow the tips to choose the best urban camo for you. No matter what you want them for. Choose your favorite option on our list, and you’re good to go.

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