Best Sleeping Bag for a Boat: Stay Warm on the Water

Being out on the boat is one of those wonderfully zen activities. Whether you’re lucky enough to own your vessel, or you’re visiting friends, the water can be a cold place to sleep. Even a well-insulated boat will get damp from the moisture around it. That water means evaporation, which makes everything colder. Resultantly, a more enclosed sleeping arrangement will help you stay warm and dry. I’ll help you find a high-quality sleeping bag for boating, so you don’t wake up chilly and uncomfortable.

Why You Need a Sleeping Bag for Boating

You need a sleeping bag on a boat. A lot of people who sleep on the water make the mistake of thinking it’s like sleeping on land. Other than the rocking, they assume there’s no significant difference because it’s not apparent.

Sadly, that leads them to resort to blankets and comforters out of habit, which isn’t a good plan. However, a suitable sleeping bag gives you much better insulation. Moreover, you won’t lose heat out the bottom. Rolling around under a blanket lifts the edges. Hence dampness gets in as heat escapes.

A traditional bed is semi-insulated, even in cold, damp climates. Because there’s a room and a house around you, that moisture and cold get cut down substantially. Unfortunately, the average boat doesn’t have the same level of insulation. Furthermore, they seldom have the same quality of heating systems.

Although boats are often more comfortable than tents, the similarity is still useful for planning. When you stop treating vessel sleeping like house sleeping, you’ll discover it has more in common with camping. Luckily that means you can use some clever campout tricks, like a sleeping bag, to solve the problem.

Choose a Sleeping Bag for Boats

The type of sleeping bag you need on a boat varies by season. Moreover, your location matters since the morning chill in tropical waters is very different from sleeping near Alaska. Likewise, rivers and lakes aren’t the same as a dock or open ocean.

There are two main styles of sleeping bags. First is the standard rectangular bag, which has more breathability and holds less heat inside. Opt for an angular sleeping bag if you’re sleeping in cool temps that are well above freezing.

Secondly, you can use a mummy bag. Because they hold your body tighter, you lose less heat. An excellent close sleeping bag is more rounded. Some have head coverings, and others do not, but all mummy-style sleeping bags stay warmer than their squared counterparts.

Always check the temperature rating before you buy a new sleeping bag for boating. Additionally, you want to look at how waterproof the bag is. Too much waterproofing in a warmer climate will hold in your sweat, and you’ll be uncomfortable.

Top Five Best Sleeping Bags for Boating

Every sleeping bag is a little different, and all of them are great for boating. However, you need to consider both your comfort and circumstances before choosing which one is right for you. Make sure you check the weather, both sort and long term, for your area before selecting your sleeping bag.

I scoured the internet to come up with a reasonable variety of styles, lengths, and cold ratings, so you don’t need to read a thousand pages. The top five best sleeping bags for boating should keep you comfortable wherever you take your boat.

1. Coleman 0°F Mummy Bag

The top spot on our list goes to the Coleman 0°F Mummy Bag. If you plan on going anywhere cold, then a mummy bag made to get below freezing is the ideal choice. Plus, it’s a Coleman, which means this bag comes from a trusted name in camping gear.

Unlike most hooded sleeping bags, the 0°F Mummy Bag has a drawstring so you can cinch the opening down around your face. Not only does this cover more of your head, but it will also keep in more heat for those sub-freezing nights.

The insulated foot area helps keep toes toasty. Additionally, you can vent the foot area for warmer weather sleeping in comfort. Since the Coleman sleeping bag is water-resistant as well, not much will disturb your sleep.

The Coleman 0°F Mummy Bag zipper also has bonus features worth noting. Firstly, the ZipPlow system helps prevent snagging so you can close your mummy bag completely every time. Finally, the Thermolock draft tube keeps your zipper from leaking cold air while you rest.

To get your Coleman from Amazon, click here.

2. Norsens Sleeping Bag

The soft flannel lining in a Norsens Sleeping Bag is one of the most comforting features. It’s like wrapping up in your favorite shirt. More importantly, these incredible bags are suitable for people up to six-foot-five. They use a hollow cotton fiber filling that will help you stay snug in temps above freezing.

A draft tube inside the zipper helps stop cold air leaks from cooling you while you sleep. Furthermore, the double-s quilted design keeps the filling from shifting while you rest. Better yet, you can open up your Norsens Sleeping Bag and use it as a queen-size quilt. There’s also a larger-sized, warmer option available if you prefer.

Norsens Sleeping Bag company is committed to giving you a restful night’s sleep. They offer an add-on flannel pillow that’s as easy to compress as its bags. When you include the one-year guarantee, this is one company that knows how to make you rest easy, even on a boat or in an emergency.

Pick up a Norsens flannel lined sleeping bag from Amazon right here.

3. ASOUT Sleeping Bag

Available in four sizes from kids to double-wide, ASOUT Sleeping Bags are a great decision for families.  Choose from smaller kids bags 28x69in, regular 33x87in bags, wider 40x87in deluxe, or the Double 59x87in options. The headcover will also help you avoid heat loss while you sleep, and you’ll have enough room to roll over inside the bag.

Hopefully, you’ll never need these superb sleeping bags for a real end-of-the-world scenario. Until then, the after-sales service on ASOUT bags is outstanding. A company that genuinely cares about its customers’ needs is rare and worth supporting.

ASOUT Sleeping Bags are a hundred percent polyester. The filling is 290T Nylon, 400 GSM, and rated down to thirty-two degrees. You’ll appreciate the soft padding on the boat or at home. Plus, these make fantastic car camping bags as well.

To check ASOUT reviews on Amazon, click here.

4. SoulOut 4 Seasons

The versatility of a SoulOut 4 Seasons sleeping bag from Amazon is just one of its high-quality features. You’ll find these make excellent warm and comfortable bags in temps from freezing to the mid-seventies. Plus, at only four pounds, anyone can carry this compact option.

If you prefer to sleep with a partner, then this is a great way to cuddle. SoulOut bags are designed so you can zip two large bags together and share your warmth out on the water. Moreover, these bags are machine washable and easy to keep clean. You can even wipe them down by hand if you spill something on the durable fabric.

The double-layer technology will help to keep you dry in damp weather. That will help a lot on a boat surrounded by water. Doubtless, those layers are also part of why SoulOut 4 Seasons Sleeping Bags are so easy to wipe off when you make a mess.

One of the most helpful things about SoulOut is its exceptional customer service. They have a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. However, if something does go wrong, they respond within twenty-four hours when you contact the company with your concerns.

Find out everything about SoulOut right here.

5. Revealcamp Indoor & Outdoor Ultralight 

Revealcamp sleeping bags come in a stunning variety of color options. You can choose camo and natural hues for better blending in, or opt for brighter colors so you can always find your gear. Moreover, these outstanding rectangular bags are great for children, teens, and adults so that the whole family can join in.

Unlike the super cold weather sleeping bags, Revealcamp is better for warmer camping. You should choose this option for sleeping in temperatures above forty degrees. The shape will give you a bit more breathability than a mummy bag. Hence, you’ll be far more comfortable as the weather gets warmer.

You’ll love the compressible holder that cinches down. At roughly the size of a basketball, Revealcamp Indoor & Outdoor Ultralight sleeping bags are easy to pack because they don’t take up as much space as a more substantial bag. 

Stay comfortable in Revealcamp by clicking here.


Final Thoughts

You don’t need to get rid of your blankets when you choose a sleeping bag for your boat. Those extra layers will still help insulate under or on top of you. However, it’s the sleeping bag that genuinely keeps you warm.

You’ll be surprised by how different you feel waking up comfortable. Being prepared for emergencies is more than having the minimum to survive. A good night’s sleep and waking up without pain or chills leaves you better equipped to handle the day ahead.

If a boat is part of your bug-out plans, then a sleeping bag is necessary for your emergency supplies. Make sure you don’t leave it onshore, or you’ll regret it when the weather changes.

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