Best Safe for Gold: Securing Real Valuables

Your credit card won’t help when society crumbles, and banks go under, so what can you do? Real valuables like gold are the way to go, but how do you keep them secure? A safe doesn’t have to be the size of a bank vault to keep your precious metals away from thieves. Keeping your gold coins or bars inside is simple, and hiding a safe might take some forethought, but it’s achievable at home. You’ll rest more comfortably once your valuables are locked uptight. I’ll walk you through some of the best safes to stash your treasures away for a rainy day or an emergency.


Where to Hide Your Safe at Home

We’ve all seen a movie where some rich guy pulls a picture frame aside to reveal a safe in the wall. Hence, that’s a terrible place to hide your gold. Because everyone knows about the safe in the wall trick, you need to get creative.

Instead of becoming a cliche, make a more creative choice. Build your safe into a kitchen cabinet, or under your bathroom sink. If you can build it down into your floor, that’s an easy-to-cover location. Simply place a rug over the access panel.

If you can’t set the safe into a solid cabinet or floor, then hide it well. A box in the attic labeled “X-mas Lights” is a bright spot; few thieves will care to check. Skip the bedroom closets and underwater drawers. Instead, place it under a kids’ bed, or under a false front on a bookshelf.

You could build a false laundry basket. Attach it to the floor with epoxy, and place old clothing around your safe in an out-of-the-way location like a laundry room. Anywhere that robbers are less likely to swipe things is a good location.

Your best choice is always to make a safe invisible. Hence the wall and floor hiding spaces are so popular. When you can’t make a safe disappear, the trick is making the hiding spot look undesirable.


Gold Isn’t the Only Thing to Keep in a Safe

When you choose a safe for your gold, keep in mind what else you plan to protect. There’s no reason your safe should be a one-trick pony. Like all vital survival equipment, your safe should do double duty.

Secure your private documents like spare copies of birth certificates and social security cards inside. You should also put your lease and any insurance information in with your gold. Assuming your emergency isn’t TEOTWAWKI, then you’ll probably need those things as well.

Because safes are essentially fancy, secure, metal boxes, you can often use them to protect other valuables from EMPs. Stick a spare cell phone, or thumb drives with essential data and a slender laptop that can read them in with your bullion.

Don’t store anything perishable inside a safe. Old baseball cards are fine. However, that box of chocolates you plan to give your wife next week could melt or attract insects. Nothing ruins a surprise faster than lousy storage.


Top Five Best Safes for Gold

There are plenty of safe-makers out there, and that means more options than you can count easily. However, you don’t need every safe. Unless you’re Fort Knox, one high-quality choice should be enough. I combed through every safe I could find to curate this list of the top five best safes for your gold.

Now you can secure your serious valuables at home. That means no worries about bank hours, or thieves when an emergency hits. You’ll have what you need within reach with any one of these superb safes.

1. Lovndi Security Safe Box

Biometric safes are incredibly hard to defeat. The Lovndi Security Safe Box from Amazon is a superb way to keep anyone out of your gold. The pry-proof door is just the first of many features that prevent theft. Robbers won’t be able to slip a crowbar into the crack to pop the two-inch electromagnetic door panel.

Unlike classic safes that a smart criminal can dial until they open, there’s no way to guess and check your way inside a Lovndi. A hand tremor or three wrong entries cause this safe to scream out an alarm warning. To make it stop, you have to input the right answer making this safe virtually impossible to get away with for any crook.

The four expansion bolts that come with this model will help you mount it solidly to the floor, wall, or any surface you prefer. Moreover, the backup opening system provides you with a key to use along with the dial for emergency access.

Learn everything about Lovndi here.

2. Barska Biometric Safe

The DOJ-approved Barska Biometric Safe will keep your gold secure. Additionally, you can use this secure safe to keep guns and other essential items. As the number one choice on our list, there’s a simple backup key to help you access your valuables in an emergency.

This safe passes four tests to get its DOJ rating. The drop, pick, pry, and saw tests prove that each Barska can prevent theft. Moreover, you can mount your safe securely so it won’t move if robbers try to take it with them.

You’ll have two solid steel bolts between your treasure and any thieves. Better yet, Barska will hold up to thirty fingerprints. That means you can record all your fingers and still have spares to give several family members or trusted friends emergency access as well.

See the Amazon reviews for Barska here.

3. Tigerking Digital Security

Internal upgrades make the Tigerking Digital Security Safe noteworthy. Many stand-alone safes are superb on their own, but this model allows you to do a little more. Whether you choose to use the removable shelf for a more accessible organization or upgrade to a larger version, it’s the little things that make Tigerking stand out.

Likewise, many digital safes are only semi-secure. Flaws in the system let people watch you input the code, but not with this Tigerking safe. Moreover, it records every opening, so you know if someone got inside. Plus, there’s an alarm that goes off after three wrong guesses or any violent vibration.

The Tigerking Digital Security Safe is designed to prevent damage and scratching to your treasures. Given how soft gold is, that’s a significant bonus. Knowing your coins or stamped bars won’t change in your absence, or lose value if appropriately stored is a relief.

Have a Tigerking delivered to your door when you click here.

4. Slypnos Digital Security Safe

The hidden keyhole makes your backup access safer with this Slypnos Digital Security Safe. Even if an intruder managed to get your keys, they’d still have to waste time fumbling around to find somewhere to use them. More importantly, there’s an external battery backup option. Keeping others out and letting you in is the priority for Slypnos.

If that wasn’t enough safety, you could also set two codes. One is personal. However, the other is a master override code. You also get two backup keys. Never worrying about how to get to your gold is an important feature.

The pre-drilled holes in both the back and bottom give you more options for mounting the safe. Plus, you’ll be pleased with the three security bolts. Thieves will have a tough time getting your treasure unless you leave your Slypnos Safe open, or codes laying around.

Select your Slypnos Safe size on Amazon by clicking here.

5. Stalwart Digital Safe

The Stalwart Digital Safe is made to be portable. You can pick the whole thing up and take it with you if you need to bug out in a rush. Never leave your gold behind since you won’t know if you can get it back later.

Like several safes on this list, three entries will cause an alarm. However, three more tries will result in a much longer signal that lasts five minutes. Use your keys, or program a master and guest code for easy access. Additionally, the LED-lit keypad makes it easy to input your code even in the dark.

Skip over the old-fashioned key-only or combination dial locks that are easier to break into. A superb, high-quality electronic option like the Stalwart Digital Safe will bring your hard assets into the modern era. Stalwart guarantees all their safes are genuine, but you should always watch out for imposters when you’re considering a well-known and trusted brand.

Click here to get your Stalwart from an authorized Amazon supplier.


Final Thoughts

The glimmer of gold has attracted humans since we first saw it thousands of years ago. Its weight and softness make this metal so valuable. Not only is it easy to decorate and mold, but it never tarnishes. From coins to rings, nothing has the same shine and malleability.

These days gold is needed for computers, microchips, and more. Your cell phone likely has a minute amount of precious material inside. The same qualities that make beautiful jewelry also help keep our electronics from getting rust inside.

Regardless of why you collect gold, or how much you have, securing it should be priority one. Using a safe is traditional for one excellent reason. It works.


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