Best Places To Survive In The Wilderness: Know Where To Go When Everything Collapses

Everyone has thought of how life would look like if we were to abandon society and live freely. Maybe it’s just a thought or maybe is something that one will do at some point. Whatever the case may be, it’s always good to know where you’d go and how to survive there. After all, every day it seems that we’re closer to a collapse of modern society.

This would require people to know how to survive in the wilderness and know where to go. The cities would be chaotic in an SHTF situation. This would make going to inhabited lands a perfect option. Imagine living by yourself with no one to bother you and just the silence of nature. Still, to make something like that happen, you’d have to have basic resources to pull it off.

That’s why we’ve prepared a guide to help you find out the best places to survive in the wilderness. The tips below will not only help you choose a great location but will also help you survive and thrive while you’re there. After all, if you don’t have basic survival skill, you won’t even make it in the city let alone in the wilderness.

So, you can check out below the best places and things to consider before settling for one place. Remember that we’re talking about the wilderness, so forget internet connection and modern-day life privileges and luxury that you may be accustomed to. Read ‘til the end and find out the places that would work the best for you.

Near The Mountains

If you want to survive in the wilderness, you’re going to come across the possibility of living near the mountains. It’s one of the most obvious places because it’s one of the best. It’s that simple. Usually, near the mountains, you have freshwater and animals to hunt. This makes it a place full of natural resources that you’re going to need, especially long-term.

Now, it’s important that you look for the right location. Choose the states that you’re most leaning towards as your top choices, and see the mountains that exist in there. Then, you have to research about wildlife and water resources. This is a great start to picking the perfect location.

So, search for places near the mountains. Colorado is one of the best places to start your search. Also, make sure that you have the equipment to make it through the whole experience. Knives are the #1 thing you should worry about. The CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade Knife is the perfect one for survivalists. Check it out here.

Junk Land

Junk land is another great idea of places to survive in the wilderness. The reason is simple. Junk land is the kind of land that can be used for agriculture, mining, or any other economic development. This means that it has no financial use for this land. You can get hundred of acres for a really good price. Remember though that you’re going to live miles away from your closest neighbor.

The reason this is such a great idea is that you get the isolation, the primitiveness, and every ingredient that a survivalist would want. Here will be the moment to test your skill and live the life you’ve always wanted. Away from everything that bothers you in society and get some calm times.

Still, it might be a good idea to make sure that you test out the waters before you jump into this experience full-time. Camp with a tent before building something or committing to anything. Make sure that the tent can resist most natural phenoms. The Coleman Sundome Tent is a great choice for that. Pack it up here.

Avoid Public Land

Now, it’s time for good advice. Avoid public land at all costs. There’s this notion that living on public land is possible and even a good idea. After all, you won’t need to spend money to use the place, but it’s a terrible idea. You can get a fine or even more trouble from the local authorities. This is why the best that you can do is look to get your property or somewhere that you can legally stay.

Think about a lifestyle that you would have to constantly move places and never be able to settle. Not only that but you’d have to worry about all sorts of legal stuff. It’s too much of a hassle to even consider. So, the best that you can do in this situation is to not do it al all.

Now, that you have to do is to look for alternatives that will fit your budget and lifestyle. If the 2 options below didn’t resonate as much, continue reading below to find something that will work out like magic for you.

Remember The Rule Of 3

Without shelter you only last 3 hours. Without water, you only last 3 days and without food for 3 weeks. This means that once you’ve found a place, you should worry about water and food. These are the resources that you’re going to need the most.

Now, until you find a thing to hunt and rivers to drink, you should consider having food and water stocked in your tent or car to make sure that you can survive until you find natural resources.

So, make sure that you have food and water available. Now, just having natural resources for these two things isn’t enough. You should make sure that you stockpile some units for at least in case of emergencies. Get canned food since it’ll last a long time. Eat it out here.

Test Camping Places

To make sure that you can survive in the wilderness, a good idea is to test out camping places. This is a great opportunity to test your skill in a controlled environment. It’ll make sure that you’re ready to go to isolated places and not only survive but thrive.

You should make sure that you can start a fire, build a tent, and find resources. These are all essential skills that will make sure that you survive with ease in any situation no matter where you ultimately go. You have to be able to keep yourself warm, hunt, find water, and find your way back to society if you need it to. This is why it’s a great idea to test it out in a camping site before you commit to something more serious like near the mountains.

So, make sure you test it out and that you go prepared. One of the many things that will help you out is to have a tactical flashlight. It can help you protect yourself from wildlife and humans. The Streamlight 88040 ProTac is the best model you’ll find. Light it up here.

Consider Temperature and Wild Life

Fire will protect you against the cold and wildlife. Being able to stay warm is important to not affect your health in any serious way. So, with that said, it becomes obvious that you need to learn how to start a fire. Now, you don’t need to start a fire from scratch. It’s a good idea that you do know how to do it, but you don’t have to every time you start a fire.

This is why having a light on you is a perfect choice. It will help you start fires that much easier. The advantage of knowing how to do it without is that you don’t need to rely on it every time. Still, you can use it most of the time. It’s faster and more efficient than trying it all by yourself.

So, make sure that you have the skill to start a fire from scratch, but having a lighter on you is also a great idea. You need a lighter for this situation and not just a regular one. The Tesla Coil Lighters is the best choice in this case. Fire away here.

Final Thoughts

So, this is it. Pick the best place for you to survive in the wilderness, but make sure that you have the equipment to make it. Take advantage of technology to not only survive but thrive.

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