Best Front Flipper Knife: Everything You Need to Know

As long as humans have used tools, good knives have been among our favorites. The options can get confusing, but one of the most modern styles, the front flipper, is also among the most underappreciated. You should have a high-quality one-handed opening knife in your EDC, and this style suits that purpose perfectly. I always suggest choosing simple, multifunctional, lightweight tools for daily use, but few impress me as much as this unique innovation in knives. Maybe you already carry a knife, but if you can’t open it with one hand easily, in an emergency, you might be out of luck. Anyone can injure themselves, or end up trapped with a hand out of commission. Instead of stressing over it, grab a front flipper and relax. Knowing you can easily access your blade when SHTF is vital to proper emergency preparedness.

What Defines a Flipper Knife

The flipper knife is a simple but brilliant innovation. Unlike blades that latch and often require a second hand to open, flipper blades slide out with the pressure from one finger. Whether you prefer to use a thumb or forefinger, they should be one of the most comfortable opening knives you ever use.

The protrusion that sticks off the backside of a flipper blade gives you leverage to open it. Meanwhile, the sleekness of the design means you’re less likely to hang up on the edge of a pocket when retrieving your knife. That can buy you a vital half-second when you need it most.

Once open, your flipper blade locks in place. Hence these sturdy, reliable knives give you a firm handle on any situation requiring a sharp edge. You don’t need to worry about loose blades or cutting your fingers when you use this type of knife properly.

Flipper Knife Inventor

Although the flipper knife style is attributed to Fred Burger, a designer in South Africa, a more recent creator helped to make this style famous. According to Off-Grid Knives Master Sergeant Harold Joseph “Kit,” Carson brought the flipper as EDC to the modern market. He made the CRKT M16 pocket knife in the mid-1990s.

With twenty years of military experience, the Master Sargeant knew what he, and many others needed in an EDC blade. Resultantly, instead of searching for it, he chose to create the ideal everyday knife with existing technology. A highly functional, durable knife that spawned hundreds or thousands of similar blades, the M16 wasn’t the first of it’s kind. However, it brought to our attention a fantastic design feature that had been mostly under the radar previously.

Top Five Best Front Flipper Knives

Picking the best front flipper for your EDC requires only two things. First, you need to make sure the blade you select is made from quality materials. Secondly, the size and style need to suit your hand. Working with an uncomplicated blade like this doesn’t have to be difficult. I hunted through hundreds of listings to narrow down this list of five of the best front flippers around. You’ll find what you need here.

1. Civivi Knives McKenna C905A 

All of Civivi’s knives are covered under the parent company, WE Knife Co. Ltd, limited lifetime warranty. So you know you can count on this blade for endurance. Yet durability isn’t its’ only distinguishing feature. To take the number one spot on this list, Civivi truly outdid itself.

Designer Elijah Isham gave the handle a pattern similar to burlap, though you’ll find the G10 handle much smoother and sleeker in your hand. Meanwhile, the D2 steel sheepsfoot blade is slender, but with all the power and durability you’d expect from a thicker knife.

Across the board, the Civivi Knives McKenna C905A is an excellent example of everything you want in an EDC survival knife. Its’ slim profile fits comfortably in any pocket or mole bag. A pocket clip holds securely if you need even easier access, while the ball bearing opening slides smoothly under pressure every time. Plus, at a mere one point seven six ounces, it won’t weigh you down when the SHTF. 

Learn more about this superb Civivi blade here.

2. Boker Plus LRF Kansei Matsuno

The Boker Plus is the Kensei Matsuno blade that brought this unique artist to the worlds’ stage. Unlike many well-known originals that are out of circulation, you can still acquire a Boker Plus today. The upgraded LRF model possesses the same enduring quality, which shows the excellence of this knife.

One of the most outstanding features on this knife is the simple lanyard hole at the end of the handle. Although a Kansei Matsuno Boker Plus LRF will fit neatly in your pocket or EDC, that small addition also means it can be worn as a neck knife, or added to a keychain. Like the front flip-style itself, it’s often these tiny innovations that bring a decent blade to the next level.

A three-inch VG10 satin blade will cut through your everyday chores, or slice into a survival situation with ease and grace. Meanwhile, the matching VG10 handle is elegantly simple. It sports a handsome natural-looking stripe pattern. I recommend picking one up before they sell out.

Learn more about the LRF here.

3. Kansei Matsuno Cocobolo Handle

All the Kansei Matsuno knives, including this stunning cocobolo, handled front flipper come from the renowned artist himself. Kansei has gained quite a following in recent years for the stunning blades he produces. Hence Kensei is the only producer of front flippers who made our list twice.

Born in 1951, in Japan, Kansei Matsuno started his career as a knifemaker the hard way, by hand sanding all his parts. After a couple of years, he moved up to a belt sander, and since then, Kansei has worked tirelessly to hone his skill. It shows.

With his love of fishing and tourism, Kansei cut a niche for himself in the blade making world. He quite literally used the sweat of his brow, strength of his hands, and creativity to make these recognizable blades come to life.

You need only to glance at a stunning life like the Kansei Matsuno Cocobolo Handle front flipper knife to see what a lifetime of hard-won skill and self-teaching can achieve. Using VG10 cobalt alloy steel and the wood from a cocobolo, this work of art became a functional and durable reality.

Check into cocobolo from Kensei Matsuno here.

4. Ruike P671-CB Front Flipper

“A reliable knife is like a friend who never hurts, but always defends. No matter what difficult situation it confronts, disengagement of locking bar will never happen” –Ruike Knives

Arguably one of the most popular front flippers on the market right now, the Ruike P671-CB Front Flipper, is a study in functionality. If you’re hunting for the ideal, not-too-showy EDC knife, this is it. You’ll find Ruike in the hands and packs of survivalists, trainers, and professionals everywhere. 

The simple pattern of alternating squares on the G10 carbon fiber overlayed handle gives just enough detail. Meanwhile, the durable 14C28N stainless steel blade resists rust. It’s easy to see why these knives have become so ubiquitous. Sturdy materials and craftsmanship you can count on go a long way.

The only downside to having such a good knife is the imposters. Make sure you get your Ruike P671-CB Front Flipper from a verified seller. Fortunately, you can authenticate the serial numbers by contacting the company. 

To add a Ruike to your essential equipment, click here.

5. Samior JJ022 Mini

Rounding off our list is the exquisite Samior JJ022 Mini from Amazon. Don’t let its small size fool you. This knife is razor-sharp. The blade is just over an inch and a half long. Acid etching gives this little knife its unique blade, which looks like Damascus steel without the hefty expense or weight. You’ll be pleased with the edge retention and rust resistance. 

The Samior JJ022 Mini has a 6ALA titanium wire cut handle that’s light and durable. You can anodize it at home if you have the skills or have a professional shop change the color as you like. Altogether the open knife measures 8.5cm/3.35,” which is small enough to carry most places without concern. 

Additionally, this mighty yet compact knife offers a thumb switch. So you’ll have two ways to open your blade if you’re ever in a tight spot. Those seeking an easy to conceal, yet highly functional knife will find it with the JJ022 Mini.

Have your Samior JJ022 Mini delivered by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it’s the simple innovations, like the front flipper knife, that make the most significant difference. Using a finger or thumb to open your knife quickly can save you time and trouble. In a dangerous situation, those are things you don’t want to waste or increase.

Moreover, adjusting to this style of carrying and opening isn’t very difficult. Unlike moving from a butterfly with a clasp to a hinged standard pocket knife, you’ll find you adapt in no time. Plus, with the front flipper, you’ll be able to avoid catching on your pockets and pouches more easily.

Thanks to the sleek, no-nonsense design of your front flipper, you’ll always have a blade when you need it most. Unfortunately, when SHTF, you’ll probably need a good knife.

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