Best Electric Heater for Popup Camper: Stay Warm Solutions

Best Electric Heater for Popup Camper


You love camping in your popup camper in springtime, but cold weather is more complicated. Naturally, a small heater is a right solution, but which one? You don’t want too much heat in such a small space. Not only will it make you sweat, but it also wastes energy and risks causing a burn. Safe indoor camp heating is very similar to a tent on the ground. Luckily with a popup camper, you don’t need to lay on the cold earth. Resultantly your camper is likely more comfortable than traditional camping. Moreover, you can insulate a popup more efficiently than any tent. I’ll walk you through the best solutions for popup camping so you can stay warm no matter when or where you camp.

Staying Warm in a Popup Camper Matters

Something as simple as adding a small heater to your popup camper can help solve unexpected problems. No one wants frostbitten toes or a runny nose. Particularly when distractions can affect your survival odds, staying warm enough to avoid inconvenient side effects matters more than you expect.

Although avoiding chilly mornings isn’t always a priority on the preppers list, sleeping in comfort makes a huge difference. Stiff muscles from shivering is a waste of energy. Moreover, aches and pains make it harder to get moving. Sadly, in an emergency, anything that slows you down or wastes your reserves is a problem, but addressing this one is simple.

Space Heaters in Popup Campers

Popup campers aren’t huge, and the wrong space heater can become uncomfortable or even dangerous quickly. Before you run out and grab the first small heater you see, there are some essential considerations. For example, you should consider where you plan to put the heater since placement is vital.

Indoor heaters need open space around them. Resultantly, a crowded popup camper needs a place where your heat isn’t blowing onto anything flammable. You may need to reorganize before you can safely warm your space.

Additionally, all heaters require a power source. Propane and electricity are both smart options since battery-powered heaters are rare and often inefficient. However, burning propane in a small space isn’t an ideal solution.

I recommend electric heaters for popup campers. Depending on your circumstances, you will need a generator or a cord adapter to run your electric heater. Furthermore, in choosing the right model for your space, consider things like roof vents and windows.

You may want to make sure there’s an opening somewhere to vent excess heat in the morning. A little sunshine can make your space heat up very fast. Alternately, you probably don’t want to leave a cold air source right beside your head or toes, so using a non-propane option means you won’t need those vents at night.

Although it takes some forethought, heating your popup camper is a great way to stay warm in winter, assuming you can do it safely. An electric space heater will help. Plus, there’s less risk than keeping a propane tank in an enclosed space, which is never recommended.

Top Five Best Heaters for a Popup Camper

Investing in a popup camper for fun or survival is a wise choice, and choosing the right heater to go with it will get you where you need to go in comfort. Don’t skimp on the comfort where it matters. Heat is not one of those unnecessary luxuries; in fact, it’s vital to survival like food, water, and light.

All the options on this top five list will heat a small space like your popup camper quickly. After looking at all the safety features, and other qualities on hundreds of heaters, this curated collection will keep you from getting frostbite when you need it most.

1. Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater

Lasko is a well-known and trusted brand in space heaters. The small, but mighty Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater is outstanding for use in smaller spaces. Hence, this little heater will warm up to three hundred square feet, making it an ideal warmer for a popup camper. 

Laskos is superb for many indoor uses, so it will keep you toasty inside a camper easily. Plus, this model is easily portable. At just zero-point-nine-six ounces, the handle allows for easy carrying, and it doesn’t take up too much space.

A simple plug on a generator or adapter for a car battery will keep you warm inside your popup. Once on, the Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater will provide odor-free heat for as long as it has power. If you’re camping in winter, when the nights are long, you may want to opt for the higher settings to be sure you stay warm all night.

Safety Features

With a built-in fan to move the heat, you’ll stay warm anywhere inside your popup camper. Because the Lasko has an automatic tip-proof shutoff feature, you may not stay warm if you set it on a sloped surface. The switch has to be depressed on the bottom, or the heater won’t engage.  Fortunately, the red power light on the front will let you know your Lasko is working.

Fortunately, the ETL certification means this model is safety certified and approved. Make sure you place your Lasko on a level surface, so your heater doesn’t tip or fall over. Although there’s a very sensitive automatic shutoff if the Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater tips, you still don’t want a hot device landing on top of anything meltable or breakable.

It’s essential to read the manual on any space heater. Moreover, you’ll void the warranty if you don’t use your heater correctly.

Get a Lasko Ceramic Space Heater from Amazon by clicking here.

2. PELONIS Table Circulation Fan

Three things stand out about Pelonis Table Circulation Fans for popup camping right away. First, they guarantee fast shipping within three days. Quick delivery times have become something most people expect. Luckily, getting your heater before you need it is essential for emergency preparedness. Hence the quick-shipping is a nice bonus.

Secondly, Pelonis is confident in its quality. The company offers a one-year warranty on all its heating fans. You probably won’t have any issues with this superb yet small heater. However, if you do, you can get it replaced.

Last but far from least, this is a heater which helps in summer or winter. The heating function is optional. So, once things warm back up, you can still use your conveniently portable Pelonis to help move air and cool you off. Double duty makes any survival supply more desirable and useful.

Bonus Features

Your Pelonis Table Circulation Fan will fit easily in a small space. However, there are other good reasons to choose this model. For one thing, it’s quiet. Noisy fans can become irritatingly loud, especially in a small space.

Moreover, Pelonis has several safety features. Not only is this fan and heater ETL certified, but it also has a tip-over switch in case of accidents. Plus, this heater has two settings, nine-hundred and fifteen-hundred watts, with an overheat sensor that shuts down the device before it becomes dangerously warm.

Pick your Pelonis by clicking here.

3. Isiler Space Heater

Like the Lasko, an Isiler Space Heater is a small, yet powerful ceramic heater made for indoor spaces. Especially if you’re using a generator for your popup camper, this is a convenient way to stay warm in cold temperatures. 

With a three-month money-back warranty from Amazon, you can rest easy knowing the Isiler is manufacturer guaranteed to work correctly. Hence, you get peace of mind and warmth. Additionally, this model is ETL certified for indoor use, but please don’t set your Isiler Space Heater outdoors.

Unlike some generic small ceramic heaters, the Isiler Space Heater uses PTC ceramic heating elements that do not consume oxygen. Ceramic is ideal for popup camping enthusiasts who are concerned about propane heaters that can use up oxygen while you sleep and require chilly vent holes.

Make sure you place the Isiler Space Heater on an appropriate, level surface. Heaters should never sit on top of papers or fabrics. Furthermore, like most electric heaters, there’s a no-tip shutoff to keep you safe. 

Powerful Options

With a temperature range from forty-one degrees to ninety-five, you’ll be able to adapt your heating solution to your specific needs. That means you don’t need to overheat on chilly nights or freeze in icy circumstances. Better still, you’ll love the instant warming that you can use right out of the package.

At just two-point-four-three pounds, this ultra-portable heater won’t weigh you down. Hence, it’s ideal for any bug-out gear cache. The widest side only measures seven inches, which means you’ll be able to fit the Isiler Space Heater inside your popup camper with no trouble.

The biggest problem with such a superb small heater is that you might want to buy more than one. You can use these in the house when you’re not camping to keep hard to heat spaces warm or take it out to the garage when you’re working on your popup camper in colder seasons.

Check the Amazon reviews here.

4. OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heater

Unlike many options, ceramic space heaters produce plenty of heat without the hot coils you’ll find on other models. The OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heater has an adjustable thermostat so you can choose how warm you prefer your popup camper. Moreover, there are three modes; high heat (fifteen hundred watts), low heat (nine hundred watts), and a fan-only function. 

The ability to heat in winter and cool in summer with a simple fan makes this sturdy space heater extra useful. Moreover, the broad base means you’re less likely to tip it over by accident. However, ceramic heaters can be safer than hot-coil counterparts, and this model has a tip-over switch that will turn it off if something does happen.

You probably won’t need the extra protection, but it’s nice to know you have it anyhow. The tip over and overheating functions have a five-year warranty. Plus, the whole OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heater comes with a one-year warranty that covers any defects. 

When your OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heater is on, the red power indicator light will warn you. Additionally, this heater is quiet, allowing you to get to sleep without issues on the coldest nights. With it’s ETL approval and easy portability, this little yellow electric heater is all you need to stay toasty in a cold popup camper. 

Learn more about OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heaters by clicking here.

5. Comfort Zone Personal Heater

You’ll appreciate the stay-cool metal housing on a Comfort Zone Personal Heater. No one likes to worry about accidentally knocking an ankle or elbow into a burning heater when they wake up. Luckily CZ thought about that when they designed this compact portable heater.

The handle on top makes this model easy to move around if you want to adjust the direction your heat is flowing. Furthermore, the cube shape is easy to pack into any space and fits well into your bug-out plans.

Like all the models in this list, the CZ has a tip-over switch. Additionally, there’s an overheat sensor to help keep you safe. Plus, there are power and caution lights, so you’ll always know where your heater is in the dark.

Adjustable heat settings and a fan-only option make the Comfort Zone Personal Heater an excellent choice for popup campers in any weather. Moreover, using an energy-efficient heater can do more than warm a camper. You can use it at home to help keep your electricity bills down as well.

Check out Comfort Zone on Amazon right here.


Final Thoughts

Help your heater along by insulating your popup camper properly in the cold season. Putting in the extra time and effort will help you stay warmer and use less fuel or power. Combining methods like this does more to keep out the chill.

You should also consider getting a good cold weather sleeping bag to help you sleep well if temps are going to get below freezing. Adding insulation and heaters aren’t the only things you can do to sleep well in any weather. Choose the right clothing as well. There’s no reason to have body aches and chilly toes when a little forethought can prevent it.

For genuine survival situations, it takes a bit more effort to keep your popup camper warm. Fortunately, a few trials runs before SHTF will show you where to make improvements.

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