Best EDC Scissors: Cut to the Heart of the Matter

A knife will cut through plenty of things easily, but sometimes you just need the dual-sided leverage of scissors to do the job. Moreover, there’s one distinct advantage of carrying scissors or a multitool with scissors. Unlike your knife, most people would never assume you’re armed simply because they see scissors. Having the element of surprise can be a genuine lifesaver.

So, with two hundred eighty-four million google results for ‘scissors,’ how do you know which ones to buy for your EDC? That’s where I come in, narrowing down the options, and explaining what to look for, so you don’t have to waste your time with millions of listings is my pleasure. After all, no one want’s to be the only survivor. It would be terribly dull.


Simple Mistakes That Create Big Problems

Scissors seem like they should be pretty intuitive and hard to mess up, but sometimes simple is a bad thing. I don’t mean that scissors are bad, only that buying a simple item is where people tend to slack on their research. Scissors are not all created equal. Quality is obviously important, but let’s get back to basics. Check these things before you buy.

  • Will they fit your hand? If your scissors have handles with holes too small for your fingers, they won’t do you much good.
  • What are they made from? You need a sturdy and rust-free pair of scissors for Every-Day-Carry.
  • What size do you need? If you plan to put them in your EDC, consider how much space you have and what your needs are most likely to be before picking scissors.
  • What are you using them for? The truth is that whatever you think you’ll use them for, your EDC scissors need to be more versatile. Pinking shears won’t do.
  • How will you store them? Great scissors aren’t so fantastic if you end up poking holes in your EDC bag (or your pocket).

As silly as it seems, skipping the basics can land you in hot water. Something as simple as forgetting to oil a bike chain, or not checking the expiration dates on your canned goods, can someday be the difference between surviving or being a casualty. Scissors are no exception. Keep them sharp and dry, and above all, make sure they can do the job.

Let’s Cut to the Chase

Now, versatility is critical, but don’t forget why you wanted scissors in the first place. If you’re a single medical professional or first responder, your cutting needs are probably a little different from say, a skilled housewife who has four kids and an elderly relative to consider in her prep. Gear you won’t use is a waste of money you should spend on other, more functional prepping.

Your skill level and abilities determine your needs. A pair of seamstress’ folding scissors are great for easy concealment, but they won’t go through a rope very fast. If you plan to trade your mad-sewing skills for things you need, then sewing it scissors are right for you. Unfortunately, if you can’t sew a stitch, you need more duct tape and larger scissors. Look at what you know how to do with scissors and find the best pair that will do that and more.

Get The Best EDC Scissors for You

In looking at a few thousand great results, I came across plenty of superb pairs of EDC scissors, but there are just a few that stood out. Each of the following suggestions will suit an EDC kit, but which is best for you depends on how you operate. Hands down, the essential part of any EDC or prep gear is your ability to use it. Without skill, the equipment is basically a doorstop that you overpaid for.

1. Engineer PH-55 Tetsuwan Scissors GT

My absolute favorite EDC scissors are the Engineer PH-55 Tetsuwan GTs. They are some of the best small scissors you can get, and the quality will surprise you. Despite the compact size, a reasonably large man’s hand will still fit inside the finger loops, and they cut beautifully. I own a pair that’s been in use for at least a year without any real wear.

Whether you need to tackle thickly corded ropes, wires or anything else you might want a pair of scissors for, the PH-55s have never let me down. A separate wire cutting tool is included in the handle. Plus they come with a guard sheath so you don’t need to worry about damaging whatever you store them inside. I carry and use mine daily. That said, I wouldn’t suggest them if you have huge hands or if you plan to wear thick gloves while using them.

Find yours here.

2. Leatherman Raptor Emergency Response Shears

Leatherman makes impressive tools for EDC, and the Raptor Emergency Response Shears are no exception. The molle compatible holster makes them extra easy to clip onto your daily gear and quick to reach in an emergency. A bonus etched measuring tape allows you to make exact cuts up to five centimeters long.

Arguably the best feature is the belt cutter. You can fold these down and use the wicked, yet safe blade to shear through sturdy material rapidly. Raptors are a must for any car kit as well as a great EDC item, so you may want to pick up a second pair for your vehicle.

The design is created especially for emergency professionals like EMTs to help extract people from car crashes quickly. However, the durable blades will work for anyone who’s trapped or just in need of outstanding scissors that can cut denim or rope efficiently and rapidly.

Look into Leatherman here.

3. Slip-N-Snip Folding Safety Scissors

Not everyone is searching for heavy-duty scissors. Sometimes compact and easy to carry anywhere is the best option. The Slip-N-Slips are the original folding scissors. The blades open all the way and slide into place inside the small handle pieces.

These are definitely made for average to small hands, but don’t underestimate them. If you need good scissors for the small jobs, then a pair of lightweight (0.8 ozs) foldable Slip-N-Snips may be perfect for you.

Folding scissors are especially popular with seamstresses, so they make an excellent addon for your sewing kit. They can handle most things the blades will fit around. That includes heavy materials like cardboard. Plus they hold an edge for quite a while. Any company that’s been around as long as Slip-N-Snips have knows what they’re doing, and they don’t disappoint.

Get your pair right here.

4. SOG Multitool Tactical Pen, TSA Approved with Travel Scissors

For those who prefer a scissor with more features, the TSA approved Tactical Pen with Scissors is a great buy. Not only do they fold up to look like a standard pen with a cap, you can clip to your pocket or belt, but they also write. The ability to multitask has always been a boon when you’re prepping a great EDC or BOB.

The included can opener is a real lifesaver if you’re in a bind and need to access your tinned food. Plus there’s a screwdriver tip as well. With so many uses, it’s hard to argue with this ‘pen.’ Luckily you don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity here. The blades go through most anything you might expect compact scissors to cut easily.

Check out the details here.

5. Carabiner Shears, EMT Medical, and Trauma Scissors 2-Pack

If you’re looking for a more traditional set of medical shears, this is the top pick for you. Designed for traumas, they can cut through thick fabrics with ease. Plus the handle has a clip on one side so you can attach them wherever it’s most convenient for you. It’s effortless to move them from one location to another if you need to take them with you on a different bag or belt at a moment’s notice.

Pick your pair here.

Bonus- Klein Tools Free Fall Electrician’s Scissors

Are you planning to work with a lot of electrical wires? Maybe your prep includes generators and more high tech survival gear, or perhaps you’re an electrician by trade. Your skills and equipment will help you rebuild society after TEOTWAWKI. Sadly, without the right tools, you won’t get very far. That’s where the extended grip Free Fall Electrician’s Scissors come into play.

With stainless steel, fully serrated blades, you’ll be able to count on these for the long road ahead. A yellow rubber grip on one handle helps prevent slipping and makes them easy to locate in dim light. In fact, they work so well you can even find refurbished models that work like new if you need to prep for a whole family.

Consider Klein here.

Final Thoughts

There is one other consideration where scissors are concerned. Location before the SHTF matters. In the USA you can, for example, take a multitool with shears as a backup item for your scissors and several other things. Unfortunately, if you live somewhere like the UK, carrying a multitool with scissors is not permitted. Since your chances of survival go down dramatically when you’re incarcerated, make sure your tools are legal in your area.

Having a backup plan is always smart, and doubling down on your essentials is a great way to make sure you have what you need. Consider picking up two or three pair of scissors for your BOV, EDC and BOB needs.

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