Best Clothes to Fight in: Warrior Wear

A fight breaks out, and you’re wearing a ball gown or a fifteen hundred dollar suit, what do you do? Survive obviously, and live to regret your fashion choices later. Dressing for battle is a time-honored tradition. However, before you can do that, you must know that your body, gender, and fighting style all matter when it comes to choosing warrior wear wisely.

Unless you live in pre-industrial Scotland, a kilt and blue paint probably won’t cut it. Then again, if all the tech in the world stops working and we’re reduced to swords and fists, the screaming blue guy might be scary enough to avoid having to fight at all. It goes without saying that most non-dress soldier uniforms are made for a fight, but a good leather jacket can save you from a knife wound. Whatever you wear, you need a free range of motion.

Fighting Men’s Wear

Lots of guys think they really need fancy camo print clothing for battle. While there’s nothing wrong with camo, it’s not necessary to wear stereotypical battle uniforms. What you need most is the ability to swing and kick. Loose pants like sweats are ideal for this purpose. If you’re going to invest in specialty gear, inconspicuous pieces that allow you to prevent cuts or other sorts of damage are a great place to start.

Choose a belt you can clip EDC gear onto easily and opt for cargo pants or other similar options whenever possible. The ability to carry what you need within reach will always help you in a fight. Women have the advantage over you with purses and lots of hidden pockets, so compensate by having plenty of space to bring what you need.

Female Warrior Wear

Ladies, just like the men, you need to be able to move. Fortunately, women’s wear is full of nice mobile pieces of clothing. However, if you’re not looking to show off your booty too then, you want a looser fit. It’s not a great plan to dress sexy for an apocalypse, or even while walking to your car late at night.

Make use of sneaky wardrobe choices like hidden steel-toed shoes and pockets. It would also be smart to carry a loose-fitting, gender nondescript change of clothing. Wear your hair up to avoid issues with hair pulling and avoid long earrings or sturdy, chunky necklaces. The former is asking to lose an earlobe, and the latter can be used to hold you in place.

Best Clothing For Men & Women Fighting

Having a sequin cut into your arm from a sleeve or a tie that’s too tight at the wrong moment can distract you from a fight. Unless you’re facing some sort of supernatural event or an organized incursion, you probably just need to practice and make sure you aren’t restricted. I’ve curated an easy list for fighters who need comfortable and useful clothing.

1. Men’s Loose Pants-FLYFIREFLY Men’s Gym Sports Jogger Pants

These eighty percent cotton, poly blend pants are breathable and flexible. Joggers, or sweatpants as we call them, are ideal for fighting. They leave your legs free to move so you can use any fancy footwork or kicks you might know.

Additionally, the fabric is designed to wick away sweat and keep you cool. Overheating before, during, or even after a fight can be a severe impairment to your survival. It’s hard to escape if you feel nauseous and can’t breathe.

Make sure you double-check your size since these are marked in Asian sizes. One of the pockets is small with a zipper and meant to hold a phone or narrow wallet. The advantage of this is that you won’t need to worry about losing your phone during a fight. Moreover, you’ll appreciate the slim fit which doesn’t leave a lot of fabric flopping around your body.

Check out the details here.

2. Women’s Loose Pants- Baleaf Women’s Active Yoga Sweat Pants

Baleaf’s yoga sweatpants are a perfect middle ground between a looser sweatpants option and a tight pair of spandex pants with the advantages of both. The cotton, polyester, and spandex blend give you a ton of stretch so you can use your lower body strength to your benefit.

These hybrid pants are created for low friction movement. Friction slows you down, if only a little, but every advantage helps. Sometimes a fraction of a second is all it takes. Most serious street fights are over almost as soon as they start with an average well under a minute. Fight smart and fast to avoid tiring out.

One of the biggest problems with women’s high fashion clothing is that it’s not designed with pockets in mind. Fortunately, nowadays things are changing for the better, and you’ll find lots of hidden pockets in women’s workout wear, but these pants take it a step further. With both a cell phone pocket and regular pockets included, you can easily carry your wallet, phone and essentials. If you have to use your purse for defense or leave it behind, you’ll still have what you need.

Find your fighting pants here.

3. Kevlar Neck Protection- Hatch Centurion Kevlar

You don’t take a knife to a gunfight. Likewise, don’t take an unprotected neck to a knife fight if you can avoid it. This kevlar neck protector will keep you from getting your jugular sliced if you fail to block a blow. With a hundred percent kevlar weave, you’ll get three hundred and sixty degree protection around your neck.

A severe cut to your jugular doesn’t have to be very deep. Slicing the vein in your neck is a swift death. At most you have a few moments if someone is trying to staunch the bleeding or the cut is small. At worst the drop in blood pressure could knock you out in a heartbeat or two with death following quickly in about a minute.

Wearing protective neck gear will help solve this problem for you. However, the limitation is that a stab or bullet would still be effective at stopping you. Kevlar will prevent slices and some heat damage, though it’s not likely you’ll encounter a flame thrower. For normal combat, this could save your neck.

Save your skin here.

4. Fire & Cut Proof Shirt

If you haven’t heard of Aramid, then you’re in for a treat with this shirt. The Aramid fibers are light-cut and fire-resistant. Technically, Kevlar is a Para-Aramid fiber. If you’ve ever used Nomex, then you already know a Meta-Aramid as well.

What that means practically is that it’s both lightweight and sturdy while remaining easy to move around in. Hopefully, you won’t ever need to walk through fire, but if your enemy throws a molotov cocktail at you or the path you need to take, your shirt can withstand up to 842°F.

Take a look at this cool Aramid shirt here.

5. Sneaky Steel Toes- TICCOON Work Steel Toe Shoes 

No matter who you are, or where you fight, having the right footwear is critical. You’ll appreciate the excellent traction in these stylish sneakers, but more importantly, they have steel toes built-in. Anyone foolish enough to engage with you will not see this coming.

These steel toes are both slip-proof and wear-resistant. If you have to fight on a slippery surface, the last thing you want is to fall and do the opponents job for them. It’s harder to fight with your back on the ground. Plus, steel toes will give you an advantage when kicking or tromping on another fighter’s instep. As a bonus, the added weight will also strengthen your legs slightly over time as you wear them.

Select your sneaky steel-toed shoes here.

6. Cut Proof Sleeves- Idea Pro Kevlar Sleeves

You probably don’t want to wear your Aramid shirt every day, so give yourself a quick protective boost with these cut and burn-proof sleeves. Stainless steel wires and high elastic nylon lets you move like it’s a second skin but protects you like light armor. Use them to block a blade without losing muscle from the back of your arm.

You can wear these ingenious sleeves under a jacket or other loose long-sleeved top with ease. Alternately, if you prefer, you can carry them in your EDC and slip them on only when you’re outside work or away from home.

Check out cut-proof sleeves here.

Honorable Mention- Designed for Fighting, Condor Combat Shirt

Choosing clothing designed with combat in mind is always an option. Sadly, a lot of ‘fighting gear’ is more gimmick than godsend. However, the Condor Combat Shirt is a fantastic example of a useful design. The abrasion and cut resistant forearms are outstanding for catching yourself if you fall or blocking a direct hit.

Raglan cut sleeves give you a good range of motion. Additional bicep pockets give you a secure and unexpected place to store EDC, or just some salt to throw in your opponent’s face. Also, the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking fabric will keep you comfortable while you fight and it’s antistatic After all, there are better ways to shock your enemy if it comes to that.

Bring home an excellent fighting shirt here.

Final Thoughts

Just going all out and springing for chain maille and a bulletproof vest is a bit ridiculous as the first line of defense. Plus it’s not very practical for everyday wear. A fireproof shirt and kevlar faux turtleneck, on the other hand, are less conspicuous. In winter a leather jacket with reinforced sleeves and riding gloves with reinforced knuckles are great for either gender. You’ll be warm and have extra protection against hits and cuts.

Always check the fit and flexibility of what you’re wearing. Look for unexpected items that can help take a hit or deflect one and don’t be afraid to field test things yourself. Even the best manufacturers miss a stitch or two sometimes, so verify things for yourself.

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