Best Air Rifle to Kill Pigeons: Hunting for Answers

When you’ve got a pigeon problem, it’s more than just noise and mess. Those birds will eat your crops, destroy what they nest on, and cause all sorts of other issues. They’re dangerous, and you need to get rid of them. Poison is deadly, and traps are inefficient. Do you need to wait in line at a gunshop, or is there a more straightforward solution? I’ve hunted pigeons with air rifles before, and they work well. Better still, there’s no waiting period, and you can get ammo easily. Instead of putting up with pigeons, eradicate the menace fast with an excellent high-quality air rifle.

Pigeons Carry Diseases

Whatever you think of the humble pigeon, if they’re nesting around your house, I recommend hunting them down with an air rifle. The biggest problem with these birds is that they carry diseases.

No one wants to get sick, especially right now. Unfortunately, leaving a pigeon nest on your roof is more than unsightly. It’s dangerous. Although I always suggest strongly that you practice until you can make clean kills, it’s better to get started now than wait until after you or your family get sick.

Diseases Carried By Pigeons

The most common and well-known diseases carried by pigeons are on this list. According to Medical News Today, any or all of these issues commonly come with pigeon infestations. It’s better to be safe than sorry, even if you like their coos.

  • Avian Flu- Also known as H5N1, avian flu is probably the most well-known of the sixty-plus diseases pigeons carry.
  • Candidiasis- The common yeast infection can come from pigeons. Although they aren’t the only source, no one wants yeast or fungus growing on their skin.
  • Cryptococcosis- Cryptococcosis also comes from yeast found in pigeon’s intestines. In humans, it can cause heart problems and affect the nervous system.
  • E.coli.- Pigeons primarily get E.coli from interacting with cows. Pecking through their droppings can leave birds with this unpleasant infection.
  • Fleas- In addition to fleas carrying the bubonic plague, they can also cause other problems, especially for household pets. Furthermore, pigeons can also bring along other ectoparasites like bedbugs.
  • Histoplasmosis- Sadly, this fungus that thrives in bird droppings can kill you. Histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease.
  • Salmonellosis- often known as food poisoning, salmonella spread from bird droppings can get almost anywhere as the dust from dried-out bird poop blows around where you live.

Unlike domestic pigeons, wild animals are more likely to bring you problems you don’t want. Not to mention, pigeons attract predators. Anything that eats birds might wander into your yard, looking for a snack. Hence, you can handle two problems in one shot.

Pigeons are Food

After reading up on all the problems that can come from pigeons, you probably just want to grab your air rifle and hunt them to extinction. However, there’s another use for a pigeon. Though city pigeons tend to eat garbage and can become toxic with heavy metals and other pollutants, wild pigeons are tasty.

In most states, pigeons are exempt from game laws, making them easy to hunt. Fortunately, if you live brutally, you can kill, pluck, and eat your pigeons. Like all wild animals, you have to eat at your own risk. Yet feral pigeons are no more dangerous than other game animals.

Top Five Best Air Rifles to Kill Pigeons

Don’t waste your regular ammo on pigeons when you can quickly kill them with an air rifle. With so many excellent options available, I complied this top five list to help you narrow down the best air rifles for bird hunting. You’ll find all of these guns suitable for getting rid of pesky pigeons or hunting up dinner.

1. Crosman CF7SXS Fire Break Barrel 

Crosman is one of the most reliable brands of air rifles on the market. The Crosman CF7SXS Fire Break Barrel from Amazon is a superb small game and pigeon hunting gun. You’ll appreciate the all-weather design even if you never have to hunt in the rain or snow. Hopefully, you’ll never need it. Still, it’s good to know you can take this weapon out regardless. 

Powered by nitro piston technology, you’ll be able to make accurate shots in difficult conditions. At up to twelve hundred FPS, this air pistol has more than enough power to shoot from a safe distance, making it ideal for birds, or intruders. You won’t need to get near anything too dangerous to fire. Moreover, the 4×32 scope means you can see clearly.

Choose a Crosman CF7SXS here.

2. Ruger Blackhawk Combo

The Blackhawk is as tough as the name sounds. At a thousand feet per second, this Ruger will destroy your pigeon menace and plenty of other problems as well. Like the Crossman, a 4×32 scope shows you what you need to see so you can hit the target from twenty-five to fifty feet away, at least.

You’ll love how easy the Ruger Blackhawk Combo is to fire. Additionally, a one-year limited warranty will make sure you have a good air rifle until the SHTF and society crumbles. Any company that backs up their products clearly cares about quality.

Check the Amazon reviews here.

3. Crosman 1077 Repeat Air Semi-Automatic

Packed with features like the twelve shot rotary clip, a Crosman exclusive, it’s hard to find any fault with the Crosman 1077 Repeat Air Semi-Automatic. Not only does this air rifle have a fiber optic Center Point sight, but it’s also windage adjustable.

Performance and quality testing matter, and Crosman do both with all its guns. You can fire the 1077 Semi-Auto with confidence, knowing it’s withstood all the tests. High-quality components made both in the USA and abroad give you more reason to choose this model.

Crosman made this list three times for very good reasons. In the airsoft world, there’s no brand more trusted or reliable. That’s what you want from a weapon, a history of excellence. However, using this semi-auto option, you can take out a whole nest if you’re a good shot. Preventing pest incursions is easy with the right tool

Find out more about the Crosman 1077 Repeat Air Semi-Automatic here.

4. Crosman P1377BR American Classic

The final selection from Crosman on this list is just as good as its siblings. However, the single bolt pump-action both makes it easy to reload and slows you down slightly. In short, you’ll have to hunt birds one at a time. However, the six-hundred FPS is more than enough to shoot pigeons.

If you’re looking for a smart air rifle, this model offers cross-bolt safety. Whether you’re just getting started with Crosman air rifles, or this is going into a collection, you’ll be happy with the quality of the P1377BR. Furthermore, the synthetic stock feels sleek in your hands.

You can use the adjustable back sight and fixed blade front sight to aim accurately. The Crosman P1377BR American Classic is ideal for training or everyday use.

To get your American Classic delivered, order here.

5. Daisy Model 25 Pump Gun

Like the Crosman before it, the Daisy Model 25 Pump Gun air rifle is an American classic, although it’s not in the name. A smooth bore steel barrel and highly recognizable body give the Model 25 a nod to its’ iconic predecessors.

Though Daisy may be number two in the most trusted and beloved brands list, it’s still number one in the older generation’s heats. After years of watching A Christmas Story, we all remember that children shouldn’t have firearms because “You’ll shoot your eye out!” Movie hijinks aside, the Daisy Model 25 Pump Gun is an outstanding weapon for small game-like pigeons.

With a maximum velocity of three-hundred-fifty feet per second, you’ll need to be a little closer to your target than some guns on this list. Still, your Daisy will do the job and make you look like a classic. A hundred and ninety-five-foot range is more than enough for most small game.

The solid wood stock is beautifully polished with a decorative embossed steel receiver. You can count on a fifty-shot capacity, which will get rid of a lot of birds. Plus, intruders will recognize the distinctive sound of a pump-action shotgun, which makes a superb deterrent. Luckily that means you may not even need to waste ammo to get rid of human pests.

Find your Daisy right here.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re defending your city home from disease or making a meal out of the pigeons you kill with your air rifle; they make excellent target practice. Not only are these birds plentiful, but you’ll find them virtually everywhere. However, make sure you’re allowed to shoot on the land you choose for pigeon hunting.

As beginner animals go, I highly recommend pigeons. Not only do they make superb flying targets, but you won’t have to worry about running out anytime soon. Choosing a smaller, and faster animals like birds, squirrels, and rabbits is a great way to learn to hunt. Plus, you’ll always have dinner in an emergency.

Whether you’re just now learning to hunt, or you have been at it for years, switch to an air rifle. You’ll find that air rifles make a great backup weapon for much more than getting dinner or pest control.

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