Our Top Pick for Vlogging Camera: Sony a6600

5.0 rating

Why we picked the a6600: I have owned or used nearly every single model of DSLR/mirrorless camera currently in production. 

The a6600 is small and light, has a flip-up LCD screen so you can see yourself when vlogging, excellent video quality, near-perfect autofocus, and it’s reasonably priced. The battery is much larger than the previous models and there is no 30 minute video record limit! There really isn’t much more I could even ask for in a vlogging camera.

What they could do to improve: The only thing I’d like to see is 4k 60fps.  That’d be nice for some cinematic slow motion stuff at 4k, but you can do it at 1080 and few people will notice.

Compared to the competition: Panasonic makes some cool cameras for vloggers with neat advanced video features, but their autofocus SUCKS.  Canon and Nikon have each released their mirrorless cameras now, but frankly they’ve disappointed.  The a6500 is nice but doesn’t have the front-facing LCD.  There are some excellent full-frame cameras but they are pretty pricey for making a vlog and the lenses are much larger and heavier.  Fuji’s cameras are fun to shoot with the aperture ring on the lens, but autofocus in video is still lagging.  In my opinion, if you’re using a camera strictly for vlogging, it’s tough to beat the a6600.  

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